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Hello...anyone around?

I'm just using my brothers computer at the moment. I've got H&A on...in the background :P. Just relaxing before I have dinner. I've been playing my guitar a bit today and I still sound as awful as when I first got it! I think i'll have a read through my guitar training book later on tonight! I'm listening to 'Run', but not the Snow Patrol version...Leona Lewis did a live recording in the Radio 1 studio, so i've got that on and it sounds incredible.

So, how's everyone else? Anything good happening at the moment? :D ...

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I'm going to work later this arvo because it's late night shopping. I get paid more so that's good. I've been getting about 30 hours a week since uni finished so thats nice. But you have to put up with a lot more tyrannical customers doing their Christmas shopping or wanting stuff out of the catalogue. Argh!

My mum also ruined by good jeans. They were my first skinny legs and I was rather attached to them. She washed them with bleach so now there's a couple of white splodges all over the bum and their quite low down so it looks like you've sat in bird droppings!! She so owes me a new pair. Grr!

Still, it could be worse. I can't believe there is only 19 more says til Christmas. We haven't even put our tree up. I've been a bit slack lately and I'm the only one who'll do it.

How's everyone else?

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Hey. Wow. This threads been dead abit.

Im really good. Going to my 3rd Christmas Party today hence why I'm not at school.

And I'm meeting delta again on Sunday :D

You could say that. :P

LMAO on your third christmas party now. :P

Yay for you meeting Delta!!

How's everyone?

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