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I just got back home after 5 months travelling! It has been absolutely freaking incredible. Went to Australia, Nepal, India, Thailand, Morocco, Croatia, Prague, Amsterdam and now home and am ridiculously broke but very happy to be sleeping in my own bed again! Now trying to find a job to fund the next epic journey. I have well and truely got the travel bug now!!

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howahrr we all?

I'm so tired

I am skipping school today *hits self* i'm badd

I'll go in one day this week to pay off the rest of my money for going to Rome in october and i need to collect work for the hollidays. No one ever goes in on the last week before the holidays in our school. so the place will be dead. Then as of friday it officailly the holidayssssss. but mine have already started

8 weeks no school!!!!

i looove it :D

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my mums so annoying she's making me get off the computer even tho its the school holidays :angry:

and i just saw the funniest thing on the news this p plater got caught speeding 135km/hr and they asked him why and he goes "i needed to pee really bad" :lol:

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