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Do you think the current writers and producers have been watching the Early Years repeats?


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I'm just wondering if they're interested in watching the repeats to remind themselves how the show used to be. I know they focus a lot on guns and crime etc these days but I do wonder.

I believe Celia's 2012 return was fuelled by the early years repeats, and is it possible re-watching Roo inspired them to bring her back in 2010?

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I think many of the early 2000s returns were fuelled by the Early Years episodes that were screening at the time. In 1999-2004 we had Adam, Steven, Carly, Frank, Matt Wilson, Lance, Martin, Colleen, Celia, Morag and Floss return, most of them in multiple occasions.


To be honest, I don't think the producers care much for the show pre-2000. The only links to that past are Roo (who I find it hard to associate with the original Roo), Olivia (who was only a baby during her original stint), Marilyn, Irene and Alf. We get very few references to past characters through these characters - it would be nice to here Olivia and Irene mention Chloe once a while, or Roo, Marilyn or Alf mention characters from the early days (e.g. Ailsa, Celia, Bobby etc.)


Even if the current producers are watching the early years, most of the characters pre-2000 have little or no reason to return now, as there are so few characters with connections to the early days now (only Roo, Alf, Marilyn and Irene). Morag has returned, but she's been appearing sporadically since 2001, and Duncan (who was essentially a completely different character).

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