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1996 Episode Discussion

Dan F

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38 minutes ago, j.laur5 said:

It’s a shame it stopped as I really wanted to see the 1996 version of Barbara Fisher . 

Yeah I keep thinking of things I wanted to see again that I had forgotten about years ago :(

Like the story with Marilyn being blackmailed. Remember that? That was quite a dark story at the time. And Ailsa's psycho brother coming to the Bay to kill her.

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As the repeats don't seem to be happening can we talk about 1996 in general. 

Weird year as far as I'm concerned. With credits completely changing in middle of year. 

Lots of classic characters leaving and ludicrous stories towards the end. What does everyone think? 

Most certainly a transitional period. 

The show was a different animal within this 12 months. New surf club, new school. 

New generation. 

What were the producers thinking at this time. Were they concerned? Very odd to get rid of Michael. I'd live to know. So sad Russell Web isn't here for interview,. 

G'day Summer Bay Tristain Bancs interviews need to be seen again. 

 Def a season of two halfs. 

Bu the way. Does anyone remember the scene where Selina and Marilyn' are getting ready to go out and are dancing to dreamworlds moving up.? 

So 90s


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