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i know i should be asleep

i've been telling myself that for three hours

i haven't been DOING anything for those three hours

yet i'm still awake and online.idiot.


I have been wondering the EXACT same thing !!

I am sitting here on the computer , and I'm not even doing anything just looking at stuff. I really wanted to go to bed earlier :(

Maybe I should just set the computer to autoshutdown at around 12 (if thats even possible) :lol:

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Not really :P

It's not that difficult though, one of them is with a regular schedule, the other one I choose which shifts I take on, and the third I'm completely free to choose how much I work as I tell them when I want to work instead of the other way around. So as long as you write it down to make sure you don't double book yourself, it's not that difficult :wink:

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