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Heyy guys.

Urgh, I'm so tired, and I just had a like 40 minute shower, but that didn't help. We're going to a work party, kind of a leaving do for me, one of my friends, and two more people. I got that other job I applied for, so I don't have to serve alcohol anymore. Yay. Here I come, Nice office work, I get my own desk and all :P Anyway, I dyed my hair this really cool shade of blinde yesterday, and I staightened it today. Am I allowed to say it looks awesome? :P But my eyes are all red, so apart from my hair I look absolitely horrible. And my skins got paler, but atleast those stupid freckles are fading <_<

I just have to ramble, don't I? :P

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Cal; Nah, I didn't need qualifications, I just needed references, experience and willingness to learn, it's a combined training course too. I have a coffee machine in my office too, though I think I'll be making more than I'll be drinking :P But it's good overall experience and Jane's sister works there too, she said it's really good pay and makes a great impression on your college application, and you meet loads of people. And the office scandals are awesome, apparently. :P

Thanks for the congrats', btw. Hopefully I'll stick with this for more than 6 months :P

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