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Well I'm moving back to Lincoln in around half an hour, and as of yet NTL haven't sorted out the new contract, so I'll be without the Internet until at least Friday - I'll try and pop along to Uni occasionally and spend the odd bit of time online though.

Behave yourselves! Ciao for now! :)

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I just started the sixth form on thursday so I'm really excited about that. Especially as now I have free lessons where I can chill out in the common room and chat with my friends.

Same here. I actually have people to hang around with(I usually go from one group to another group of fiends). I hang with this boy and girl(I've mentioned them both on this forum before). Thursday was totally boring(did I spell it right?) Friday was better. I have 14 'free' periods and no clashes on the time table. I thought I was the only school to start on thursday, everyone else locally started on Tuesday. Apart from the school that got burnt down(they had a half day on friday).

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