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Should they have brought Danielle Spencer as a re-cast Roo instead?


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Minor spoilers....

Just watching the 1995 eps. We all know how pointless the Quinn storyline turned out to be, with her leaving town after a few weeks and never being brought back or used again. I think Danielle Spencer looks quite similar to Justine Clarke and I would have preferred to see Roo again (preferably more long term) than this damp squib of a story.

Also, I could be way off the mark here, but something tells me they maybe planned to bring Roo back for the development story (there have been a lot of returns and mentions of the past this year) and it fell through at the last minute so they hastily wrote this Quinn story along similar lines. It does feel a bit messy. If that was the case then they should have just brought Danielle Spencer in as Roo.

What do you think?

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Yeah I was thinking that she does look really like Justine Clarke and could have made a great re-cast (minus the American accent). I would have liked that over Quinn, there's nothing distinct about Quinn and it all just seems to have gone by without making much of an impact at all. Would have made a lot more sense to re-cast and it could have played out similarly.

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It's so hard to believe the Roo we have now would ever acted the way she did back in the 80s!.

Because the Roo we have now is purely a moral person and Georgie Parker plays her so well. Roo never feels like she is being self-righteous despite being such  a morally upstanding person.

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Aside from not wanting her dad to marry again after losing her mum tragically, (understandable) and planning to marry frank under false pretences,( much like billie in the current eps) however not going through with it was she really that bad? 

And in 1989 she more than made up for it fighting on the side of the good so to speak

what I have a problem within that they've filled us in very little about her life over the past 20 years. 

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15 hours ago, Skylover said:

Has she? I've never heard of her other than Home and Away. Besides, what has an actor's CV got to do with my enjoyment of a character?

Yep, she's done quite a few things - Gallipoli, The time of our lives, Look both ways to name a few I liked. (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0164838/?ref_=nmbio_bio_nm#actress)

I understood the below quote to mean you thought the character was badly acted and responded according to that...

On 05/03/2017 at 9:30 PM, Skylover said:

Just didn't think she was all that good.


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