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Number 5 sucks. I dread having mine :(

Btw I love your sig!

Awe thanks hun, yeah it does suck I'm on a lot of medication for my periods, going on the injection to stop them all together. Men have such an easy life :P

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Day 4


-Ceiling is half done - 3 strokes.

- Walls downstairs

-Walls upstairs (almost)

-Counter half-done

-Kitchen more or less tidied

-The toilet

-Walls downstairs (two small walls staircase) - nearly

-Buy new freezer (we only pay half, as we did not know it was leaking!)

-Buy new ovens But! The store ****ed up again. The ovens will be delieved on Monday, meaning the opening has been postponed to Tuesday next week, as we cannot make food without ovens, and without food and cake, we cannot open the cafè, which sucks, as I believe we would made it to Monday.

-Clean and paint kitchen - That was icky!

-Floor finished with kitchen and 1/3 of room downstairs. Bathroom and hall upstairs remains. (the boys were putting the floor down yesterday, and used too much glue, so we've spent the day cleaning that up - everytime you step of the tiles, glue comes up from between them. Shoes and feet has been covered in it, and therefore dirt has been dragged around leaving the floor far more dirty than need be. Sol and I, on the other hands, have floor-foo. We rock.

-Toilet (final stroke)

Needs to be done:

-Walls upstairs (final stroke)

-Put new kitchen up

-Buy couches

-Nerw coffee brand

-Beer - will come by Tuesday the latest. Beer man didn't show up today. Will call tomorrow.

More that I can't remember.

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