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Actors you would like cast in Home And Away?

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3 hours ago, Homeandawayfan. said:

One actor who would be good in H&A is Jeff Kovski who played Raimondo Cammenitti in Neighbours, brother of Rocco. Jeff could play a guest baddie in H&A, someone connected to Brody Morgan perhaps. I know I am not keen on the amount of crimes but H&A has to show a degree of these stories to survive.

Eliza Szonert, if she came into H&A then all the regular Stark/Kratz family from that Ramsay Street soap will have been in H&A. Cheryl Stark, Brett Stark, Darren Stark, Marlene Kratz and Sam Kratz.

Sad but true

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5 hours ago, Homeandawayfan. said:

I hope TPTB may read this thread and get inspiration from it for future castings.

My wish is that Debra would try to get her fellow Please like Me cast to visit Summer bay. I like to see Josh Thomas and Catlin Stacy on the bay plus some have found work I read.



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Peter O'Brien. He'd be great in H&A. It may happen as he is still acting and is only 57. He has not played Shane Ramsay in Neighbours for 30 years so if he joined H&A he would have very few reminders of Shane Ramsay. Maybe bring him in as a new character connected to the Astoni's or someone who knew Roo while she was away from Summer Bay for 21 years.

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Here are a few actors and actresses that I would like in the show and I'll give character ideas too.

1. Elspeth Ballantyne: She could play an elderly character.

2. Betty Bobbitt: She could play one of Alf's flings from the past, she could be connected to a character that appeared in 1995 who was connected to Alf.

3. Val Lehman: She could play a new wife for Alf.

4. Collette Mann: She could be a Colleen-like character.

5. Glenda Linscott: Could play someone's mother.


Here are some actresses and actors that should have been in the show, but passed away.

1. Sheila Florance

2. Olivia Hamnett

3. Wayne Jarratt

4. Gerda Nicholson

5. Judith McGrath - With her sarcastic portrayals of Colleen Powell and Von Ryan, she would have been hilarious.

Edited by Luigi Severus Fletcher

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Deffo Elspeth Ballantyne. She'd be great in H&A.

Lesley Baker. She reminds me of Lyn Collingwood as Angie Rebecchi and Colleen Smart are similar.

Anne Phelan.

I mentioned him before but Robert Forza would be good in H&A.

Troy Beckwith.


Deceased actors that should have been in H&A is:-

Francis Bell. He'd have been great as a Max Ramsay style character who faced off with Alf.

On the flip side, H&A actors who I would like in Neighbours is:-

Anthony Phelan.

Jake Speer

Ron Haddrick

Tristan Bancks.

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Maggie Millar - She could play a crime boss, similar to Marie Winter

Babs McMillan - Loved her as Cass Parker, she could play similar character

Louise Siversen

Janet Andrewartha

Joy Westmore

Pepe Trevor

Genevieve Lemon

Maurie Fields should have had a role too.

Edited by Luigi Severus Fletcher

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