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Yet where almost finshed the lesson and I'm still on here. He thinks its gonan take over my brain or something. <_<

Schools almost over! 15 more minutes.

Then its home time...I have to catch 2 buses and walk for 10 minutes. Yikes

And the weather freezing out there, but thankfully the wind and rain has gone.

How was your long weekend/weekend X-Taylor-4-Curtis-X?

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I'm having another no sleep night. Been lurking pretty much all night finding random little things to do. My back is absolute agony but I just can't lie down anymore, I've been lying flat for days now and its boring. The suns not long up here and it looks like its going to be another gorgeous day. Its so hot and muggy though, we could do with your thunder storm to clear the air.

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I'd much rather have your weather Kat. Cause of the flooding at home, I have no power at the moment, has been like that since Friday and shows no signs of changing. So out goes the heater and leaves me absolutely freezing. Hot and muggy all the way.

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Isn't it weird, you've got our typical weather and we have yours and we're both moaning about it!

I know your weather is a bit more extreme than usual, I just find it funny how we're never happy with what we've got!

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