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Cool, I'm just watching H&A for the first time in years, the only person I recognise is Leah!

I have just watched 4 episodes of Last Tango in Halfix on there in a day when got a week to do one essay and one day to add bit i missed off the last one. Not going to happen but going to take lap

I seem to be doing to same and finding movies that I will never watch on netflix and other sites too. I am currently doing Access to Health course so I can go onto to do Physiotherapy degree.

Unfortunately it's not that easy to get rid of my parents :P..... And I don't drink either :P....so I've got my iPod on full blast, but it's still not doing anything to relieve my boredom, merely giving me a headache!


Sometimes it's like they cant wait to get away from me :P

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I'm proud of myself lol, i never ever do any work or revision on saturday i always leave to sunday i don't know why i just do but i did 2 and half hours revision today which is better than nothing.

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I'm so glad I'm not the only one that has a startling apatheic attitude when it comes to revision! I just can't be bothered! Although, I am quite proud of myself 'cos I did a Biology core paper and a Maths non-calculator paper today and I finished them in the right time as well! So it's better than nothing! But I'm sooo bored!


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It's good to be back!

I was getting severe withdrawal symtoms, I just didn't know how to fill my time, it meant *shock horror* that I actually had to do some Maths practice papers last night!

What's everyone up to on this dull, grey day?


Its is good to be back...I often wake up in the night and can't sleep...I think my body is on permanent Oz time...lol... so anyway I will log on here and see what's going down...and horror of horrors it wasn't there last night...I was in quite a state I can tell you...:P

I had to look at the news sites instead...:o

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