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Story Title: OverCome
Type Of Story: Long Fic
Main Characters: Billie, VJ, Justin, Heath, Leah, Bianca - The list goes on, there will be a whole bunch of people in this. 
BTTB Rating: T/A
Genre: Drama/Family/Romance/General
Does story include spoilers: If from UK then yes.
Any warnings: Violence: Mild if any at all. Sexual content: Mild to moderate.
Summary: Summerbay seemed to be a place where people came to feel at home, the relationships between people were close, some of them closer then anyone expected. Can this close nit community over come all that they face with the help of family and friends?


Chapter One


“Unbelievable” Bianca ranted, snapping her phone shut, chucking it on the couch beside her. “Unbelievable”

Anger. She felt like she was surrounded by it ready to be swallowed whole. Nobody told her that being a parent meant going through things that tested every part of you as a human. Nobody had told her that she would essentially do it all on her own without the help of a man who was supposed to love his children. Bianca was gutted because this wasn’t what she had dreamt of since she was a teenager, her plan had been to have her first child at twenty eight, not be twenty eight with four children, five including the sister she raised.



Bianca squeezed the bridge of her nose, taking a deep breath as she turned around to see the twins racing towards her. “What is the matter, guys?”

“When is daddy coming?”

It only made the anger she was feeling boil, the excitement on their faces at the anticipation of seeing their father. It amazed her how much they could idolize him when he was never around. “Well…” She knelt down to their height, brushing the blonde hair out of Ethan’s eyes. “I know you both want to see your daddy but he is very busy today and won’t be able to take you for a sleepover” Her heart broke when Ethan’s shoulders slumped, the man had one weekend a month visitation and he couldn’t even commit to spending that much time with his children.


Bianca immediately pulled the four year old into a hug. “I’m sorry” She whispered to him, taking a moment to look at Eli. “Elijah…”

“I don’t ever want to see him” Eli shouted, turning around he ran out of the room, his feet stomping on the stairs.

“Daddy never comes anymore” Ethan whined. “Gracie always sees her daddy”

Bianca rubbed her sons back, that was something she struggled with daily. Different men, different fathers with different priorities. “I know buddy. Hey, how about we do something fun this weekend, maybe we could see a movie?” When he didn’t respond she tried to entice him. “We’ll do something exciting, I promise. You, me, Eli and Theo”


Bianca smiled. “April as well if she doesn’t have plans with her friends” This was part of her life, making up for the time that Liam was missing with his children because he was out with some girl he found at a bar. It wasn’t where she expected to be at twenty eight.


“Why are we doing this?”

Phoebe stared at the house before her. Four bedroom beach house with a beautiful yard, five minute walk to the beach. Everything about it was different to before; there was no hustle and bustle of the city, no sounds of sirens or the people in the apartment next door pumping music. A small town was the last place she expected to be but it had a close nit community and that was exactly what she was looking for.
Raffy’s question had cut through the peacefulness and she found herself exhausted at the thought of having to explain it again. “I applied for a job here, Raffy, you know this”

“I loved the city, my school, my friends”

Phoebe glanced over at her. “You’ll make new friends, and eventually you will come to love it here. I know it isn’t the city but we need this”

“Aunt Phoebe, can we go inside now?”

Phoebe glanced down to look at Rocco who was standing to her right. “Of course. No one is sharing a room this time. There are three bedrooms upstairs, biggest room goes to the oldest, smallest to the youngest” She watched Raffy and Rocco walk off up the porch steps and she sighed, taking the brief moment to breathe in the fresh air.

“I like it here Auntie Phoebe”

Phoebe smiled down at the littlest of the group, five year old Harley. “I do too bud. Come on, let’s go find your room” She let Harley pull her towards the house, her thoughts drifting again. It had to work out here, she couldn’t keep moving them around and both Justin and Heath needed a place to call home when they returned.



Charlie turned around just in time to catch the body running in her direction. “Hey Gracie girl, how are you?” She hugged the eight year old tightly.

“I’m good. Dad picked me up from school and we got a milkshake. Is Ruby home?”

Charlie chuckled at the young girl’s excitement. “Ruby is on her way home. Why don’t you put your bag in your room and then you can help me prepare dinner?”

“Okay. I’ll be back” She turned around and rushed out of the room.

“Hey babe”

Charlie wrapped her arms around her fiancé. “Hey yourself. I feel like I haven’t seen you in days”

“Says the woman who has been working double shifts at the station” He kissed her cheek before nuzzling his face into her neck. “You sure you’re alright to look after Gracelynn tonight? I’m short staffed at the restaurant”

Charlie could tell her felt horrible about leaving her with Gracie while he went to work; usually he tried to shift the workload around so that he could be home for the time that he had Gracie, which was only every second weekend; however she didn’t mind looking after the young girl. “It is fine; we are having a girl’s night. Ruby said she would be here as well” Despite having being together for almost three years she knew that he felt as though he was using her as a babysitter. “You alright?”

“I’m fine. Slightly bummed I won’t be home tonight”

“Bianca will let you have Gracie another night, just ask”

“It’s not that, I know Bianca will be fine with it. It’s just the restaurant is taking up a lot of time lately, time I would rather be spending with you and the girls”

Charlie pulled back slightly. “We’ve got plenty of time to spend together; right now the business needs you”

“Have I mentioned lately how much I love you?”

“Um..." Charlie tilted her head to the side acting as though she had to think about it. “Nope, I don't think so”

“Well then, I love you” He leaned down and captured her lips. 

“Oh geez. PDA Alert!!!!” Ruby smacked her hands over her eyes. “Guys!”

Charlie pulled away and buried her head in his chest. “Ruby!” 

“What mum? You and Brody are the ones making out in the kitchen. Is Gracie here, geez, I am going to warn her not to come in here before you scare her for life”

Brody rolled his eyes as Ruby walked out of the room. "She is dramatic" 

“Well she is my daughter, what do you expect?” Charlie teased. “Alright, get outta here. Go to work”

Brody leaned down and kissed her lips quickly. “Tonight when I get home, I have to speak to you about something”

Charlie raised her eyebrow, it sounded serious. “What are you talking about?”

“I heard from a friend that Justin was deployed again. I've stood idly by for years but Raffy would be thirteen now, this would be interrupting what is about to be her most important years of education. I want to know who he is leaving her with, and if I am not satisfied then I want us to talk about taking her”


I have edited this and made a few slight changes, not sure if they will be noticeable. Hope you enjoy!

In the first chapter you have met three families, recapping you have: 

  1. Bianca 28 raising sister April 16, daughter Gracelynn 8 (With Brody), twin sons Ethan and Elijah 4 and son Theo 2 (With Liam)
  2. Phoebe 27 raising Raffy 13 and has nephews Rocco 9 and Harley 5 in her care. 
  3. Charlie and Brody, Charlie has daughter Ruby 16 and Brody has daughter Gracelynn 8 (With Bianca)


In the next chapter, you will meet 2 more families. Any guesses on who they will be? 
And we find out some more about these families as well. 

Hope you enjoyed it! 

Edited by LissaBelle24
Making a couple of changes.
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Great chapter

I liked how you had Bianca looking after April and three kids of his own and Phoebe looking after kids as well.

Charlie and Brody I didn't except that

Can't help but wonder is Brody the father of Gracelynn?

I look forward to more.

Update again soon :)

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Really interesting idea. I liked the way you kept us guessing with each couple as to who the father was, but I really wasn't expecting Brody to be with Charlie! :o very different. I think it might take some time to figure out all the connections. When you said 'close knit' community, you weren't kidding, were you?! :wink: Looking forward to seeing where you take this x

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Chapter Two


"Ethan. Elijah. Come get your shoes on or you'll be late for kindergarten" Bianca shifted Theo on her hip leaning her head to the side to avoid being whacked by his toy truck. 

"I want daddy to take me" Elijah whined, coming into the living room carrying his spiderman backpack. 

Bianca cringed, every morning the same question followed by the same answer. "Eli, your daddy doesn't live here anymore, I take you to kinder. Come on, shoes on please" She awkwardly leant down to pass him his spiderman gumboots. 

"Why can't daddy..." 

"Your dad doesn't want to take you Eli but your mum is so just put your shoes on" April came into the room snapping at the four year old. 

"April!" Bianca scolded watching Eli's body tremble. "Oh buddy, daddy is just busy. April doesn't mean it" 

April rolled her eyes. "Yeah right" She mumbled sarcastically. 

Bianca shot her a warning look, ever since she had separated from Liam during her pregnancy with Theo, April had become a difficult teenager, resembling someone Bianca didn't recognize. "Watch it" Bianca warned, rubbing Elijah's shoulder. "How about I give your daddy a call later and see if we can arrange something" 

Elijah's face brightened a little. "Really?" 

"Really" Bianca smiled weakly. "Go get your brother" 

"He won't show up. Why don't you just explain that to them? It's been two years" April looked at Theo.

"They love him April, he might not be the best father but they are four years old to them he is amazing" 

"Amazing at never being around" 

Bianca sighed, feeling Theo lean against her shoulder, she rubbed his back. Liam barely acknowledged Theo, he simple refused to believe that the littlest boy could be his but for the twins it was different. They knew he was their father and they loved him regardless of him not being around. 
April might have wanted her to explain but she couldn't bring herself to break her boy’s hearts again. "I can't break their hearts April" 

April scoffed, shaking her head. "Their hearts are already breaking, every time they see Brody coming to pick up Gracelynn. They see what Gracie has and they want it, but the reality is Bianca, they will never have it"

"April!" Bianca could see that the teenager was clearly angry, anger sparked by a conversation regarding Liam. 

"You might upset them, break their hearts but it will only be once instead of the constant every time he doesn't show up...because he never will" 



"Huh" The use of her full name seemed to bring her back to earth, a sheepish look crossed her face when she saw VJ staring at her, they were supposed to be studying for a history test but instead they had done nothing. Her fault. "Sorry"

VJ raised his eyebrow; he couldn't help but be slightly concerned. They became best-friends when they were twelve years old and he had only seen her like this a few times. "Everything okay?" 

Billie grabbed her books off the table. "Everything is fine" Her words came out rushed. 

VJ watched as she silently stuffed her books into the bag concerned washing over him. "Everything okay at home with Kat?" He studied her face.

Billie nodded. "Yeah, everything is fine" She brushed off his concern. "She has been working too hard on Marty's case. It's been two years. If she’s was going to find evidence to overturn his conviction she would have found it already"

"Is that what has you so distracted?"

The question caught Billie off guard but in truth over the last two years she had sort of become accustomed to this life, Kat was her solid at the moment. "Ummm"

VJ reached across the table and squeezed her hand gently. In the years they had known each other his feelings for her had changed from love of friendship to something more. Though he had never acted on it. In fear that he could potentially lose their friendship. So he chose to be there for her instead hoping one day he'd see the signs in her. "Hey. I'm here. I'm here, Bil, when you are ready"

Billie knew what he meant, he'd be there when she was ready to talk about whatever was bothering her but she wasn't sure she would ever be ready.
The anxiety.
The nightmares.
The fear.
Bill was terrified, seeing it, thinking about it was enough. She was absolutely certain she could never speak about it. "I know" She squeezed his hand trying to draw as much comfort from the simple gesture as she could VJ was her constant, the one person always there for her and while she wanted to confide in him she was terrified in losing him.  


"Are you ready?" 


"Raffy" Phoebe sighed; they were standing in front of Summerbay High both about to face their first day. This was their fourth move in three years, Phoebe hated it, having to uproot them but the job, she needed it, something more stable and long term. "I know this isn't where you want to be but please try to make this work" The words were pleading, Phoebe knew that Raffy was stubborn after all she had been raising the girl since she was just four years old. 

Raffy sighed. "I'll try it but only because I have no choice" 

Phoebe took Raffy's hand in hers. "How about a deal"

"What kind of deal?" The teenager raised her eyebrow. 

Phoebe battled with her mind unsure if it was a wise idea but she had to take the lead of faith that Raffy would come to love Summerbay. "Give this place a chance until Justin and Heath get back from Afghanistan, if you still hate it then we will sit down with your dad and uncle and find the perfect place to live" 

Raffy frowned; both her dad and uncle were on a six month tour only having been deployed two months ago. "Four months"

Phoebe nodded. "Yes but it has to be an honest effort. Your cousins need you to try, if you don't it will affect them too"

Rocco and Harley weren't her biological cousins just as Justin was technically her half-brother and Rocco and Harley's father Heath was his best-friend. "I'll try" 

Phoebe smiled. "Thank-you. Besides you might like it here" 

"Doubtful. I loved the city" 

Phoebe knew how Raffy felt but rent was expensive in the city and she had been only able to find a casual bartending job add in a thirteen, nine and five year old, this had left her no choice then to find something more stable. 
Summerbay's housing market had allowed her to place a deposit on a house she liked with Justin and Heath contributing. 

"Are we actually going in, we'll be late otherwise?"

Phoebe blinked. "Let's go, I have to meet the principle, Bianca Scott, I think her name is..." 


Leah stood in the kitchen of the farm house watching Kat stare at a bunch of case notes, files were spread out in front of the cop, her laptop open. VJ had texted asking if she could check on Kat, she was glad she did. Kat didn't look as though she had slept or eaten in weeks.

"Kat, I think you need some rest" Leah gently prided the notes from her hands, staring at her friend with sympathetic eyes. "When was the last time you slept? A proper night, not just a power nap" 

"I can't" Kat stood up from her chair. "Coffee?" 

Leah raised her eyebrow, taking a look at the sink, the empty coffee cups lying all over. "Kat, perhaps you should give the coffee a rest" 

Kat sighed flicking the kettle on, she turned to her friend. "Leah, if you are here to judge..." 

"No" Leah stepped around the table. "I'm not judging you. I am worried, you are working..."

"I'm trying to find a way to clear Ash's name. He didn't do this Leah, he shouldn't be in prison" 

"Kat..." Leah could hear her friend’s voice breaking. 

"Two years, two years and I've gone down every rabbit hole; I don't know what to do. Maybe, I missed something...Leah, he is innocent" 

Leah pulled Kat into a hug, the woman's strong facade breaking. "We know he is innocent. The entire community is behind you, behind Billie. We are here for you to lean on" 

Kat sobbed. "How am I supposed to tell her, Leah? How am I supposed to tell Billie that I have no idea what to do?" 

Leah pulled away from her. "Did you find the woman, the witness Ash said was there?" 

"I think...the woman, the witness Ash said was there, and well the name on the original police report was fake. When I dug deeper I found...Leah what I found cannot be of use to me. I have to find another way"

Leah saw the complete look of uncertainty in Kat's face. "And if there is no other way?"

Kat's bottom lip quivered. "Then I risk losing the man I love to prison for the next twenty five years for a crime he did not commit"

"Hey, you are doing your best, not only for Ash but for Billie"

Kat shook her head. "My best isn't good enough anymore. My fiancé was framed for murder and I was left to raise his sixteen year old sister"  


Thankyou for your comments. Just to clear something up, Brody and Bianca are Gracelynn's parents. 


  1. Kat 28 raising Billie 18. 
  2. Leah 36 raising VJ 18. (We'll meet more of Leah's family in coming chapters.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Edited by LissaBelle24
Just a few small edits.
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Wow! Fantastically well written! Really like this.

Feel sorry for Bianca's little boys. Liam is a total disappointment, isn't he? Hate to say it, but I think April might be right :( Maybe they need to treat him like a bandaid, and rip him away in one go, quickly? He's not doing anything for their confidence or self-esteem.

Ooh, so Justin and Heath are both in Afghanistan?! That's an interesting development! Poor Phoebe! That would pretty tough to deal with.

Lovely scene between VJ and Billie! :wub: They're very sweet.

 ...And you have managed the impossible! :lol: You have actually made me feel sympathy for Ash and Kat (and that takes some serious doing!!! :wink:

Really looking forward to the next chapter x

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On 2/21/2017 at 11:58 PM, Ludub said:

Wow! Fantastically well written! Really like this.
This was a major compliment. Thank-you so much! :D

Ooh, so Justin and Heath are both in Afghanistan?!
Yes they are, they are best-friends that enlisted together!

 ...And you have managed the impossible! :lol: You have actually made me feel sympathy for Ash and Kat (and that takes some serious doing!!! :wink:
Now this made me feel like I am doing something right, if I can make you feel sympathy for characters you normally wouldn't :)

Hope you enjoy this next chapter!!!



On 2/22/2017 at 6:49 AM, ~JarlieFanEver~ said:

I felt for Bianca's little boys :( 
It is a sad story to write, but many families go through this. Hopefully with my writing things will lead to a happy ending for them...:unsure: :P

Loved the scene between VJ and Billie
So glad you loved this scene. I am going to miss Billie in the tv show! :(

Hope you enjoy this chapter!!


On 2/22/2017 at 9:32 AM, Kristen said:

Nice twist that Justin and Heath are in Afghanistan.
It is something I haven't seen done yet so I thought it would give my story something a little different. :)

Hope you enjoy this chapter!!


Chapter Three


Billie took a deep breath outside of the house, trying to calm herself and keep a straight face before she went inside to see Kat, she knew that the cop would most likely be sitting looking over Marty's case again and it should have made her happy, happy that someone was fighting so hard to get her brother back but Billie just wanted it all over. She wanted to be able to come home and watch a movie with Kat and cuddle up to eat ice-cream like they used to do when Marty was sleeping. She wanted the woman back who had raised her through her teenage years. 
Sighing, she plastered on a fake smile to hold in all the inner turmoil and she opened the door. "Kat, I'm home" She shut the front door, placing her school bag down on the bench seat. 

"Hey Bil" Kat walked out of the bedroom, dressed in a pair of sweats and a white shirt, lounge clothes that actually made her looked relaxed. "How was school?" 

"Fine. You feeling alright?" 

Kat smiled weakly. "Been a long day. How about we order a pizza tonight?" 

"Suits me" Billie walked over to the fridge to pull out the orange juice. "I thought you were working?" 

"No" Kat sat down at the end of the table. "Thought it was time that you and I had a talk" 

Billie turned to look at her guardian. "If this is about Marty, I don't want to talk about it" 


"No Kat! Two years, it's been two years. He refuses to let me visit him in jail, I get a letter a month..."

Kat looked sympathetic. "I know it's hard" 

Billie shook her head. "He promised to be there for me when mum died, I was twelve years old and he promised he would be there, he made it four years Kat, four years and if you hadn't been there I would be in foster care!" Billie could feel the tears springing to her eyes. "How am I meant to do this without him?" 

Kat frowned at the words that slipped from Billie's mouth, knowing that there was more to the words. "Do what without him?" 

Billie clamped her mouth shut, her face paling slightly. "No...Nothing...just life" She stuttered. "I have homework" 

"Billie, hey honey, talk to me" 

"There is nothing to talk about Kat. Marty isn't getting out of jail"


Charlie stared at Brody as he paced back and forth across the floor with his arms crossed and anger clouding his face, he was rarely ever like this except when it came to speaking about Justin. "Brody..." They had yet to speak about the bombshell he had dropped on her two days earlier.

"What I don't get is why he wanted Raffy to begin with. He enlisted in the army two years after he was given custody of her, why would he do that?" 

Charlie listened to him rant, truth be told despite being with Brody for three years she didn't know much about the Morgan family history just the simple things like Justin separating from his family and then taking on his half-sister that no one had known about. "Brody, like you are saying you don't know his reasons. We are not about to go in and take Raffy out of a home" 

Brody turned to her. "He should be with her" 

"This is clearly bothering you but why? In the three years we've been together you've never wanted to see Raffy and you have certainly never called Justin. What triggered this?" Charlie stood up, walking towards him she laid a hand on his arm. "Why are you so determined to hate your brother?" 

Brody sighed, it was impulsive to think that he could just walk in and pull a thirteen year old out of her home but Justin never should have been given custody. Decker thought it was for the best but how, how was Raffy any better off. "He walked away, seventeen years old, and he just walked out of the door one day. He came home a year later, accompanied by the police. They told us our mother died saving him, our mother! None of us had seen him in a year but she died to protect him" Brody breathed deeply shaking his head. "He was eighteen and legally the only person we had left since our fathers passing. Tori was sixteen, I was only fourteen. He hung it out for a year, then Decker showed up and pulled him aside. Justin took off with Raffy leaving us behind" 


"He left us, you know, he just walked away. Mason was three!" 

Charlie raised her eyebrow. "Decker never told you what he said to Justin?" 

"No. Clearly he gave Justin an out one kid instead of three and Justin took it" 

Charlie placed her hand on both his cheeks. "Alright, say that is the truth then what is triggering this now, why bring it up?" 

"A week from now is the day our mother died. I want Justin to hurt like he hurt us" 



You're angry and sad. Your handwriting is displaying that, the ink soaked with tears which has made it run. Life is hard, trials are face and sometimes it takes one longer to heal from a wound then another. Your sister or mother, (I am a little confused by this, you will need to clarify which she is) clearly loves your brothers very much, it would be crushing her to know that she will need to tell them something that will break their hearts so go easy on her, she'll tell them soon. 
From what you have told me this man does not deserve to have those children in his life, nor does he deserve to have you. I know that I could never abandon my sons. Just know that you have a strong woman who you have endlessly described in letters who has done nothing but good by you, that woman is on your side. You need to be honest with her, tell her that this man, this Liam, has completely gutted your heart by making you think that you could depend on a man but know that it does not mean you will never find someone worthy enough to lean on, not all men are like that. Like I told you in my last letter to you, you don't need a father when you have a mother that would give the world for you. 

I would love to hear more about school, the last letter was brief...take time, this writing doesn't need to be weekly, I believe the program only aims for a letter a month.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. 


April twirled her pen in her hand, placing the letter down on the desk beside her notepad. Taking a moment to think about his words. When she signed up for the student/army pen pal program never did she think she'd be telling the person on the other end all of her problems. But his words, the way he spoke it her, it felt nice just to have someone to talk to and not be yelled at or judged. Whoever his sons were, they were lucky to have a father that was so incrediably understanding. 
Staring at the notepad she bit her bottom lip...


A letter a month doesn't seem like enough...and one a week is just scraping by. 

Bianca is my sister, but legally she is my adoptive mother. I love her like a mother, she's been raising me basically since I was born but she didn't gain official custody till I was six. Long story, but basically my biological mother is a bitch and Bianca who was eighteen at the time could care for me better. I don't think I am hard on her, I just don't want my brothers to be lied too, to have hope in Liam. I had hope in him and now it's just anger, so much anger. I thought for once I would have a father, or a father figure at least, and he just left you know...your boys at pretty lucky to have you, someone who loves them.

School is ordinary, nothing spectacular. We have a new student, younger and Bianca thought I was the perfect person to show her around. I can't remember her name...it's different though not one you hear everyday.

"April, dinner is ready. Can you get Theo from the playroom?"

"One minute"

Sorry to cut this short. Bianca has cooked dinner, and no she is not a good cook, ten dollars says we buy a pizza.
Tell me more about your family...

Till next time.


April ripped the page out of the book before folding it up and putting it in an envelope, stuffing it in the front of her bag to mail off tomorrow. 


"Coming!" April zipped her bag shut and stood up. "I hope you're right Heath and she does tell them soon" 


Hope you all enjoyed this chapter!

Edited by LissaBelle24
Few little edits.
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