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Friends With (Unwanted) Benefits (by Ludub) - comments


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5 hours ago, pembie said:

Oh I loved Mason still getting turned on by Evie even though she was the one to have cut off his pork sauage and giblets :lol:

Pheobe saying to Brody to get legless priceless and Brody fearing that Justin might be a nutter too

Brilliant  story I have loved it. I have found it really funny and one of the best I have read

Lastly there's a lesson to be learn't with that ending and that is never trust a woman with a monobrow. Maybe I should rethink my tastes in women I still have the smelly feet option open to me :P

Look forward to your next chapter to Dirftwood

Aww, thanks Pembie! :P Mason does have strange taste in women and an unusual idea of what constitutes a relationship! :lol: What's a little castration, eh?! As far as monobrows go, I guess Helga from Hey Arnold should really have served as a warning! Smelly feet is probably less of an indicator of psychopathic behaviour, haha! :lol: Glad you liked the 'legless' line too. It's a little cruel but I thought it was funny, and I was thinking about how easily people put their foot in it, and say things without thinking. I know I do. All the time :blush:  Im a little sad it's finished because it was a lot of fun to write, but a oneshot that turned into twelve chapters was probably long enough! haha! So glad you enjoyed it! x

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