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The Best Laid Plans (by Red Ranger 1) - comments


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I laughed at the fact that Pheobe showed up and then you quickly wrote her out. :lol: I was surprised that Matt left with her.


I did start to wonder if Maddy may start to think of  having a abortion.

But then Spencer turns up so I'm sure she will be fine now if Oscar is able to cope with the baby.

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Glad ther were no complications with the birth, but that's BIG [allbeit understandable] for Mads to want to adopt out her bub.  


Oscar's "nothing i haven't seen before" ...at that moment, ,,,, is sooooo him. 


REALLY looking fd to seeing wher this goes next

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Great chapter! Really enjoyed it! :wub: well done!

I love Oscar, and all those little quips are so him, but he deserved a punch in the face just then! Lol! Poor Maddy's busy giving birth and he's making smartass comments?! Tut tut Oscar! (So in character though. Brilliant!) I love how you write Oscar! I particularly loved the line:  

“Well, I acknowledge that you’re doing all the hard work at this stage but I do have some involvement.”

That really made me laugh. Loved, loved, loved that whole scene between those two. Exceptionally well written. 

Spencer and Skye was funny too :wink:

Sad for Maddy that she feels she has to give her up but I think it probably is the right decision. I don't think either of them are really in the right place in life to be parents. I think Oscar will be really upset though.

Looking forward to the next chapter! x

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Great chapter!

Liked the arrival of the baby girl :wub: Glad Maddy had Roo and Oscar's support.

Spencer and Skye's chat was great

Oscar seems to be really enjoying things so far (even though it is still very early days), so i wonder what he will think of Maddy's decision. I really liked the way the last scene was written, with Maddy coming to the decision after spending some time with the baby and Roos offering some support and guidance.

I look forward to more, update soon :P

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Great chapter 

I'm glad Maddy decided to keep Denise. :) Oscar will make a great dad.

Hmm still a bit of chemistry between Maddy and Spencer.

I look forward to more

Update again soon :)


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