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Why was Morag not a regular for long in 1989?


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On 4/25/2017 at 7:17 PM, j.laur5 said:

I wonder if Morag and Marilyn would had become closerfriends  after Marilyn return in late 1989. 

If she continued to work for Morag, I could see them being a great "odd couple" double act. I also think Marilyn would have come to view Morag as a mother/Aunty figure and probably the one defending her to the rest of the town/convincing them to forgive Morag. 

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I do like the way Morag and Marilyn was written. St the beginning she tried to be nasty like she was with most people but her sarcasm just fell on deaf ears as Marilyn never picked up on it. I think Morag grew a little fond of Marilyn because she was loyal and also completely innocent. Morag had probably never met anyone like Marilyn before. And although Marilyn was un-educated she was bright and wasn't from Summer Bay so didn't have that small town mentality that Morag despised so much. 

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