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Awww.....it sucks when you have to do exams away from your mates....I had to in Year 7....but look on the brightside....it means you have more time to learn all the stuff and get a better mark! I'm sure you'll do really well in your SAT's...whenever you do them!

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OK, here it goes i have 3 essays to hand in tomoro, and if i dont then im dead. literally.

1. Frankenstein-Dr. Frankenstein is a negligent parent and is to blame for all the tragedies in the novel?

2. Romeo and Juliet- Who was to blame for the death of Romeo and Juliet?

And last but not least

3. What was the Victorians attitude towards life and death?

it seems like i will be doing an all nighet again! aaarrrgggghhhhh!!!!!!! i need to get al this done tonight, wish me luck people. i will need it!!!!!!!!!

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2. Romeo and Juliet- Who was to blame for the death of Romeo and Juliet?

And last but not least

I may be able to help as we are studying Romeo and Juliet in class. Although we are studying the [baz Luhremen] Movie but they are pretty much the same.

We discussed this in class and the whole ide of Romeo and Juliet is based around fate. Just before the Capulet party, Romeo says he foresees hios death and that the events of the night would eventually lead to his death.

The events that lead up to his death include:

Falling in love with Juliet at Capulet Party

Declaring his love for Juliet, Getting married to Juliet

Mercutio's death by Tybalt

Tybalts death by Romeo

Romeo being banished from Verona

Juliets parents wanting her to marry Paris

Priests foolish idea

Romeo not recieving the telegram of Juliets phony death

Romeo hearing the news that Juliet is dead

Romeos own stupidity to kill himself

And the Juliets death was just to blame for her own stupidity of:

Going through with Priests foolish death plan

Stupity of killing herself

Wow if I put this much effort into my own school work I might actually pass :lol:

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