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Cool, I'm just watching H&A for the first time in years, the only person I recognise is Leah!

I have just watched 4 episodes of Last Tango in Halfix on there in a day when got a week to do one essay and one day to add bit i missed off the last one. Not going to happen but going to take lap

I seem to be doing to same and finding movies that I will never watch on netflix and other sites too. I am currently doing Access to Health course so I can go onto to do Physiotherapy degree.


I wish I had time on my hands to do stuff like that. Not that, just something fun haha.

My life is just filled with uni and work these days :( a wonderful life I live haha

What are you reading Jem?

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"The Service of Clouds" (as pointless and pretentious as it sounds) and "Starship Troopers." Starship Troopers isn't bad, I'm just not that interested in reading about boot camp in space or otherwise... plus it makes me feel ways about things, and I'm too tired to give it the amount of thought it requires.

If I had the energy to care, and if reading didn't bore me stupid as it is, I'd give Starship Troopers a proper go, but Service of Clouds can go to hell. I'm not finishing that.

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Are the readings for something you're studying? Or you just picked random books to read?

I'm actually reading an interesting book at the moment, Twilight, about vampires and stuff.. It's pretty cool.

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Studying - I rarely read for pleasure, although I was getting into Stephen King. Have I mentioned that "Pet Sematary" is awesome??

We only ever seem to study books about racism and feminism, and it gets really old REALLY quickly. Starship Troopers is different (so far), it's about the nature and purpose of war, which is interesting in theory, but there's a lot of reading about how everyone keeps "bouncing" around and dying and getting injured and I'm like "I don't care. This isn't a story, this is statistics." In reality, I'm sure it's a very well thought out and executed story, but I'm just not getting into it because of the army setting. Army stuff bores me. Except Roman...

People keep talking to me about Twilight - I don't have the time or the inclination. I have so many other things I have to read and things I want to read that I won't be able to for weeks >.<

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What are you studying Jem?

Of course Deany :P I love all fantasy/supernatural stories... But I rarely read... A few people just kept telling me how good the story was, so now I'm reading it... and yeah, it's good... Apprently it's being made into a movie, so have to watch out for it.

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"Australian Literature" and "Speculative Fiction." They're the ones I have to read for. Actually I do have two Creative Writing subjects as well, and I need to review a couple of books for them. Maybe I can read Twilight for one of those... If I have time...

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