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Justin Morgan - James Stewart

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No, I believe he's always been the eldest. I think I remember Justin saying that Tori acts like she is, or maybe Tori said that she feels like she is? (or both?) The implication has always been that Justin is a bit childish and that she's had to be the 'mammy' figure for the three brothers.

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I'm warming up to him recently which is a surprise as he used to be my least favourite Morgan. The only time I liked him other than recently was when Scarlett was around as she was the only relationship of his I actually invested in. 

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Justin is my favourite character in the show at the moment.

He wasn't a big part of the UK episodes 6-10 May but he had a range of scenes which showed how well-rounded he is - inviting Simone to the family dinner, despite his misgivings about the relationship and his part in covering it up, his talk with Ziggy at the garage, looking out for Tori and his ongoing encounters with Leah 🙂

I hope he sticks around for the foreseeable.

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