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:o No fair your on holidays. Technically we don't start holidays for another 2 weeks but I only have one week left cos I'm going away. And we aren't on holidays yet but I only went one day this week cos it was mufyi.

I hate winter :angry: I'm freezing cold and sick :angry:

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Guest [x]whacko[x]jen[x]

Hehe. I feel honoured. Call me the Queen of Holidays. LOL

Awww 2 weeks? That is so unfair on you. We got 2 weeks off, what about you? How long do you get off school?

From, The Queen of Holidays, formally known as TQOH. :P:rolleyes:

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Guest [x]whacko[x]jen[x]

Public schools in NSW get 2 weeks off but I go to a private school and we get 3 weeks :P

But I'm going away for a month so I get even more this time.

TQOH isn't happy! Ha! You're just lucky!

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I'm here. Went to Canberra yesterday and it was so awesome. But I proberly shouldnt have. Its just made me more sick <_< Slept for 14 hours last night but woke up at 2 am because I couldnt breathe (Thanks blocked nose) and I had a coughing fit, which led me to almost throw up.

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I'm sick to Rosey

I only went to school 1 day this week and I only went cos it was mufti.

I have a really bad a cold and I'm lucky to get 2 hours sleep at night cos I can't breathe.

I'm suposed to be down the snow right now but I can't ski cos my knee is screwed up but I'm going like as soon as I get home from Europe :D

I'm going to DFO as soon as my sister gets home but by the time she gets homw it will probably be closed <_<

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