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Senator Kathryn Walker (if she did make it into the Senate in 1996, the year John Howard won over Paul Keating) seems to have a set of political views that are rejected by Shannon and especially Alex. Alf nearly had to turf him out of the Diner because of the way he was answering back when Kathryn was talking to Mr Fisher there, while Kathryn politely said what she loves about a democracy is the right for anyone to speak, including Alex.

What political leanings is Kathryn anyway? I note what she said to Shannon about opal mines, and the spirit of free enterprise. Somehow, Alex and his kind seem to reject that line of thinking.

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I knew straight away that the vandalism of the surf club was a plot device to change the set. Also I cracked up when Shannon mentioned Neighbours from her phone call. "As if!"

Also original copper Bob Barnett now referred to as "Fred". Wouldn't you think that there would be more than 5 committee members for the surf club?

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They really are putting Selina up on a pedestal aren't they. First, she introduces herself to this important man by the name of Frank Zenotti under her newly assumed name instead of her real name, as if we are supposed to think this new name Selina is using is her real name. Then she gives a speech on behalf of the school. Mr Fisher and other important people shaking her hand, saying Well Done, and everyone saying what a great public speaker she is. Stevo, in particular, seems so impressed there seems to be early hints of


possible sexual contact, which will eventually lead to the end of his career as we will see in the coming months.


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Ugh my least favourite person is back and still all me me me.

We had the disaster that was Jack and Sally and now they are hinting at Selina and Steven? She's a teen and he's in his 20s! What 20-something year old would be interested in a teen! Disgusting. Did they do this storyline just for controversy? 

And just as wrong asking your mum to be the surrogate of her own grandkid? How wrong is that. I'm totally against surrogacy because a lot could go wrong. 

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