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Thirteen (by Ludub) - comments

Red Ranger 1

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5 minutes ago, pembie said:

I don't know about that last chapter though I felt the lump at the back of my throat rising a bit there and that rarely happens haha So you were close to making me have a little sob But sadly you failed..

Darn it! :wink: I thought I might get you with that last chapter! Lol! You're made of stone my friend! (shakes head)

8 minutes ago, pembie said:

Tamara in there too she bagged herself a 24 year old italian :lol:

This is true! An Italian stallion who didn't even know it, and he's even younger than her! And now she has two restaurants she can eat in for free! :P

10 minutes ago, pembie said:

Also I know what she did was wrong on so many levels but I loved Phoebe in this She made me laugh especially the scene when she was sat with those stoners by her caravan listening to music when Heath went to have a go at her that was amusing... And the whole laptop thing that was great.

Yeah, the Pheebster kind of surpassed herself in selfishness in this story. I don't actually think she's a completely unsympathetic character though. She was meant to be kind of funny.

12 minutes ago, pembie said:

Really good Enjoyed it Only taken me thirteen weeks to read :wink:

Could have been worse. Could have been 13 months! Haha. Glad you enjoyed it! :)

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