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Lost - Aussie Viewers Thread

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Just thought i should start up another Lost topic, as we 'lost' the other one(no pun intended!).

How good was last nights episode! It was so good to finally have the show back on tv. And how hot was the kiss between 'Sawyer'(which we now know isnt his real name) and Kate. Id kiss him anyday! lol

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If next week is Sayeeds episode, then its gonna be an interesting one. We already know that he has beein involoved in torture during his military(?)service.

From what i read in tv week it looks like we r finally gonna

meet the french girl from the transciever message thats been going for years. Apparently she captures sayeed!

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On last night's episode where jack had a flashback, the lady who had surgery and died, who was pregnant, the father kind of looked like eathan from a flashback. Maybe he is out to get claire and get her baby and kill jack as he killed his wife in surgery so he takes claires baby and might kill jack.

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