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I'm fine too.

I'm home alone, which is really nice. Some peace and quiet! I'm supposed to be working but I'm so not in the mood. <_<

My parents are gone for the weekend. They went to the seaside in this weather (lots of rain and wind). :rolleyes: Crazy people! :P

My sister went shopping for my Christmas gift this afternoon. I'm still thinking about what I'm going to give her. I've got 6 free periods on Monday. :angry: I think I'll go and shop instead of working in the library! :wink:

Tonight we're going to order Chinese food and watch 1 or 2 DVDs.

How's everyone else?

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Im good thanks! Felling really Christmasy 'cause I just put up the tree! Yay!

How are you?!

Oh and Rosey thats cool your meeting Delta again! Would love to meet her someday!

I'm feeling really christmassy this year too! :P

Not got our tree up yet though, although should really have it up by now. :P

I'm okay, procrastinating on here because i have work to do that i don't want to do. :P

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