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Cool, I'm just watching H&A for the first time in years, the only person I recognise is Leah!

I have just watched 4 episodes of Last Tango in Halfix on there in a day when got a week to do one essay and one day to add bit i missed off the last one. Not going to happen but going to take lap

I seem to be doing to same and finding movies that I will never watch on netflix and other sites too. I am currently doing Access to Health course so I can go onto to do Physiotherapy degree.

Oh... so I can't change my name?

Jokes... I don't want to change!

I rang talkback radio twice this morning (in the early hours)

Once at about 2 to play a quiz... then once at about 3 to ring up about the best sporting moment for 2005... (the Tigers winning the comp!!!), and also talk about how I don't like smokers who take smokos... I don't get to take an eato even though I am addicted to food :P

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I find this name changing very annoying! You get to know posters and stuff and start to recognise them by their name, and by changing it it's hard to remember and work out who is who. Even some posters who say in their sig who they previously were, it still doesn't help when you read a post and look at the username and just think it's a newbie or something. Maybe it's just me, but I find it very confusing.

Rant over.

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awww....this is confusing and I liked your names...specially flamineck...it was quirky.


RIP old user names...we miss you. :innocent:

oops...did not realise I was in the golden oldie as opposed to oldie thread....sorry guys....hangs head in shame at this gross oversight. :guilty: :whistle:

Edited by Frankie
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Oh dear, I'm trying to work out who everyone is now!!


Well I have Auntie in front of Di :P as it makes me feel more my age :rolleyes: , Thanks Si for looking at my MSN page. I have added Decembers blog now!!! Just make sure your not drinking a cuppa!!! when you read it :lol:

Have a nice day now!!!

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Does this mean their old user names are now up for grabs?...that should confuse a few people... :P


Yeah I just put it on E-bay :lol::P

I'm not gonna change my name!


No One asked you to, did they!!! :whistle:

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