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IF you could recreate a new character for Ramset Street


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As I did with Home and Away IF you could write a new character for Neighbours what would you do? This one is based on an REAL  Aussie whos living in the USA now


Given Paul legal trouble I like to see him gain a new friend a Lawyer or Cop and she like if you took Elle and Sam Fitzsgearld and combine them that be her........... The real life Aussie who moved from Melbourne as a teen  and lived on the  US east coast , and her FACEBOOK  profile speaks as if she was a real life Elle. OF course many would say Paul should bring Elle or Dan ex back. Well lets say although possible those actors may come back one day I don't see it happening based on inside info so as a mate in Perth said better look for new ideas?

Look forward to hearing your could be based on an ex character or someone you know as This is.


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9 hours ago, BraxandCharlie4Ever said:

This is a bit confusing, but I guess if I could recreate a character, and bring back I'd recreate Kate so Mark could be with her again. 

Its easy for show trying to recreate past characters how many Donna's are you going to see now? Kate was well another example so I wouldn't blame them for trying to recreate something that works.............


One problem I know of is the issue of getting past actors to return I have no issue at recasting if said actor could NOT return and the new person could do a decent job Like New Roo on H&A?



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Given Alan likes doing Comedy I think it be fun to create an new character for the hospital. Karl gets a new nurse and she gives him a hard time much like the US Comedy series EMPTY NEST where the Doctor and his Nurse had comical exchanges.


That's is a possible option for the show as many said on FB the series has Karl as the only medical professional around anymore!





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I would bring in Terese's mother Mrs Petrides. And I would explain why Terese is a Julie Martin Mark 2. I would have a storyline where Terese's father was also Roger Bannon, and he raped Mrs Petrides like he did Anne Robinson, Jim's wife. This would mean Paul Robinson and Terese Willis share a half sister.

Thus explaining why Terese is so much like Julie. Her father is also Roger Bannon.

Terese is nothing like Sophie Simpson, Rebekah's H&A character.

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Well Both Ramsey Street and Summer bay have one thing in common.........


Neighbours is NEVER going to get another Kylie


HOME & Away never going to get another Melissa George.


The former needs to stop trying to lure Aussie icons to work as regular......OMG I loved for some plans to have worked yet many actors choose to do other things.........and when Neighbours finally get character who popular they get a ticket to the USA or offers from others shows...........The story I was told in 2010 POST SPOLIER .............when PACKED TO THE RAFTERS tried to lure one actor to the main cast and when they refused the show offered them part time work 2-3 days in Sydney and they still didn't which was their right. yet that wasn't the only reason relocation?


As a Mate in Perth said give the new people a chance and I hope they treat the fandom well and are grateful yet as of now on one appeals to me like in the past?


I think an older comical actress would be fun.

and Younger kids under 13 would be interesting.



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