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You, Me, Maybe Someday?

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I'm re-writing Home and Away from here on out, this is late 2016, the real story.

Story Title: You, Me, Maybe Someday?
Type of story: Long fic
Main Characters: 2016 Characters
BTTB rating: T/A
Genre: Drama/Family/Romance/General
Does story include spoilers: Yes, starting from October 2016
Any warnings: Violence, Drug References.
Summary: New girls Ellie and Raffy meet and sparks fly but could they really be summer bay's newest couple? Evelyn and Matt are friends but what happens after they discover hidden feelings? Olivia and Hunter are planning a gap year but will it all go to plan? The Morgan family are in trouble again but who can they trust? Which new couples will form? Who will break-up? When all hell breaks lose on this coastal town what will remain? This is You, Me, Maybe Someday? and this is my story, I hope you guys enjoy.


Chapter 1:


Evelyn and Matt are at the beach


Evelyn: hey, you ever wonder why everything always happens to this town?

Matt: yeah I never really thought about it

Evelyn; really?

Matt; yeah I mean, I guess this town has seen a lot

Evelyn: you ever think we could be apart of a bigger plan?

Matt: for what?

Evelyn; world domination?

,Matt: ha ha, your so funny

Evelyn: I try

Matt: yeah 


Matt starts running into the surf with Evelyn at his heels


Evelyn: hey come back

Matt: no way I'm going to beat you

Evelyn: well see, hey watch out

Matt: watch out for what?

Evelyn: Me


Evelyn tackles Matt to the ground


Matt: hey no fair

Evelyn: who said I had to play fair?

Matt: me


Matt tickles Evelyn


Evelyn: stop using my words against me

Matt: but its so much fun

Evelyn: do you know what else is fun?

Matt: um, what?

Evelyn: this


Evelyn starts to tickle him back


Matt: stop, stop

Evelyn: serener

Matt: never


Evelyn stops tickle him and just looks at him, Matt looks up at her too and they start to lean in...

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Chapter 2:

Roo, Matt, Ellie's apartment

Ellie and Raffy are sitting at the kitchen table and are talking

Ellie: so our plan didn't work
Raffy: yeah but we so tried
Ellie: I know but Matt is an idiot
Raffy: yeah well he's not the only one with romance issues
Ellie: you?
Raffy: yeah
Ellie: who do you like?
Raffy: I can't tell you
Ellie: why not?
Raffy: because I don't think they like me back
Ellie: are you sure?
Raffy: well no
Ellie: then how could you possibly know?
Raffy: well I don't, I just assume...
Ellie: why assume? when you can know
Raffy: well
Ellie: well what?
Raffy: do you like me?

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Chapter 3:

Surf Club

Hunter is talking with John

Hunter: hey you said you would help me?
John: you said you would stop anoying me
Hunter: no I didn't
John: oh, well I want you too
Hunter: cmon, please?
John: I'm busy
Hunter: Marilyn said you could help me
John: did she?
Hunter: yes
John: hmm, still no
Hunter: you sure?
John: yes
Hunter: fine, I'll just go tell Marilyn your working then
John: you wouldn't
Hunter: try me
John: are you sure your a good kid now?
Hunter: why?
John: because
Hunter: maybe not
John: I'm sure you are, I was just kidding
Hunter: oh ha ha
John: don't push it kid
Hunter: yes sir
John: don't call me sir
Hunter: ok
John: fine I'll help you
Hunter: yes, thankyou
John: no problem now leave
Hunter: wait, I need help now
John: ok fine, what do you need?
Hunter: help me with getting my bronze medallion
John: ok first you need to fill out the paper work and then apply for the course and then we will start on some training, is that ok with you?
Hunter: yep, all good

The Morgan Family House

The Morgan's are sitting down in the lounge room together

Justin: are we sure about this?
Tori: you promised we'd wait
Mason: its just so hard
Brody: our life is never easy
Justin: we have to perpare ourselves
Tori: of course
Mason: what if something happens?
Brody: we run
Justin: just like that?
Tori: we don't have a choice, you know the rules
Mason: what about our life here?
Justin: it was never meant to be permament
Brody: I was hoping it would be
Mason: we all were
Tori: we could still be safe here
Justin: no need to panic yet
Brody: I just hope Decker wakes up

The Farm House

Kat and Ash are kissing in Kat's room

Kat: we don't have too much time
Ash: when will the others be back?
Kat: soon
Ash: we still have like 2 months of this
Kat: we can do it
Ash: I know
Kat: its fun right, keeping it a secret
Ash: yeah it is
Kat: my job is to important, I can't risk us getting out
Ash: I know
Kat: I love you
Ash: I love you too

Ash and Kat start kissing again

Summer Bay House

Alf is talking to Duncan

Alf: so you and Tori?
Duncan: yeah just friends
Alf: yeah but why'd you break-up?
Duncan: she dumped me
Alf: because she thought you and Caroline were getting back together
Duncan: yeah pretty much
Alf: thats rough
Duncan: I know
Alf: it'll get better
Duncan: will it?
Alf: maybe shes not the one?
Duncan: or maybe she is?
Alf: I think you need to focus more on your family
Duncan: I am
Alf: I know, I'm proud of you
Duncan: thanks dad

Roo, Matt, Ellie's apartment

Matt arrives back and yells out for Ellie, he hears crying coming from his room, he opens the door and see's Ellie crying on the ground, Matt takes her into a hug

Matt: what happened?
Ellie: I...

Ellie starts crying more heavily and Matt lets her cry into his shirt as he holds her.

Matt: its okay, your okay

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Chapter 4:

Roo, Matt, Ellie's apartment

Its morning

Ellie and Matt are sitting at the kitchen table

Matt: so about last night?
Ellie: no
Matt: you need to tell me what happened yesterday?
Ellie: I can't
Matt: why not?
Ellie: I don't know whats happening
Matt: what?
Ellie: how did you know?
Matt: know what?
Ellie: that you liked girls?
Matt: what?
Ellie: like how did you know you liked girls and not guys?
Matt: oh
Ellie: well?
Matt: I never had feelings for a guy
Ellie: but could you?
Matt: its not impossible
Ellie: but?
Matt: well if I had feelings for a guy, it would be weird because my feelings has always been for girls but you never know, it could happen
Ellie: we have been learning about this in health class
Matt: I'm glad they are teaching you this stuff, its important, so enlighten me, what do you know?
Ellie: I know you can identify as straight, gay or lesbian
Matt: good and?
Ellie: and you can also identify as bi, pan or transgender as well
Matt: that's really good
Ellie: I was interested so I paided attention
Matt: so now you are learning about this stuff, your questioning it
Ellie: no I'm questioning my feelings
Matt: for who?
Ellie: Raffy
Matt: oh
Ellie: I like her
Matt: ok
Ellie: I'm not sure though
Matt: about what?
Ellie: about whether I like girls
Matt: you don't need to know
Ellie: what?
Matt: I mean your young and you have to figure out who you like and how but you don't have to do it with your first relationship, this is your first relationship right?
Ellie: yes of course
Matt: have you had any crushes?
Ellie: no
Matt: actually, you can't say what you are until you experience more relationships, so I would say follow your heart, it will lead you were you want to go
Ellie: I kind of already did that
Matt: what?
Ellie: Raffy told me she liked me
Matt: and you said?


Raffy: do you like me?
Ellie: yes I like you too
Raffy: really?
Ellie: yes really

Ellie and Raffy get up out of their seats and hug

Raffy: so our first date?
Ellie: tomorrow
Raffy: meet at the beach?
Ellie: yeah at 11?
Raffy: yeah sure
Ellie: this is going to be great
Raffy: yeah it sure is
Ellie: I'll see you
Raffy: yeah bye

Raffy leaves

End of flashback

Matt: so your first date?
Ellie: yeah I'm nervous
Matt: at least I don't have to go intimidate some guy
Ellie: you wouldn't
Matt: I probably would have but I don't have to worry now
Ellie: aren't you just the sweetest brother
Matt: yeah I try
Ellie: thank you

Ellie hugs Matt

Matt: that's what I'm here you
Ellie: so what did you do yesterday?
Matt: I can't tell, otherwise I would have to kill you
Ellie: oh ha ha, your not funny
Matt: hey I too am funny
Ellie: yeah funny looking maybe
Matt: yeah.. hey
Ellie: no you don't
Matt: what?
Ellie: stop distracting me
Matt: why?
Ellie; because I want to know what you did yesterday
Matt: fine, I hanged out with Evelyn, you happy?
Ellie: yes but did anything happen?
Matt: why would you think that?
Ellie: hmm because your avoiding the topic
Matt: I'm not avoiding anything
Ellie: yep sure your not
Matt: fine, you want to know what really happened?
Ellie: yes
Matt: ok so.....

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Chapter 5:

Roo, Matt, Ellie's apartment

Matt: so.. we didn't kiss, time to go now
Ellie: oh hey, no fair, that literally tells me nothing
Matt: don't you have a date to get to?
Ellie: not for another hour
Matt: so your point is
Ellie: that I can bug you about this, till then
Matt: I don't think so
Ellie: I do
Matt: hmm no
Ellie: yes, yes, yes, tell me
Matt: fine
Ellie: yes, yes, yes
Matt: calm down
Ellie: sorry
Matt: so we on the beach
Ellie: yeah go on
Matt: I'm getting their, so impaitent
Ellie: I'm not the one strolling
Matt: what, me? no I'm not doing that
Ellie: yeah prove it
Matt: no, no, you really want to know?
Ellie: OMG, your doing my head in right now
Matt: thats the goal
Ellie: urg, go away
Matt: ok

Matt stats to leave

Ellie: no wait come back
Matt: why?
Ellie: because I said so
Matt: since when do I listen to you
Ellie: since now
Matt: I don't remeber that being a rule
Ellie: yep it is
Matt: since when?
Ellie: since now
Matt: why do you hate me
Ellie: hate you? I care
Matt: about driving me insane
Ellie: I thought that was your job
Matt: maybe it is
Ellie: just tell me
Matt: ok


Evelyn and Matt start to lean in but just as they about to kiss, a phone starts ringing, interrupting their moment

Matt picks up his phone and answers it before hanging up

Evelyn: who was that?
Matt: Ash he wants me to work tomorrow night
Evelyn: ok
Matt: so about what just happened?
Evelyn: nothing happened, any way I have to go, bye
Matt: bye

Evelyn walks away

End of flashback

Ellie: so thats it
Matt: yep
Ellie: so your just going to pretend that just didn't happen
Matt: if that's what she wants
Ellie: what about what you want?
Matt: I want her to be happy
Ellie: but you and her?
Matt: were just friends
Ellie: and thats all?
Matt: for now
Ellie: why?
Matt: because its not the right time, she's not ready
Ellie: but you are?
Matt: I never said that
Ellie: you didn't not say it
Matt: why does it matter? this isn't about me
Ellie: yes it is, your apart of this
Matt: no I'm really not
Ellie: yes you are because it takes two people
Matt: two people to what?
Ellie: be together
Matt: well obviously, you can't date yourself
Ellie: oh ha ha, very funny
Matt: what? its true
Ellie: its also dosen't need to be explained, its self explained
Matt: well yeah, I was just being a dick
Ellie: yes you were
Matt: just go have fun on your date
Ellie: I will
Matt: also thanks
Ellie: for what?
Matt: for being my annoying but thoughtful sister
Ellie: was that a compliant
Matt: best cmpliant you'll get
Ellie: from you maybe
Matt: you love me
Ellie: your my brother, it kinda means I have too
Matt: were family and we love each other
Ellie: yes 
Matt: good

Matt and Ellie hug

Matt: so you need any mney for this date?
Ellie: I thought I would have to ask
Matt: we'll I beat you to it, ain't you lucky
Ellie: yes I am

Matt gives Ellie some money

Ellie: thankyou
Matt: no problem
Ellie: see you later
Matt: have fun
Ellie: bye
Matt: bye

Ellie leaves

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Chapter 6:

The Beach

Ellie arrives at the beach and see's Raffy sitting on the sand and approaches her

Ellie: hi
Raffy: hi

Ellie sits down

Raffy: you want to go for a swim?
Ellie: yeah sounds good
Raffy: cool

Ellie and Raffy head into the water together

Farm House

Evelyn is helping Brody with the veggie garden outside

Brody: so did you sort things out with Matt?
Evelyn: yeah not really
Brody: why not?
Evelyn: its just awkward
Brody: because of one kiss?
Evelyn: because of one almost kiss on top of that one kiss
Brody: what? when did this happened
Evelyn: yesterday
Brody: how did that happened?
Evelyn: I don't know, we were just messing aroung and then got caught up in a moment
Brody: ok
Evelyn: so yeah its just awkward

Summer Bay House

Olivia and Hunter are kissing on the couch

Olivia: so how did your chat with John go?
Hunter: really well
Olivia: so he's going to help?
Hunter: yep
Olivia: that's great
Hunter: how is convincing Irene going?
Olivia: it's still going..
Hunter: she's not keen, is she?
Olivia: no she's really not
Hunter: you can keep trying
Olivia: of course
Hunter: but if it dosen't happen, we have to think of plan B
Olivia: or even C
Hunter: how many plans do we have?
Olivia: depends
Hunter: on what?
Olivia: on how deicated you are
Hunter: I'm plently deicated
Olivia: are you? wouldn't of notice
Hunter: really?
Olivia: maybe I noticed a little
Hunter: see
Olivia: I said maybe
Hunter: yeah but you meant you did
Olivia: did I?
Hunter: yeah
Olivia: ok
Hunter: ok? so I win?
Olivia: for now
Hunter: is that a challenge?
Olivia: maybe
Hunter: ok, its so on

Palmer House

Marilyn finds John in the kitchen

Marilyn: you better not be over doing it John
John: I'm making coffee
Marilyn: ok
John: well good

Marilyn kisses John

Marilyn: what you have planned for today?
John: work
Marilyn: your suppose to be resting
John: I'm fine
Marilyn: I'm just worried
John: I know but I really am fine plus Hunter needs my help, pretty much begged for it actually
Marilyn: oh does he? maybe I need be talking to him
John: come on Maz, let me help the poor boy
Marilyn: with what?
John: getting his Bronze Medallion
Marilyn: so no work?
John: not yet
Marilyn: ok fine, just be careful
John: always am

The Beach

Ellie and Raffy are still playing in the water, they are splashing each other

Ellie: we should of brought our boggie boards
Raffy: next time
Ellie: totally
Raffy: this is fun though right
Ellie: I'm having a great time
Raffy: me too
Ellie: should we go for a walk to the lighthouse?
Raffy: yeah sounds good

Ellie and Raffy get out of the water and head for their stuff, they each grab a towel and wrap it around themselves

Ellie: that waters freezing
Raffy: I know
Ellie: its nice when your in but when you get out, no
Raffy: yeah I know right

Raffy takes Ellie's hand 

Raffy: so you ready?
Ellie: yeah all good

They pack up their stuff and start walking along the beach, hand in hand

The Hospital

Tori is in Decker' hospital room when she see's Decker's hand moving, she moves closer and Decker's eyes start to open...

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Chapter 7:

The Lighthouse

Ellie and Raffy arrive

Ellie: wow its so big
Raffy: yeah
Ellie: this is the first time I've been here
Raffy: Matt never took you?
Ellie: no
Raffy: random
Ellie: it is actually

they both laugh

Raffy: should we go up?
Ellie: yeah
Raffy: just be careful, I heard their is ghosts up their
Ellie: really? from who?
Raffy: I don't know, people from school
Ellie: you don't really beleive in them right?
Raffy: of course not
Ellie: oh good
Raffy: but some things in this world can't be explained
Ellie: like?
Raffy: like love

The Farm House

Matt has come around to see Evelyn but she is surprised to see him

Evelyn: what are you doing here?
Matt: um you know checking out the weather
Evelyn: what?
Matt: I came to see you
Evelyn: yeah?
Matt: yep, so what are you doing?
Evelyn: nothing
Matt: do you want to do something?
Evelyn: like?
Matt: well what do you want to do?
Evelyn: I don't know
Matt: ok well we could hang ut here?
Evelyn: and do what?
Matt: watch a movie?
Evelyn: yeah that actually sounds really nice, get back to some kind of normal
Matt: since when am I normal?
Evelyn: tochue

The Lighthouse

Raffy and Ellie are walking up the stairs

Raffy: how many stairs are their?
Ellie: who decided to not make a evelator
Raffy: someone who was brn before they made one
Ellie: good point
Raffy: this is so triedering
Ellie: I know
Raffy: luckily we are fit and healthy
Ellie: yeah people complete in marathons all the time
Raffy: yep, so this is nothing
Ellie: how long can you stay out for?
Raffy: as long as we like
Ellie: well then lets get up to the top then
Raffy: eye eye captin
Ellie: ha ha, your not a pirate
Raffy: how would you know?
Ellie: your a girl
Raffy: I could be a girl pirate
Ellie: where's your ship then?
Raffy: back at the beach
Ellie: I never saw it
Raffy: its invisable
Ellie: yes because it dosen't exist
Raffy: have a heart
Ellie: like peper pan?
Raffy: yeah of course I can fly
Ellie: really? I've never seen it
Raffy: can't show you, otherwise I would have to kill you
Ellie: secrects
Raffy: yep
Ellie: all your secrects are mine now

Ellie jumps on Raffy's back

Raffy: hey get off
Ellie: no, surreder
Raffy: never

Ellie gets off Raffy

Raffy: see I knew I'd win
Ellie: really, you call that a win
Raffy: you didn't declare victory
Ellie: oh so if I had of, I would of won
Raffy: no
Ellie: but you just said..
Raffy: I won, yes
Ellie: spoil sport
Raffy: sore loser
Ellie: you'll come back to me, they all do
Raffy: who?
Ellie: the watchers
Raffy: what?
Ellie: we're being watched
Raffy: by?
Ellie: our future selfs
Raffy: now your imagniation is running away from you
Ellie: maybe but you started the imaganation game
Raffy: and I'm going to end it
Ellie: next phase
Raffy: next phase


Brody goes to see Decker

Decker: I wondered when you would come
Brody: I came for answers and I'm not leaving till I get them
Decker: I was an undercover cop brought in to take down the synident
Brody: and how does mum and you fighting fit into this?
Decker: your dad was in too deep, he thought he could do the job and get out unscathed but it dosen't work like that
Brody: is that why you and mum were fighting?
Decker: no, this is very hard to say
Brody: you've been lying so long I think its time the truth is out their
Decker: I had a affair with your mum

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Chapter 8:

The Morgan House

Brody arrives back having called a family meeting

Tori: what did you find out?
Brody: that Decker had an affair with mum
Justin: are you sure?
Brody: he wouldn't lie about this
Mason: yeah ok
Tori: what happens now?
Justin: we still need to find out if we are safe here
Brody: true

The Lighthouse

Ellie and Raffy are now at the top of the lighthouse

Ellie: wow, its so pretty
Raffy: yeah its amazing
Ellie: this view is so stunning
Raffy: yep and it costs nothing
Ellie: apart from the time it took walking up here
Raffy: it'll take less time getting down
Ellie: why?
Raffy: down hill is quicker
Ellie: true

The Diner

Olivia is studying when Hunter arrives

Hunter: what you doing?
Olivia: studying, something you should be doing too
Hunter: but its so boring
Olivia: but its nesscary
Hunter: yeah true
Olivia: come on, you need to focus
Hunter: I could focus on you instead
Olivia: I dont think that'll help you pass your exams
Hunter: nah it wouldnt but still
Olivia: your point is not with standing
Hunter: but I want to spend time together
Olivia: we have a whole year of planning to do for our gap year
Hunter: true
Olivia: but we need to pass our exams first
Hunter: ok

Hunter gets his stuff out to join Olivia with studying

The Farm House

Evelyn and Matt are sitting on the couch watching a movie

Evelyn: why'd you have to pick this movie?
Matt: whats wrong with it
Evelyn: everything
Matt: thats harsh
Evelyn: but fair
Matt: oi come on
Evelyn: I'm just being honest
Matt: your being mean
Evelyn: well pick a better movie than
Matt: so what your saying is, you have **** movie taste
Evelyn: no what I'm saying is, that you do
Matt: no I don't
Evelyn; do too
Matt: do not
Evelyn: stop acting like a kid
Matt: you started it
Evelyn: did not
Matt: did too
Evelyn: stop it
Matt: yes boss
Evelyn: are you always this imature
Matt: only when you annoy me
Evelyn: oh so now I'm the problem
Matt: well I'm not the problem
Evelyn: thats debatable 
Matt: says you
Evelyn: you have no one to take your side
Matt: neither do you
Evelyn: your annoying
Matt: takes one to know one
Evelyn: sometimes I wish I didn't
Matt: you love me
Evelyn: yeah sure
Matt: no you do, how could you not? I'm loveable
Evelyn: yep becaue everyone you meet instantly loves you
Matt: hey, how would you know?
Evelyn: I've met you
Matt: ha ha, your so funny
Evelyn: well one of us has to be a comedian, otherwise its just boring
Matt: yeah its never boring when were together
Evelyn: we bring the party
Matt: yep party time central
Evelyn: but seriously, this has been fun
Matt: yeah like old times
Evelyn: yeah

The Hospital

The Morgan family come to see Decker

Decker: wondered when I wuld get a visit 
Tori: we just want to know if we are safe here
Decker: you are, so are Hope and Raffy
Justin: that's good to know
Brody: when are you getting out of here?
Decker: I'm leaving tomorrow
Justin: what about Hope and Raffy?
Decker: I need a favor
Tori: what?
Decker: they are safe here, I was hoping they could stay with you for a while
Justin: for how long?
Decker: a few months maybe longer
Brody: where are you going?
Decker: away, to draw out the synigent and hopefully end this
Tori: we'll do it
Decker: thank you

The Lighthouse

Raffy: we should get going
Ellie: yeah its getting late
Raffy: yeah they may send out a search party
Ellie: hopefully not
Raffy: yeah your right they would call first
Ellie: true
Raffy: this has been the best first date ever
Ellie: yeah me too
Raffy: so..
Ellie: yeah
Raffy: nothing
Ellie: no come on tell me
Raffy: well I was thinking about how you are suppose to end a date
Ellie: yes
Raffy: and I think it says you are suppose to end it with a kiss
Ellie: oh
Raffy: but only if you want too, no pressure
Ellie: no I want too

Ellie and Raffy lean in and share their first kiss together....

The Morgan House

Brody: how much do we tell the girls?
Justin: and what do we tell them?
Mason: and where are they going to sleep?
Tori: ok guys, we will sort it out
Brody: so what do we say?
Tori: as much as the truth as we can
Justin: what about our secret?
Tori: they won't find out
Brody: can we garrentee that?
Mason: I don't think we can
Justin: I'm sure we can keep this quiet, we have this long
Tori: not with people staying in our house though
Mason: we will have to be extra careful
Brody: of course
Justin: yeah we can do this, no need to panic
Mason: we just have to keep calm
Tori: yeah of course, we can totally do this

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Chapter 9:

Roo, Matt and Ellie's apartment

Ellie arrives home

Matt: hello, what time do you call this time?
Ellie: hello to you too, so how was your night?
Matt: it was good
Ellie: just good
Matt: it was great, me and Evelyn are back on track now
Ellie: thats great, I'm so happy for you
Matt: thank you
Ellie: anyway I'm going to go to bed?
Matt: no you don't
Ellie: what? why?
Matt: you have to tell me about your date?
Ellie: no I don't
Matt: yeah you do
Ellie: just drop it
Matt: no can do
Ellie: why are you so annoying
Matt: because I'm your brother and I care
Ellie: fine what do you want to know?
Matt: everything
Ellie: ok so we hanged out at the beach and went swimming
Matt: go on
Ellie: then we went up to the lighthouse
Matt: did you see any ghosts?
Ellie: no
Matt: did you go up the top?
Ellie: yes, we walked up all the stairs to the top
Matt: and?
Ellie: we kissed

The Morgan House

It's morning, The Morgan's have invited Hope and Raffy over

Hope: what is this about?
Tori: we talked to Decker last night
Hope: and?
Brody; he has to go away for work again
Raffy: why?
Justin: you won't be able to contract him for a while
Hope: how come?
Mason: his work is confidental
Hope: well duh
Justin: anyway, Decker has asked us to look after you 2 while hes away
Hope: how long will he be gone for?
Mason: a few months maybe longer, he wasn't sure
Raffy: ok, so are we living here now?
Tori: yes, if you like
Hope: yeah thats fine
Justin: cool
Tori: you guys can share a room
Justin: and I'll share with Mason
Mason: yep, all good
Brody: ok, so what do you guys have planned for today?
Hope: hopefully some work
Justin: yeah I'll call Ash and see if he needs any help right now
Hope: cool thanks
Raffy: I might go hang out with Ellie
Brody: and I've got work
Mason: and I've got uni
Tori: and I have a day off

The Diner

Tori comes in to get a coffee and see's Nate their

Tori: hi
Nate: hi
Tori: so your not working today either?
Nate: nope, day off
Tori: me too
Nate: have you got anything planned?
Tori: no
Nate: oh ok
Tori: yeah I've just been super busy latley
Nate: work has been hetic
Tori: yes but thats not what has made me busy
Nate: family?
Tori: yep
Nate: are they driving you insane?
Tori: no, we just have alot of family issues
Nate: because of Decker?
Tori: kind of
Nate: right
Tori: sorry, I can't really say much
Nate: I understand but if you need someone to talk too
Tori: thanks
Nate: no problem

Caravan Park - Hunter's caravan

Olivia goes to visit Hunter

Olivia: you look tried
Hunter: I am
Olivia: whats going on?
Hunter: been studying alot
Olivia: I'm glad but you need to take breaks too
Hunter: yeah I know, I just haven't been sleeping well
Olivia: maybe you should go see a doctor?
Hunter: nah, it'll pass
Olivia: but if it dosen't?
Hunter: yeah of course
Olivia: you want to go for a walk?
Hunter: definatley, fresh air will do me some good

The Farm House

Ash and Kat are kissing in Kat's room

Ash: maybe we should go outside
Kat: too risky
Ash: but I have a surprise
Kat: really?
Ash: yep
Kat: and its outside?
Ash: yep in the backyard and if anyone comes home I can just hide
Kat: ok

Ash grabs Kat's hand and drags her outside

Ash: ta-da

Ash has set up a backyard picnic for the two of them

Kat: omg, this is so amazing, thank you
Ash: your welcome, I just wanted to do something nice for you
Kat: your so sweet
Ash: I am aren't I
Kat: now your just cocky
Ash: hey, I am your loving, sweet boyfriend or did you forget that
Kat: looking at all this, I won't forget it
Ash: when your probition is up, I'm going to show you off to the world
Kat: aww
Ash: I'm the king of romantic lines today
Kat: I can't disagree
Ash: only 3 more weeks left
Kat: yep and then we are home free

Caravan Park

Olivia and Huner are walking though the trees

Olivia: have you been in this part of the park before?
Hunter: no, have you?
Olivia: nope
Hunter: we can find our way back though?
Olivia: I think so
Hunter: do we know where we are going?
Olivia: apparently freaking out and getting lost
Hunter: I'm serious
Olivia: we will be fine
Hunter: as long as we stay on the track
Olivia: yep
Hunter: but wait where is the track?
Olivia: what?
Hunter: like honestly I can't see a track right now
Olivia: are you saying we are lost?
Hunter: yep
Olivia: we have to call for help

Hunter check his phone but has no call signal

Hunter: I don't have signal
Olivia: I don't either
Hunter: ok no need to panic we just have to retrace our steps
Olivia: yep we can do that


Hunter: are we going the right way?
Olivia: I don't know
Alf: Hunter and Olivia are missing
Zac: I can't believe this is happening
Leah: it'll be ok, we will find them
VJ: I'm freaking out right now
Billie: calm down
Hope: where is she?
Justin: I'm sure Raffy is fine

Nate: are you ok?
Tori: of course I am
Duncan: I'm leaving the bay

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Chapter 10:

Caravan Park

Olivia and Hunter have turned back around and is attempting to retrace their steps

Olivia: you see anything?
Hunter: no, you?
Olivia: nope
Hunter: we can't of walked that far
Olivia: true
Hunter: we just took a wrong turn
Olivia: yeah, we will find the way out
Hunter: I didn't realize we were in a maze
Olivia: yeah me neither
Hunter: should we start calling out for help?
Olivia: couldn't hurt

Olivia and Hunter start screaming out for help

Summer Bay House

Alf arrives back 

Alf: Hunter and Olivia are missing
Zac: are you sure?
Leah: yeah maybe they just lost track of time
Alf: they went for a walk and that was hours ago
Zac: I can't believe this is happening
Leah: its ok we will find them
Alf: who's coming with me to look?
Zac: I will
Alf: someone needs to say here and tell VJ and Billie whats happened
Leah: yes they should be back any minute now

Billie and VJ arrive and take in everyone's faces

VJ: whats happened?
Leah: Olivia and Hunter are missing
VJ: what? 
Leah: they are lost in the caravan park somewhere
VJ: how did this happen?
Leah: they went for a walk and got lost
Zac: we will find them
VJ: I'm freaking out right now
Billie: calm down

VJ races out of the house

Billie: I'll go after him
Leah: be careful

Billie leaves

Zac: where should we start?
Alf: on the west side
Leah: should we split up?
Alf: yes but keep a phone on us at all times

Zac kisses Leah

Zac: ok lets do this

Zac, Leah and Alf leave 

Caravan Park

Olivia and Hunter are still walking

Hunter: are we going the right way?
Olivia: I don't know
Hunter: we will be ok
Olivia: yeah? how can you be sure?
Hunter: because everyone will be out looking for us
Olivia: yeah they will be
Hunter: plus our family and friends would kill us first for sure
Olivia: yep they are pretty scary when they are mad at us
Hunter: true, see nothing to worry about

The Beach

Duncan and Tori meet up

Duncan: hey
Tori: hi
Duncan: so Caroline and Bryce left
Tori: how are you taking that?
Duncan: hard but their were reasons to stay too
Tori: and how are those reasons looking
Duncan: from where I am standing pretty good
Tori: maybe your chances are good to
Duncan: you think?
Tori: maybe
Duncan: would you like to go out with me?
Tori: yeah I'd like that
Duncan: cool, 7 at salt?
Tori: sounds good

Roo, Matt, Ellie's apartment

Matt is teasing Ellie about Raffy

Matt: so when is your girlfriend coming over?
Ellie: soon and shes not my girlfriend
Matt: are you sure?
Ellie: well we haven't talked about it
Matt: but you will talk about it
Ellie: yes
Matt: that's good
Ellie: so where is your girlfriend?
Matt: I don't have one
Ellie: oh yeah? what about Evelyn
Matt: shes not my girlfriend, were just friends
Ellie: yeah sure you are
Matt: we are
Ellie: I don't believe you
Matt: well to bad because its true
Ellie: so suddenly I'm the liar
Matt: yep
Ellie: how is that fair
Matt: its life
Ellie: life sucks sometimes
Matt: it does
Ellie: but its pretty great right now
Matt: yeah because you have a girlfriend

Raffy arrives

Raffy: so who has a girlfriend?
Ellie: Matt does
Raffy: oh you finally got with Evelyn then?
Matt: no and shes not my girlfriend
Raffy: ok what ever you say
Matt: at least someone believes me
Raffy: I never said that
Matt: seriously? you two are so childless
Raffy: takes one to know one
Matt: I'm an adult
Raffy: no your a big kid
Matt: well this "big kid" is leaving, have fun you guys

Matt leaves

Raffy: what was that about?
Ellie: Matt being in denial about his feelings
Raffy: right, ok
Ellie: I'm really glad your here
Raffy: me too, I've been wanting to see you all day
Ellie: I was kind of nervous actually
Raffy: why?
Ellie: because I wanted to ask you something
Raffy: ok ask away
Ellie: will you be my girlfriend?

Caravan Park

VJ is yelling out for Olivia and Hunter
Alf is walking around the park
Leah and Zac are out looking too
Billie is yelling out for them as well
VJ finds spots of blood on the ground.............

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