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Grant Mitchell - Craig McLachlan

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On 16/07/2020 at 11:19, cymbaline said:

I liked him on H&A too and feel he was underused. He never had a killer storyline as such, did he? I found his romance with the cop a bit tiresome tbh.  According to Wikipedia "The serial's producers tempted McLachlan with a contract that would allow him to also concentrate on his music career while filming". Wikipedia isn't always the most reliable source but it might explain some of why he never got any killer storylines really. I liked him and Bobby together and think it would've been nice to put those two together. She has more chemistry with him than with Greg and they were fun together. 


I was never a fan of Grant - I didn't like the way he undermined Don's authority all the time and he seemed quite arrogant at times.

He also seemed like a pointless character - his relationship with Jane Holland (Josephine Mitchell) went nowhere and he seemed quite two-dimensional, which might tie in with the the bit about allowing him to focus on his musical career. I don't think it helped that we lost great characters like Lance, Martin and Andrew Foley to accommodate dull characters like Grant and Ben. 

Craig McLachlan was poached from Neighbours, wasn't he? Do we think he would have spent that extra year on Neighbours instead of H&A if that hadn't have happened? 


On 16/07/2020 at 11:19, cymbaline said:

So who was H&A's next hunk who fell into that age bracket?

Nick Parrish? Does he count as a "hunk"? 

The next big iconic one was probably Shane

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