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Exclusive Interview with Dan Bennett

Dan F

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3 hours ago, Blaxland 89 said:

Gutted about no possibility of Diana ever returning.

Yeah, I was surprised DB wasn't into that idea - I guess he felt there was nothing more to explore with her character.

Personally I think there's still mileage in her rivalry with Irene and especially now Olivia is older and back in the show. I could imagine a story with Diana on her deathbed (why do all my ideas involve characters dying?) and asking to see Olivia to spend some time with her before it's too late and make amends. Diana (who is very rich if memory serves), promises to leave her entire fortune to Olivia but only on the condition she changes her surname to Fraser (and also does something horrible to Irene but I can't think what right now). Would Olivia betray her mother's memory knowing that Diana is only doing it to get the final win over Chloe?

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Nice idea, I've also been thinking of a return for her ever since Olivia came back.

I mean it's not a definite no that she'll never be coming back - and we don't know if that's just his opinion, or whether he actually knows it to be unlikely for reasons we're not aware of. So there's always a glimmer of hope :wink: At least he did bring her back last time though, which was very much appreciated by many!

A nice little follow up:

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Hmm, before the edit I was blaming Nic Westaway for thinking he was a writer, now it seems like the exit they had planned wouldn't really have been any better.I'm not sure why being "the final Braxton" meant he had to have all their sins heaped on his shoulders, especially when he'd already received a legal punishment for the attempted murder (which means Mr Bennett's comment on that storyline is misleading at best) and when we've had Brax and Heath, who both did just as bad if not worse, sauntering back into town without a care in the world since.And then using it as an excuse to let Josh and Andy go on the run when they've actually killed people?

Still, interesting and insightful interview even if it doesn't entirely allay my fears about the way the show's going at the moment...To be honest, I don't have any great desire to have Diana back either but it does sound like, as suspected at the time, Olivia's return and abuse was simply a plot device to introduce Irene's "origin story", which I'm not sure has been entirely convincing.

Okay, rant over! Thanks to Mr Bennett for taking the time and giving us such honest answers!

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Great interview, very in depth.

I've always thought that unless they are stalwarts and have been there longer than most writers and producers (Ray Meagher for example) no actor should be listened to about what they think should or shouldn't happen to their character. That Nic Westaway tidbit just makes me believe it even more.

Anyone who's ever worked in HR or PR or anything like it knows exactly what no comment means...

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