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Hey everyone,

Told this to Chris last week but may as well repeat it here!

I'm not going to be around much for the next 2 weeks - I've got tons of Uni work and it's really getting on top of me!

We are one week away from recording a Children's TV Show for which I am co-director and floor manager - I have also filmed and am currently editing a number of location inserts for it and creating the opening titles in a 3D animation program.

At the same time I am creating a Radio Feature on the Melton Mowbray Pork Pie and at some point have to edit that and record the links in the studio before next friday. I drove an 80 mile round trip yesterday so we could get an interview with the chairman of the Pork Pie Association!

Additionally I have written and am directing a short film that we are filming on Saturday and editing over the next 2 weeks for which we have to do lots of production paperwork for - shooting scripts, storyboards etc.

Then I also have a Mise en Scene essay and information map showing my research for next Tuesday, and also an evaluation on myself over the last year for the week after!

So as you can see I won't have much spare time over the next couple of weeks! I'll still drop in as much as I can though

Take care,



well we won't take anymore of your fast pace work your ass off Dan the mod Time up then. Don't work to hard remember to breath, eat and sleep some time over the next two week's :graduated: :goatee: :businesss: :mario: :king:

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The Oldies used to be thriving. What's happened?


I put it down to time zones changing in the opposite directions. There used to be quite a while in the UK evening when the Aussies were online too. Now there's less of an overlap, it seems.

Plus people are back at Uni, therefore busier. And I personally find it difficult to type in here while carrying on three or four convos in MSN *and* writing little bits of fanfic *and* posting at SBJ. What's everyone else's excuse?

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Discussion's dried up a fair bit around here recnetly, hasn't it?

The Oldies used to be thriving. What's happened?


Sorry I don't feel like talking at the moment don't worry it's not you guy's,it's a personal matter :(

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