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Family That Sticks Together

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Thanks for the nice reviews my new favourite charcter is Tori/Tessa

Not a new update stuck on the next part writing block hopeful I can update by the end of the week.

Riley got out of the shower a few days later.

"I wish we didn't have to come home so soon," Tess said as Riley put his shirt on.

Riley took Tess's hand and gave her a kiss.

"I'm glad you said yes to becoming my wife," Riley whispered then kissed her again.

"I love you Riles,  I cant wait to be your wife and have a baby with you," Tess whispered.

Riley kissed Tess again.

Riley held Tess in his arms.

"Nothing will happen like it did three years ago," Riley thought.

" You'll be a great mother," Riley whispered.

" Our son will be almost two now," Tess said.

" You want to start trying for a baby?" Riley asked.

Tess nodded and kissed Riley again.


Riley got to work feeling happy. Tess and him were in a great place.

"Riley, come and meet Tasha Brown our new nurse," Roger said.

"Riley and I met at uni. We dated for a year until he cheated on me with Tessa Lea," Tasha announced.

" That was a long time ago Tasha," Riley said.

"You and Tess are still in contact?" Tasha asked.

" We are engaged," Riley said.

" I heard her parents were murderer a few months ago," Tasha said.

" Yes, but don't pick a fight with Tess, we're sorry we hurt you," Riley replied.

" Really Riley, I am so moved on. I am married with a two year old daughter, Holly," Tasha said.

"That's great Tasha, you deserve to be happy," Riley replied.


Tasha hugged her old best friend.

" I am so sorry about your parents. I have been be overseas Tess so I only found out two weeks ago," Tasha said.

" It's really good to see you," Tasha said looking at Tessa who she had known since year nine.

''Tash, I never thought you would speak to me again," Tess said.

" It was a long time ago. We'll be working together," Tasha replied.


Tess was holding Holly in her arms a couple of nights later.

"Holly is so beautiful, Tash," Tess said smiling.

"Mama mama," Holly said reaching for Tasha.

Tasha took Holly from her friend

"Baby girl is tired," Tasha's husband Nick said as Holly gave Nick their daughter.

" We can eat. I'll go and put Holly to bed," Nick said as Riley came in with the meat from the bbq.

Tess was glad Tasha had moved back, she missed her friend.


Riley was kissing Tess's neck in bed later that night.

"I can't wait to marry you," Tess whispered.

Riley held Tess tight as he kissed her lovingly.

"I'm glad Jack and Nina took Bart and Michael away for a few weeks," Riley whispered.

" We can have some alone time with none of my brothers walking in on us," Tess said putting her arms around Riley's neck.

Riley undid Tess's nightie and ran kisses down her neck.

"My fiance is so sexy," Riley whispered in her ear then their lips met again.

Riley's mobile rang.

" You on call tonight?" Tess asked.

"I'm not so I let it go to voicemail," Riley said.

Tess kissed Riley lovingly and pulled him close.

"I love you Riley," Tess whispered.

" I love you Tess," Riley whispered kissing her forehead.

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Violent mention of assult


"Tess I am so glad I got you alone," Ben announced grabbing her and pulling her into his car Friday night.

" LET ME GO!!" Tess screamed but there was nobody around.

"You asked for this, my son is in goal because of you," Ben snapped.

Ben unzipped Tess's skirt and kissed her neck roughly.

"Help me," Tess whispered sobbing.

Ben got her shirt off and kissed her neck.

"'Stop," Tess whispered trying to push him away.

Ben laughed and kissed her again.

Ben took off after raping her on the back seat of his car and throwing her out in the car park.

Tasha saw her friend being thrown out of the car and the car speeding off leaving Tess naked in the car park.

" Oh Tess, get a doctor and call the police," Tasha yelled getting a blanket and racing to her friend.

"Riley is going to break up with me," Tess whispered crying as Tasha helped her inside.

" Are you crazy? Riley loves you Tess," Tasha whispered giving her friend a hug.


Roger checked Tess over as Riley came running.

"What happen?" Riley asked seeing his fiancé crying hard.

"He raped her Riley," Tasha whispered.

" Honey I'm here," Riley whispered taking her hand.

" Don't be mad Riles, I'm sorry," Tess said though her tears.

"I'm not going anywhere baby," Riley whispered then kissed her forehead.

" I'd like to talk to Tess if she up to it," Jessica said standing there with her new partner Mitch Benson.

"Tess is not ready," Riley snapped.

" Tomorrow then," Jessica replied.

" Thank you," Riley said.


" Why didn't you question her Jessica?" Mitch asked.

"Mitch, she's just be raped. She will make a statement tomorrow. Back off," Jessica snapped.

" Tess could be lying," Mitch said.

Jessica shook her head.

" You haven't not changed," Jessica snapped.

" What's that meant to mean?" Mitch asked.

" Oh nothing, you never cared about Beth at all," Jessica snapped at her ex boyfriend.

"How dare you!! Beth was my daughter too," Mitch snapped grabbing Jessica's arm.

Jessica pushed Mitch back and walked out.

"Nice to see you to Jess," Mitch said, watching as she went to her desk.


Mitch found an article about the death of Bethany Benson at his computer that night

Mitch got transfered to Summer Bay the week before after finding out his daughter's killer was up before the parole board in just two weeks

"Beth would be 12 now," Mitch whispered looking at the photo of Jessica, Beth and himself.

Not long after Beth's death, Jessica suffered a miscarriage and their relationship fell apart not long after that.

" I should have fought for Jess more," Mitch thought pulling out her engagement ring from his pocket.


Riley sat in a chair watching Tess sleep as Jack came in.

" How is she?" Jack asked.

"Asleep. Jess surprised me tonight and let Tess wait until tomorrow to give her statement," Riley replied  as Tess opened her eyes

" Go home for a few hours Riles," Tess said.

" I'm not leaving you baby," Riley whispered.

"Jack's here please Riles you need to sleep,"Tess said.

" Are you okay for a few hours if I bring you some things in," Riley whispered and kissed her forehead.

" I love you Tess," Riley whispered.

" I love you to Riles," Tess whispered He kissed her softly.

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Somehow I missed the last chapter! :( Loved how close Tess and Riley were in the previous chapter, and how they were getting past things and making plans for the future. They're very sweet together. Nice that Tessa's friend wasn't holding grudges. It would be understandable if she did. Now the most recent chapter... oh God, poor Tess! :o:( What a horrible thing to happen. The police seem thoroughly useless as always though. Glad they didn't pressure her to give a statement, even if the new policeman's immediate view is that she's lying (despite a witness! :() With him around, it's not looking too good for Tess. Looking forward to the next chapter x

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"Tess, are you sure you're right to be here?" Brenda asked a few months later.

Tess nodded taking Riley's hand.

" Ben didn't get charged," Tess whispered

"You're safe, I'm here," Riley said rubbing her back.

Tess forced a smile at Riley who had beed nothing but the perfect fiancé.

"I'm scared he'll hurt me again. It sound crazy, right?" Tess whispered avoiding Riley's eyes.

"None of this is your fault," Brenda said.

Riley put an arm around Tess's shoulder.

"I should have been there to protect you," Riley said.

Tess glanced at Riley.

"I don't blame you babe. This is not your fault," Tess whispered.

Riley was driving home with Tess staring out the window.

"Don't leave me Riley," Tess whispered.

"Hey, that will never happen. Do you feel like a pizza?" Riley said.


" So how's the counselling going?" Tasha asked as they sat down for lunch.

" Tess did so good today," Riley replied as Ben walked in.

"Long time no see Miss Lee. Still telling the cops I raped you?, lying cow you are," Ben said.

"Can we go please Riley," Tess said taking Riley's hand.

" I can bring the food around," Tasha said.

Thanks Tasha," Riley said then he and Tess walked out.


"I can't believe you didn't deck him Riley," Jack said handing his friend a beer.

"Believe me it was hard not to but Tess didn't need me to go punching him," Riley replied.

"How's the counselling going?" Jack asked.

" Your sister is so strong it amazes me sometimes," Riley replied.


Tess was in the bath when Riley came in.

" Feeling better? I'm so sorry he's still not been punished," Riley said sitting on the bath

Tess kissed Riley softly.

Riley washed her back and she relaxed feeling safe.

"I love you, Riley, " Tess whispered.

"I love you too Tess," Riley said, then kissed her forehead.

Tess smiled.

"I'm sorry we haven't made love lately. Its not you'," Tess whispered.

" Don't even think about that. I wont push babe," Riley whispered.

Tess touched Riley's cheek.

" I know. That's why I love you so much," Tess whispered.

Riley kissed her again.

"I'll love you too forever baby don't ever forget that," Riley said.


A few months later Tess was kissing Riley on the lounge as her brothers had all gone for the weekend.

Riley was running kisses down her neck.

Tess pulled at Riley's shirt

" You okay?" Riley asked.

Tess pulled Riley's shirt off.

" Yes I'm good," Tess replied then kissed him lovingly.

Riley undid Tess's dress, ran kisses down her neck and unclipped her bra.

Tess smiled at him.

"Let's go to our bedroom," Tess whispered.

Riley picked her up and carried her to their room.


Riley was stroking Tess's bare back a few hours later.

Tess was smiling then pulled Riley close and kissed him lovingly.

Riley's phone began ringing.

"Leave it honey," Tess whispered then ran kisses down his neck

Riley flip them over in bed so he was on top looking down at his beautiful fiancé.

" You're so beautiful Tess," Riley whispered in her ear stroking her back.

Tess kissed Riley again lay in his arms and went to  asleep

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