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Dan F

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On 4/19/2017 at 3:30 PM, Natasha said:

I noticed that too.

And it's a bit weird to be seeing Chloe on the Early Years at the same time seeing her daughter in the present show. LOL.

Yes, that is weird. The weirdest thing about it is just how similar they seem! :mellow:

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Saw Shane's death episode, very well done. Great acting especially from Norman Coburn and Melissa George. Jack is getting on my nerves. 

I can't help thinking Shane's death could of been avoided, if he saw a doctor as soon as he got his cold, and was treated with antobiotics. But I suppose they had to kill him off somehow. 


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49 minutes ago, joany208121 said:

While I loved the idea of a musical montage of everyone finding out about Shane's death, it was very hit and miss with only part of the dialogue being heard due to the loud music overshadowing it.

Personally, I've always found it to be one of the best sequences in the show's history. Actually taking the time to see the news spread across the town and see everyone's reactions to it, without having to hear the same conversation multiple times over (though you can actually hear a fair bit of it if you listen carefully...through headphones... :P). 

Those sort of scenes showing people's initial shock, rather than cutting away just before they're told, can be a bit of a rarity.

The later bit with Don telling Nick over the phone, with Angel trying to block out his voice was also very well done, I think we've all been there at one point. I've always loved the scene with Damian arriving too, Angel's switch from anger to relief when she opens the door to find him standing there.

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3 hours ago, Old H&A Fan said:

Thank God for the subtitles. I was able to extract the subtitles and get a better idea of what was said over the loud music. Having read the subtitles, the dialog for this segment of the episode is a whole lot clearer

Same, watching the show with subtitles is the only way to go :P

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He looks 12 or 13 I'd say.

Did anyone notice they almost copletely neglected the relationship between Sam and Donald over the last year. They used to have a strong onscreen bond but we have hardly seen any of it since the 1995 year.

I loved the chat between Ailsa and Shannon under the umbrella... I thought it was a really good scene. And there was a little hint that Ailsa has more secrets we don't know about yet which Judy Nunn played really well.

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