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Home and Away: On-screen couple Justin and Phoebe spotted ‘getting cosy’ at radio party


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Article in the Daily Telegraph today:

Home and Away: On-screen couple Justin and Phoebe spotted ‘getting cosy’ at radio party in Gold Coast


& (of course!) the DailyMail article:

Married Home And Away actress Isabella Giovinazzo 'is dating co-star James Stewart after split from filmmaker husband Charlie Ford'


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"Married Home and Away Star is dating James Stewart". Hardly married though is she LOL. Spotted hanging out at a radio party, in their interpretation looking cosy. Equals them dating? True or not, I love how tabloid magazines make these connections lol. But hey hypotehtically does not work out, hopefully Phoebe and Justin don't too heh. Not a shock though. Home and Away co-stars date all the time. 

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Someone on a Facebook site recently told me the following

"When your a Celebrity everyone want to know whats going on with you. We want new Information dont we!"

Yes many fans live for news and that never change. Im happy to hear someone I like is happy or has given birth or got married unless its to a jealous jerk which ruins alot of opprtunities for some,. One actress I met at a con now has a Daughter and I think that's so wonderful.

Thanks to twitter, Instgram and Facebook alot of us can enjoy hearing about people yet on the bad side one source told me something I heard here in America that alot of pages and accounts are set up by the actors PR people and one bloke in melbounre who got a reply from someone wasnt her so Im sadden to hear things like that which is about as bad as someone signing for actors years ago. To me that is the worse thing a star can do.

In fairness I and others DO NOT need to know what actors do in their private time yet if they willing to share and be open Good on you.

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