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A Target For Love

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I've been away for 3 years, maybe more. But I'm back. Gonna give me a go at another story; may not be as successful as my "The Cop and The Criminal" one, but it should be interesting. :wub: Bit of a crazy idea, that's been plaguing my mind for a little while - Hence why I have returned. If the story doesn't go down well, it doesn't. 

Story Title: A Target For Love
Type of story: Long fic
Main Characters: Zac/Leah, VJ, Hunter, Peter Baker, Amanda Vale. 
BTTB rating: T
Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst, 
Does story include spoilers: YES.
Any warnings:
Sexual content, language are the main warnings, and violence. - Had to alter with the plan I'm taking it in
Summary: VJ has grown close with Zac, and decides to ask Leah if he could call him Dad. Peter Baker, Leah's deceased ex-husband's brother returns to find that VJ is now calling another man Dad.... Does this go down well? More drama ensues, when Peter takes over the Charlotte King case and intentionally begins to target people closest to Zac and Leah. 

Chapter One: Why Are You Here?

Zac and Leah were happily married, and the town were all supportive of them. VJ had come along way in growing up in the terms of his mother and Zac, and truly saw Zac as a father figure. They already had gone through a lot, with Hunter burning their house down, trying to destroy their relationship, after all that settled down, Charlotte was then getting out of control. She murdered Denny, and now Charlotte was murdered. Zac had already just gotten out of jail for 'murdering Charlotte' which he wasn't guilty of at all. The dust had settled down now, and they were doing much more as a family, games at the beach, basketball, movies and dinners. VJ had even made a step to call Zac Dad, on an occasional basis. 

Since Carter had been kicked off the force, for his stalking of Kat and abuse, the town was on edge to who would be replacing him with the lead in the case. Leah was worried that this new detective would target Zac again and that he would have to go back to prison. Right now, Leah sat on Zac's lap in the diner, staring off into space, pulling herself from her thoughts. "Sorry, you were saying?" A smile crept on her face as she peered down to her husband's, staring right at her. 

"I was saying, how about we disappear to the city for a movie?" asked Zac, kissing her head. "Are you alright?"

"We should, and I'm fine Zac. Just worried about the new detective, if they'll target you again... I don't think I could handle you going back to jail." sighed Leah, rubbing his head. "What movie should we go see?" 

Zac kissed her, "I didn't do it, there won't be a reason for the new one to drag me into questioning. And I don't know, whatever's on?" 

Leah got up, "I think that sounds like a good idea." Zac followed her. 

As they were at the movies, Peter Baker and Amanda Vale had returned to the bay as Peter was the new covering detective on the murder of Charlotte King case. He had been reviewing cases and was surprised Dylan had arrested and sent an innocent, he believed man down for a crime he didn't commit. He hadn't heard of the man, or circumstances to why only that he was innocent and he intended to follow up on all leads Dylan Carter had examined, just to make sure the investigation was legit. 

VJ came in with Hunter, teasing him about basketball. "Whatever VJ! I'll totally own you at the next game, Dad will be proud." Hunter and VJ were getting on great, and Hunter was okay with sharing his Dad. Peter and Amanda looked over, and watched VJ put his arm around Hunter. "Oh ya, Dad will be." He teased back at him.

Peter's face darkened. Why on earth was VJ calling someone else Dad? Leah and Zac came in, giggling like goons. 

"Leah!" growled Peter. 

"Peter, what are you doing here?" 

[So I know it's random, but ideas are ideas, it wasn't my original idea, I couldn't get that one to pan out as well as I wanted it, and Zac x Leah are my favourite characters now, and want to create a story about them.] :wub:

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:wub: Thank you so much for the feedback so far guys! It's been amazing! :D

Chapter Two - Questions, Answers.

Leah stood there stunned, watching Peter. Zac looked between the both, noticing the tension stiffening in his wife's neck under his hand that rested there. 

"Well for starters I'm here on behalf of the Charlotte King murder case, and I thought it was long overdue to see how my nephew was doing," spoke Peter. Deciding to see if what he had heard about VJ calling someone else dad was misinterpreted. "How have you been?" 

Leah sighed, Peter, another crooked cop on the case. "Great, another crooked cop is all we need on the case, isn't it? Going to accuse my husband of murder again?" 

Zac was confused, "Crooked cop?" 

"That's the past Leah, I'm on the straight and narrow now, Amanda and I, along with Ryan have been settled in Queensland for quite some time, and have been doing good. Husband?" asked Peter. Amanda smiled, along with Ryan who still remembered Leah. 

"Yes, this is Zac, my husband," smiled Leah cuddling up to Zac. "Zac, this is Peter, Dan's brother." 

Zac nodded, "Hi," he waved awkwardly before returning his hand to Leah, and looked at her. 

"We should get going, it was nice to see you Leah. Maybe soon, Ryan and I will be able to catch up with VJ, I'm sure he's grown a lot?" asked Peter.

"Well, we could all get together for dinner," suggested Amanda speaking for the first time. "Hi, Zac I'm Amanda, and this is Ryan." 

"Hi, Amanda." spoke Zac, smiling politely, "Ryan." 

"Hey." he mumbled. 

"Sure! That sounds great! How about tomorrow night, at Summer Bay House?" asked Leah. "We can invite our family, and yours." 

"Sounds perfect, tomorrow it is! What time?" asked Amanda. 

"Around 4PM, so we can catch up! Well, we better be going VJ, Hunter and the rest of the kids will be wondering where we are! Night!" Leah grinned, and turned walking to the counter to order some cake to take back home. 

Peter watched for a second, watching Leah lean up and kiss Zac happily and then skipped off out the other door with the cake. He did still wonder, about the 'Dad' thing and he presumed he would find out tomorrow whether it was a fluke. He also made note to find out if this Zac that Leah is married too, is MacGuire who was arrested recently for Charlotte's murder. He wouldn't look back into it, just to maybe understand why Zac was targeted by Dylan. 

The drive home was quiet, for Zac and Leah. "Is it weird, running into him after all that time?" 

"Yeah, well he never really from what I remembered cared about VJ and I once Dan died, and VJ hasn't heard from him in years, so the reunion there will be telling on how VJ takes it, and we all know when he's confronted with things he doesn't act well. Do you think that's because his father's dead?" wondered Leah. 

"Maybe, it could be that he just doesn't like change and is so used to the way things are. It was obvious when we got together; that he preferred just you and him. That could be a thing of holding on to Dan too, I wouldn't know honestly Leah. He's a great kid, you should be proud of that and who he's becoming," admitted Zac. He hadn't really thought about VJ and his father concept. VJ had called him Dad on occasion, "You know, VJ has called me Dad on an occasion?" 

"Yes, he asked me if he could test it out, to see how you responded. Do you mind?" asked Leah, "Because he did say if you were uncomfortable with it, he'd go back to calling you Zac." 

Zac laughed from the drivers seat, "Of course I don't, I just want him to be clear minded before he makes that step of calling me Dad, and I want it to clear in his mind that I am not replacing his father. I wouldn't want to replace that memory." 

"He knows that, he knows you're not Dan, I know he misses Dan and I can tell sometimes, certain dates; certain repeat of events that occur in the Bay. But I think he genuinely sees you as a father figure, and I want that for him." spoke Leah. 

They arrived home, getting out of the car. "I see your point, I love you, you know that?" 

"I do, but I don't mind hearing it. I love you too, Zac MacGuire." she spoke as they entered the home, VJ smiled. 

"Enjoy your movie guys?" asked Hunter. 

"We did, thank you Hunter. How have you two been? Where's Evie and Oscar?" asked Zac.

"Evie's with Josh, and Oscar's in his room, studying. We've just been kicking back watching TV bored." droned VJ. 

"Well we brought some caramel cake, would you both like some with us? And before you head to bed VJ we have guests for dinner tomorrow. Your uncle, Peter, Amanda and half brother Ryan will be over for dinner. Isn't that cool?" Leah tried to sound positive. 

"What is he doing here?" asked VJ. 

"He's taken Carter's place on the investigation," said Leah. 

"As long as he doesn't target Zac again, that's fine," spoke VJ. 

"About that, he shouldn't and you're welcome to call him Dad if you want, we spoke about it in the car." smiled Leah. 

"As long as you are aware I won't be replacing your father," spoke Zac.

VJ nodded, "I know, I see you as a father figure and since we're family now, I want to make that step. You'll never be my real dad and I get that, he died and I miss him. But I need that influence, and I will never forget him and the good times he and I had together. You make my mother happy, and I know I was a brat at first but here we are. And I am glad you're apart of my life," admitted VJ. 

Leah ran to her son smothering him in hugs, elated that VJ is maturing for his age. Zac patted him on his shoulder. As the cake was brought over they all sat down and chatted some. 

"Alright, I'm off to bed, night Dad, night Leah!" spoke Hunter, and headed up off the stairs.

"I don't want Peter dragging Zac down, was he upset that you married?" asked VJ. He closed his eyes. 

"No he didn't seem mad, I just felt awkward," admitted Zac, Leah stared at him curiously. "He's your ex-husbands brother, it felt weird." 

"I love you, Zac," spoke Leah. 

"I love you too, Leah." 

With that VJ nodded, "Night mum, night Dad." 

Leah was concerned after everything that Carter had done to this town, with his manipulative ways that Peter better have changed; because Kat didn't deserve to work with another crook of a cop, and the town didn't need someone pulling people to shreds to fix their own dirty reputation, she rubbed Zac's hair, indicating that they should too head off to bed, as they had a long day ahead of them tomorrow... 


Alright! Tell me what you think so far? I'm taking this slowly building up the animosity. Leaving Peter dangling a little, would Peter still be a crooked cop or would he have changed by now? Let's see as time progresses. 

But, care for some feedback? :wub: 

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Thanks again for all the lovely information! And thank you for helping me with who VJ's Dad is - but this, VJ sees Dan as his real Dad even though he's aware he's not. :wub:

Chapter Three - Wine and Tension.

Morning had come already, Leah was up and about already cleaning the house. She had a gut feeling with Peter being back wasn't going to be all plain sailing; she knew that with him there was always trouble following. The kids were all in bed, Zac came down in his gym shorts, sneaking up and wrapped his arms around her from behind. "Morning." 

Leah chuckled and leaned back into him, "Good morning." As she turned around, she looked at him raising her eyes. "Going for a run shirtless, this morning?" 

"No, my shirt's down here." He pointed to the laundry basked with his eyes, as Leah then kissed him good morning. 

"What are you doing so early anyway?" asked Zac, as he walked over and fished out his green Nike singlet. 

"Cleaning, making the house semi presentable for Peter and his family tonight," she sighed unconvinced. 

"What's the matter?" asked Zac, walking back over to her putting his hand on her shoulder, in comfort.

"I just know wherever Peter is, there's trouble. And VJ didn't sound absolutely pleased that he was in town, or coming for dinner, the last thing VJ needs is Dan being brought up all the time, and I just have a gut feeling Peter's going to remind everyone Dan existed." sighed Leah. 

"You haven't forgotten him, and VJ has said himself so. I don't think you would or ever could forget someone of your past that you loved very much." explained Zac, his brow furrowed. 

Leah just cuddled Zac, leaning her head on his chest. "I am lucky to have you, you know that?" 

"I think it's the other way around," spoke Zac. 

VJ came down, "Yuck!" he teased. 

Leah pulled back, "Morning VJ, how are you?" 

"I'm alright, I guess. Apart from having to spend dinner with my wayward uncle, I suppose." spoke VJ, an annoyed huff following. 

"I know, Amanda suggested it. I wanted to be nice, I think saying no would've been something to trigger Peter and I am worried he'll cause us all trouble, so let's just get through tonight and see what happens." explained Leah. 

"Everyone will be here tonight, VJ, it's not going to just be you," spoke Zac. "I'll make sure Oscar, Evie and Hunter will be here too." 

VJ smiled, "That's good, they're family, they need to be here too. You?" 

Zac nodded, "I will be, right now, I'm gonna head off to the gym. Want me to grab a few groceries for you afterwards?" 

Leah grinned, "If you wouldn't mind!" she said as she rushed over to the kitchen table to get the list, "There's just some meat and extra vegetables that we'll need to make it last for all of us, Alf included." 

He took the list, "No problem at all. I'll get going, I love you." 

Leah smiled, "I love you too, Zac," they kissed. 

Zac was at the gym, running and doing some weights when Peter came in, Zac wasn't paying attention listening to his music. Peter looked at him for a brief moment pondering on the thought whether to talk to him or not, but smiled at him when Zac noticed him. Zac smiled back and watching go start on the weights. Zac looked at his watch and heard his phone go off. 

He went over and answered it, "Hey." 

Leah was on the other end, "Hey Zac, could you grab some wine and beer too?" 

"Hey Leah, yeah sure, course I could! I'll be leaving the gym in a few minutes to get to the grocery store. Was it any specific meat you would like?" 

"Preferable a leg of lamb, and to get home soon so I can slow cook it in the oven?" smiled Leah. 

"Sure, I'll leave now. I love you," he spoke. 

"Love you too Zac, thanks for this!" As they hung up, Zac went back toward the showers area, showering quickly grabbing his bag and making a quick exit of the gym, with Peter observing him the entire time. 

Zac had gone and retrieved the groceries and returned home, as Leah was getting the laundry folded, "Here I'll do that, got you the food and wine, beer also." smiled Zac as he put his gym bag in the laundry. 

Leah grinned hugging him, and kissed him. "Thank you! How was your gym session?"

"It was good, ran into Peter. Smiled, and left when I spoke to you. Nothing bad," he smiled, looking down at her. "How have you been?" 

"Cleaning, told Hunter, Oscar and Evie that they're to be home before 4 and to not be late, that dinner tonight was important. They said they'll be here," spoke Leah as she followed him to the kitchen.

"That's good, I hope tonight will be alright," spoke Zac placing them on the counter. "I'll get to the laundry, and is there anything else you'd want me to do? Help with getting dinner ready?" 

Leah nodded, "That would be great!" 


Dinner was nearing, the kids arrived home an hour before the guests were to arrive. Alf was also home, Zac and Leah sat on the chair in the lounge, Leah on his lap, cuddled to him. Trying to soak in all normalcy they'll have for the night. She knew deep down that Peter wasn't a good guy, and she tried to like him while Dan was alive but she just didn't feel right about him investigating Charlotte's death. Zac rubbed her arm, sensing her frustration. 

"I'm alright," smiled Leah. "Just preparing for questions." 

Zac chuckled, "You will be fine, you're good at this." 

VJ groaned. "How long will they be here?" 

"I don't know VJ, are you looking forward to seeing Ryan again?" asked Leah. 

"Why should I be? They don't care." snapped VJ. 

"VJ," sighed Zac, "Just try, alright, all we're asking." 

There was a faint knock at the door, "I'll get it." spoke Alf. He stood up. He went over, "Come in guys! Good to see ya!" 

Peter walked in, "Thanks Alf!" Amanda smiled and walked in with Ryan. 

She looked over as the family looked over, "Hey guys!" grinned Leah. "We're just finishing up a movie, if you feel like to join us!" 

Peter looked at the group of kids, as well as Zac and Leah, noting them cuddled on the chair. He nodded and came over. 

"How about you guys introduce yourself?" hinted Zac. 

Oscar stood up, "Hey! I'm Oscar MacGuire, Zac's nephew, and this is my twin sister, Evie." 

"Hey, how are you?" smiled Evie. 

"I'm good thank you, Evie, Oscar, I'm Peter, and this is Amanda and her son Ryan." smiled Peter. They smiled over at Amanda and Ryan. 

"I'm VJ, as you know, but why would you remember me? Huh?" snapped VJ. 

"VJ!" snapped Leah. "I'm sorry about that." 

"No, Leah, he's right." spoke Amanda. "We didn't contact." 

"Well, I'm Hunter King, I'm Zac's son." spoke Hunter. 

"Charlotte's son," spoke Peter, instantly knowing who he was. 

"Yep." spoke Hunter looking at Leah and Zac. 

"No need to worry," spoke Peter. Watching him for a mere second, earning a glare from Leah. "Leave him alone, Peter." she warned. 

"Good to see you again, Ryan." spoke Leah standing and heading to the kitchen after rubbing Zac's head. 

Peter looked to VJ, "Can we have a chat, VJ? Let me explain." 

"Fine." huffed VJ getting up and heading towards the table, "What is that you can say?" 

Leah looked over at them and then Amanda concerned, as Amanda came over. "You and Zac seem very happy." smiling at her. 

"We are, he's amazing." smiled Leah. "How long are you staying in town?" 

"Not sure yet, seeing how long it'll take Peter to figure who killed her," spoke Amanda. 

They looked over at VJ and Peter, as Peter began to explain. "After Dan died, I was lost. I didn't know how to reach out. He was my brother, I wasn't always that good to him, to you, to Leah, I struggled with what was right and what was wrong, and I pulled myself away from what Dan cared about." 

"Not him!" he pointed at Ryan. 

"He didn't speak to me for a month, tool!" snapped Ryan. 

"Yeah and who are you to speak to me!" growled VJ. "Want a punch in the face?" 

"VJ don't threaten people, hey?" asked Zac. 

"But he deserves it!" growled VJ looking at Zac. 

"Just listen to what they have to say," spoke Leah. 

As she got the lamb out and started to the table for dinner. 

Once dinner was up on the table things calmed down, the agitation between VJ and Peter still quite there. Zac sat next to Leah, wondering if he should have stepped up and said something to VJ but nothing was mentioned about it. 

"How long have you and Zac been a couple, Leah?" asked Amanda, breaking the tension. "And why do you live here?" 

"We've been a couple for nearly two years now, and our house was lost." spoke Leah, deciding not to delve into it. 

"How?" asked Peter. 

Great, that's what Leah wanted. "A fire, it doesn't matter. All has been forgiven." 

Zac looked at Leah, and then at Hunter and VJ. 

Peter sighed, "Not really, not when all of Dan's memories were there." 

"I know, I've had to grieve for the loss of those memories, but no one died. That's the main thing. We could have lost Zac, Billie, Matt and Oscar. That's a price I wasn't willing to pay for pictures." spoke Leah. She wasn't willing to lose another she loves. 

"Deliberately lit?" asked Peter. 

"Why does it matter?" asked VJ. "It's been dealt with." 

"So they're in jail? Good. If they weren't I'd make sure." spoke Peter.

"That's not your decision to make, Peter. You don't own the house I do, and whatever happened has been sorted, it's forgiven. I have some memories restored if you must have them," snapped Leah. Zac put his hand on her thigh rubbing gently. 

"Change of subject?" asked Amanda. 

"Yeah," spoke Leah as she ate, and looked at Zac. 

Hunter sighed, feeling off his food. Leah looked at him, and smiled. Trying to convey that she still forgives him through it. He smiled back. 

Oscar watched the awkward silence, and decided to bring an opener into it. But he didn't really know what to say. "So where do you guys live? When you're not in the Bay, I mean." 

"Just off the coast of Queensland," smiled Amanda. "Ryan enjoys school there." 

"While he's here, will be enrolling into our school?" asked Hunter. 

"Yes, I think it's best he attends school. Don't know how long we'll be here," spoke Peter. 

"Not for long I hope," snapped VJ. 

Amanda sighed, this was going to be difficult she knew that. "What things are you into VJ?" 

"Surfing, Basketball, spending time with friends and family.." 

"What do you do for a living, Zac?" asked Peter. 

"I'm a teacher, at the high school," spoke Zac. "I used to be an educational officer at the local prison, but I grew tired of that and wanted a new challenge." 

"How did you and Leah get together?" asked Peter. 

"We danced around it for awhile, convincing each other we were just best friends. Leah kissed me at a kissing booth, and we tried dancing around it to being friends then. After the formal, after she declined a dance, a friend convinced me to decide if I wanted to be with her. And I did, so I made a move, and here we are. After a very rocky outing to our relationship though," sighed Zac, smiling at Leah who smiled back. 

"But it worked out for the best, and I love you for it," spoke Leah. 

"I love you too," smiled Zac. The family smiled, besides Peter, Ryan slightly smiled too. 

"Rocky outing?" asked Amanda. 

"Matt, a student had filmed us kissing without our knowledge and showed the school on muck up day." spoke Zac. "Humiliating Leah, and VJ." 

"That's no good. Well thanks for dinner Leah," spoke Peter standing. "It's getting late, and I'm tired. I start work tomorrow and 'Manda needs to enrol Ryan so it's best we get an early night. VJ, I would like to spend more time with you." 

They left, after their goodbyes. Leah fell back on her chair, "Talk about awkward." 

"That's for sure," spoke Oscar. 

"We need to protect Hunter," spoke Leah, "He will investigate the fire, and he'll open it again and try and charge him again." 

Zac looked at her, "Are you sure?" 

"He's been snappy ever since he found out about the fire, I know him," spoke Leah.

Alf sighed, "Leah has a point there, he does like to have things his way. At least I remember it that way," spoke Alf. 

Zac sighed. He rubbed Leah's back, "Anything I can do?" 

"Just promise me, that we'll be okay?" asked Leah.

"Of course," he leaned down and kissed her. 


Was that natural enough?

Not certain on this chapter, but :wub: replies would be great. Any feedback would be appreciated


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Thank you for all the feedback! Yes, Zac/Leah are going to be more loved up in this.. :wub:Peter isn't going to let up on his gut feelings anytime soon. But they're going to build slowly. 

I just saw episode 6388 --- Just in love with that episode so much! 

Chapter Four - Normal Before The Storm

Zac and Leah lay in bed, Leah curled up into his side, aimlessly rubbing his arm. Zac pressed a kiss to the top of her head, and closed his eyes, his thumb aimlessly rubbing circles on her shoulder, they'd been laying there for awhile. Neither one of them minded, Leah was still unwinding about dinner, she couldn't believe Peter. But then again she did, of course she did. She looked up at Zac, "I am sorry about dinner."

"Let's just not do that again anytime soon, I think having them in our home was a bit much for VJ right now," spoke Zac. "He really didn't like Ryan."

"I don't blame him, I mean I get it. Dan was a father to VJ, though Vinnie was his birth father, he died when VJ was just a baby. VJ grew up seeing Dan," spoke Leah.

"It's not like Peter's a golden boy," spoke Zac. "He seemed to take offence to a lot of things you said about the fire, and we know how sorry Hunter was. I would have understood if you decided to make him smell the coffee and face trial." 

"He's your son, Zac, and he knows he did wrong. I didn't want anymore tension for us, and I still don't. I am worried for Hunter though, I just have a feeling Peter isn't back for just the case. I have a bad feeling." Leah spoke. 

Zac kissed her hair, "Let's not worry about that until it happens, Leah. You're working yourself up, and it could be all just nothing." sighed Zac rubbing her back. 

"You're right, I most probably am, and not giving him the benefit of the doubt isn't really who I am," spoke Leah leaning up on him. "Let's just be a normal married couple." 

"I love the sound of that," he chuckled and leaned down and kissed her as she turned the light for the night.


Morning rose, and Leah and Zac were still asleep, VJ and Hunter were down stairs eating, while Alf prepared for the day.

"Wonder when that Ryan kid starts our school, huh?" asked Hunter.

"I don't care, he's not welcome near me." spoke VJ. "I don't like how they're here, I don't like how he didn't listen with Mum about the fire."

Hunter nodded, he didn't really know what happened with all of them, apart from VJ's Dad was this guys brother. "What do you think we'll be doing for basketball drills today? And how come Leah and Dad aren't up yet?"

"They had a busy night," teased Oscar as he sat at the table. Joking.

"Ew, not funny Oscar." grimaced VJ. 

Hunter just shook his head as Zac came down in his gym gear, "Morning kids, how are you all?" 

"Disturbed by Oscar, you?" grumbled VJ, glaring at Oscar for a moment; who just laughed more.

"I'm great, your mum's still asleep so keep the noise down. Disturbed?" asked Zac.

"Dirty jokes," laughed Hunter. 

Zac shook his head, "Dirty jokes?"

"I just teased him when he asked why you and Leah weren't down," chuckled Oscar.

"Oscar!" sighed Zac, "A little inappropriate?" 

"I guess, sorry Zac." Oscar sighed and got up, "Well I have uni to get too, see you all later. Evie stayed over with Josh too, by the way." 


Leah and Zac had met up in her office at lunch time, "How is your day going?" asked Zac as he closed the door, "Thought you should know Ryan has been enrolled by Amanda today, ran into her and she asked if everything was okay after they left. She also apologized for Peter's attitude, saying he isn't usually so grumpy." 

Leah sighed, "That's good that Ryan's enrolled, but she doesn't have to apologize for his behavior Zac, it was his decision." 

Leah looked up as he sat down in the chair next to hers, and he narrowed his eyes, "Everything okay?"

"I just got a call, from Kat. Peter's reopened the house fire, I asked her to close it again. She tried while I was on the phone, he said he wouldn't and for her to butt out before she regrets it. He's still the same Peter, that Dan didn't like," spoke Leah. Feeling the tears. "Hunter's going to be in so much trouble, I can feel it Zac. I am so scared." 

Leah was scared for Hunter, but she did wonder how much strain could two people be put under in a relationship when it felt like it was now a marathon to keep afloat. "Your serious?" 

Leah nodded, and he hugged her close to him rubbing her back. Peter stormed through the door. "Hunter, the kid last night burnt the house down? And you won't charge him? Who are you?" snapped Peter.

"Someone who cares about people's future," snapped Zac. "Leave her alone."

"But you can't talk, your son destroyed her home, her life, her memories." snapped Peter.

"You are being dramatic, it didn't destroy my life. We rebuilt, I have my life now and Hunter he's apart of that too, I chose not to go forward with the trial. And I need you to respect that," snapped Leah.

"Never, I'm arresting him," spoke Peter.

"Actually you can't, it's my house, it's my decision not yours." spoke Leah. "It was never in Dan's name, so you have no say." 

He looked at her, "Fine, but I'll be watching closely." 


Here comes the tension! 

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Again, thanks! Means a lot! 

Chapter Five - Simmer

A week had passed since that afternoon at school, Peter had been quiet, not around and Zac started to believe he'd backed off, but Leah had other ideas. Zac had suggested a romantic dinner out at Angelo's and then some alone time together, at a hotel away from the kids - they were great, but Zac and Leah were still trying to bask in the newlywed feeling of their marriage. Zac just wanted some time together, where no eyes, no sly comments from Oscar or fear of doing something inappropriate while the kids were downstairs and could interrupt them at any second. 

Leah was all about family, and loved the crazy loudness that came with a full house, but she couldn't deny that she did not like the quiet, she did. Especially if she had Zac by her side, the past week Leah had been walking on eggshells, making sure everyone in her family were okay. Leah just wanted to make sure that nothing had come off of Peter's threat about taking Hunter down. It wasn't particularly easy knowing that her ex-husband's brother was here, and seemed to take offence that Leah had found happiness. Zac is the love of her life, and she was not about to let him ruin it because of her past husband. Dan wasn't coming back, that was set in stone. She had Zac now, and Peter needed to understand.

Standing in front of the mirror, she stared at her appearance for a little longer; wanting to look good for Zac. She always tried on their date nights, they'd been going on more frequent trips out together since being released from prison. She smiled once, as she turned from the mirror to find Zac standing at the top of the bedroom, "Wow... You look absolutely beautiful." He remarked as he stepped down on the level of the room she was in. 

Leah grinned, brightly. "Oh thank you, Zac, and you don't look to bad yourself." Noting the navy blue shirt, with a maroon tie and denim jeans. 

He chuckled, "How do I deserve you?" 

"You love me, and your love for family." spoke Leah. "Love of my life, remember?" 

"You're mine, too," he agreed. "Ready? Don't want to be late for our table I've booked." 

Leah grinned taking his hand, "Of course I am ready, let's go."

They stepped down the stairs to the main area of the house, where everyone was. "Alright, behave yourselves. No annoying Mr. Stewart, and be reasonable. We'll see you sometime tomorrow," spoke Leah.

"And Oscar, don't torment VJ with your jokes," spoke Zac.

"But Zac, that's the best part!" whined Oscar. "What would they do without me, huh? Inappropriate jokes, are just my thing!"

Zac shook his head, chuckling as he and Leah went out the door.


Angelo's was pretty busy, but Ricky had made up the table with a bouquet of flowers and two candles to either side, "Hey, take a seat." she said as Zac approached, he ordered a specific view too, as he sat Leah down he joined her on the opposite side of her. 

"Oh Zac, this is beautiful," smiled Leah blown away by her husband's efforts to impress her, which he didn't really need to do. But Leah was happy that he wanted to make things worth it.

"It's date night, it's sacred," he spoke. "And they'll always be special until I run out of ideas," he smirked at her. 

"It's my turn to plan for next weeks date night," grinned Leah, already thinking ahead. 

Ricky came back over with a bottle of red, "Here you go guys," Pouring their glasses for them, and putting the bottle in ice next to them. "Let me know when you're ready to order." 

"Thank you Ricky, this is lovely." spoke Leah. 

"Thanks, Ricky." smiled Zac, as he looked down towards his menu. 

Leah looked up at him, and smiled over towards him. "I wonder if they'll behave themselves," worried Leah.

"They'll be fine, it's our night." reassured Zac, taking her hand in his. "So, what do you think we should do for the formal this year? Considering, around those times we got together." 

"I think Greg wants to do disco, for formal this year." spoke Leah.

"Disco?" stumbled Zac. 

"I know, horrible!" laughed Leah, making Zac grin. 

His hand remained in hers, "It'll be okay, as long as I'm with you."

"Me too," smiled Leah. "I think I'm ready to order, you?" 

Zac nodded and looked over towards Ricky and sighed, Peter was there. Looking over. Leah looked back too, "Ignore him, as you said it's our night." 

Ricky excused herself and came over, "How are you guys doing ready to order?" she smiled. 

"Yes, I'll have the special pasta, I believe," grinned Leah. 

"I will have the same, too," spoke Zac. Leah looked at him, "What? I was going to get it anyway!" 

She chuckled, "Gotcha." 


Dinner had passed reasonably well, making small talk and jokes with each other. Peter had Amanda join him, with Ryan for dinner on a separate table. Amanda touched Peter's arm, "Did you never expect her to laugh again?"

As on cue, they heard Leah's laugh fill the air, it was contagious, Amanda couldn't help smile at an old friend's happiness. "Not this much no." He admitted. "I don't remember her being so happy with Dan." 

"Well maybe because the only real time she ever got happiness fully with Dan is when you weren't trying to mess things up for them. But I do see her very happy right now, and it's not like Dan died last year, Peter. You know he's been gone awhile." reminded Amanda, trying to keep her husband leveled. 

"I just don't like him," snapped Peter. "He doesn't deserve her, he's been to prison. And he recently was wrongly convicted for Charlotte's death - but what if Carter was right?" asked Peter.

"Are you sure?" asked Amanda. Sighing.

Peter just shook his head, "He was cleared." 

"Then he didn't do it," spoke Amanda. "I think it's time you left them alone." 

He looked over to Leah and sighed when she leant over and kissed Zac, he couldn't get used to it. He didn't think she'd be that happy with anyone but Dan. 


Leah grinned over at her husband's jokes, not even caring that Peter was in the same restaurant as her, "Just stop! That's too funny!" 

Zac laughed, "It was worth it though. Just seeing you smile makes me the happiest guy in the world." 

Leah smiled at him, "Yet you make me the happiest." 

Peter slammed his hand on the desk, "And what about Dan, huh?" 

Leah sighed, her laughing and smiles stopped. "What is it that you want from me, Peter? To be upset all the time? I've moved on from Dan, it's been nearly eight years. I can't live in the past, I had VJ to look after. I moved on, I'm allowed to be happy." 

"Well he shouldn't be forgotten, Leah!" growled Peter.

"And she hasn't, I think you need to calm down and leave her alone," spoke Zac, trying to diffuse the situation before it ruined their night, but it was too late, Leah was already upset. 

"Dan was a great guy, and I miss him. VJ misses him, but Zac is my future. You have to accept that now, you can't change anything Peter. I won't let you." growled Leah. 

"We'll see about that, won't we? You won't make the same mistake of sticking up for your rat of a husband." snapped Peter glaring directly at her.

"Come on Leah, let's go." sighed Zac, wrapping his arms around Leah.

"Oh yeah, wrapped around your-" 

"That's enough! If you can't behave yourself in my restaurant and leave other paying customers to eat in peace, then I think it's best you leave. Now, Zac and Leah are good people, whatever beef you have with them is unjust. Now either calm down, or get the hell out!" snapped Ricky. 

Zac got some money out, enough for the bill and a tip, "Thank you Ricky, keep the change." 

"Can we just go now, Zac?" asked Leah. 

"Home?" he asked.

"No, he's not ruining the rest of our date night," spoke Leah, confidently.


Once they checked into the Sands Resort, Zac had learned that the place had a bath, "Here, I'll run you a bath so you can ease the tension."

"No, Zac, can you just sit and talk to me?" asked Leah.

"Of course, I was just looking out for you to make sure you're okay," spoke Zac. 

"I will be, I just can't believe what he called you. A rat, you're not a rat." snapped Leah. "How dare he! Who the hell does he think he is?" 

Zac watched her get up and start to pace, "Maybe he thinks I've replaced Dan, in more ways than I should have?'

"I am allowed to be happy, Zac! He kissed me once, when I was married to his brother. He is no innocent who loved Dan!" sighed Leah. "Yes, he loved his brother I was wrong to say that. But he can't be mad at me for eventually moving on." 

"Maybe he just needs time to believe it," spoke Zac. "I don't know. All I know is that he threatened you, and that isn't okay." 

"It's who he is, Zac. Can we just forget about it? And go back to our date night... What did you have planned for here?" asked Leah.

"A cheesy super romantic movie, wine, some kissing..." and then he winked. 

"Oh Zac, that's perfect. Come here!" she grinned and he moved over and laid on the bed with her, "What movie's did you grab?" 

Zac grinned leaning into his bag pulling out three movies, The Notebook, Warm Bodies, The Last Song. "These, cheesy I know." 

Leah chuckled, "Alright, let's start with The Last Song," 

Zac grinned and went up and put the movie in, before playing it. Now joining her back on the bed, after kicking his shoes off too, he looked at her, "I also have some wine, I brought some in here, when I booked the room." 

"Sounds great," smiled Leah.

Leah tried to get into the movie, laying her head on Zac's chest, before she looked up at him a few times his eyes on the movie. How could he be so calm about Peter doing this? Calling Zac a rat had terribly pissed Leah off and she would have a proper go at Peter when she wasn't so surprised by his outburst. She sighed, and she felt Zac squeeze her gently. "I love you.." He whispered, kissing her forehead, before focusing back on the movie.

"I love you too," she said as she crept up him, slightly pressing a kiss to his neck, and turned the movie off and tugged his shirt; chuckling, "I'm done with the movie now..." 


Peter stormed into the station and to his spare phone, ringing an unknown source. "I need your help, I need you to do something for me." 

"I need you to kidnap Zac MacGuire." 


Does The Person Go Through With It? (Haven't decided who his contact is, but any ideas would be helpful). 

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So, I think I have an idea for who's Peter's contact (never got a name for the guy, but I'll make it up.) And another familiar face returns to the Bay! :wub:

NOTE: I have updated the BTTB Warning - as Violence now will take place! 

Chapter Six - Spiraling Out of Control. 

Zac and Leah had arrived back to the house earlier, than they had anticipated, Leah just couldn't settle in the motel like she had hoped, and was still pretty mad even after the enjoyment of the movie, and the things they had done together afterwards.

"He said I'd not make the same mistake, what on earth does that mean?" As she stormed through the door, alerting VJ. 

"I don't know, Leah. I'm sorry the date was such a disaster." frowned Zac. 

"This isn't your fault, Zac. I enjoyed all of the time we had together, besides those ten minutes," spoke Leah. "He had no right, no right in calling you a rat. It's unacceptable and he will know it too." 

VJ got up and walked over to them, as well as Hunter. "What's wrong?" 

"Peter had a go at us at dinner, we went back to the hotel things settled but Leah couldn't settle, so we came home. Anyway you have school in the morning, you two should be in bed, we'll be fine, now go." explained Zac.

"Zac's right, you have school, we'll be okay." smiled Leah.

"We need to get to bed too, it's been a long, beautiful, angry night," spoke Leah. Zac pulled her to him first, "Shhh. We'll be okay." He soothed as he hugged her.


Peter went home with a smirk on his face, but Amanda looked at him, "What was that? I couldn't believe you would be so outwardly rude to Leah, you do know you have no say in her life?"

Peter nodded, playing along, "I know honey, I just thought Dan would always be that person to make her happy."

"And he's gone now, she has Zac now. We need to be happy for her, and support her." spoke Amanda. 

Peter nodded, "Yep we do, going to bed, I start the case tomorrow." 


Morning came, and Leah was up already getting ready for work, waking Zac up. 

"What time is it?" asked Zac.

"Seven, couldn't sleep properly." sighed Leah. "I'm gonna head off to work early.'

Zac nodded, "I'll make sure the kids are off to school before I leave." 

Leah walked over and gave him a kiss, "I'll see you soon, love you." 

"I love you too," he got up and headed for a shower, he was hoping to have not missed his alarm so he could have gone for a run before work, he was worried about Leah. She had taken great offence to what happened lastnight and he felt somewhat guilty, he felt like the date was ruined though, they still somewhat managed to have a successful time at the hotel. It wasn't the money spent on the hotel, that he was worried about. Just Leah seemed so upset. 

Once finished in the shower, and ready for work he ushered them out the door. 


Zac was on the way to school, in the bushes a man, waited for the right moment before he pounced and dragged Zac back into the bush where his car waited and shoved him in the car; quickly driving him out of town. Leaving his bag and his phone as the only evidence that he was on his way to work. Leah had already arrived and looked at the time, it was nearing time for the school day to start. 

Zac woke up in a broken down warehouse, his hands tied up above his head, in pain, hanging there. He breathed hard, "Where am I?"

"Long time, no see, Zachary." snapped the male. "You and I have a mutual... let's say acquaintance, and they've asked me to finish what...." 

"What do you want from me?" 

"You'll find out!" Before he knocked Zac out with the back of the gun. 


Leah had been working hard all morning until Greg came into her room, "Is MacGuire ill today?" 

Leah jumped, in fright, "No how come?" 

"He hasn't shown for his morning classes, and I haven't been able to get in touch." explained Greg. "His phone rings, just no answer."

"He was fine this morning, I will go home and see if he's there." 

She left the school, somewhat worried about him rushing all the way home, and to find Alf, and Colleen there. "Leah! Oh! I have missed you it's so good to see you! I heard you are married now!"

"Speaking of him, is he here?" Asked Leah. "And hey Colleen, it's nice to see you too, sorry just a bit preoccupied right now." 

"No love, he left after the kids, saying he was going to work, he should be there," spoke Alf.

"Well he hasn't shown up." 

A text came to her phone, of a blocked number. 'If you want your husband to live.... then do as I say. No cops.'

Leah cried, "Oh no!" she fell on the ground. Alf rushed over to her. 

"What's wrong?"

"Zac's been kidnapped." cried Leah. "And we can't go to the cops... Or they'll kill him!" 


Peter takes things to a whole new level, and who is it that has Zac? And why are they so brutal? What has Peter got planned?

 Thoughts? :wub:


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So I actually gave it some thought now, to who Peter's contact is. You'll be surprised (I hope) [Then it could have spoilers -- Let me know if it is I'll edit the spoiler thing again] 

I just want to thank those of you, who are continually commenting your support, it truly means a lot when I was super unsure of posting this story up and had gone through multiple scenarios beforehand. But thank you! This is coming out better than I had anticipated. I've not written a home and away fanfic in many years, it's quite refreshing to see this support, so again, thank you! :wub:

Chapter Seven - Scared and Broken.

Peter had been waiting confirmation of Zac's kidnapping and for further instructions to give, he had to be careful and he knew he had to be craftier; he wanted Zac to leave Leah, but he couldn't just get the kidnapper's to threaten Leah with that, or they'd kill him. He knew then she'd know he did this. 

'We've got him, sent the first demand out to L. What do you want done with him? I'd really like to smash his face in for what he did....' Peter smirked at the text. 

Peter knew he had nothing against him, so he had to think craftier ways for Leah to respond to the threats, then he got an idea. 

'Do exactly that, but DO NOT kill him. Then make a demand of 50,000 dollars to L for part of the sum to keep him alive. But only make that demand in three days time.

So 1. Beat him.

2. Keep him alive, one meal a day and water.

3. Third day, 12PM you text L the demand.

Am I clear?' 

Peter smirked at that, and sent it before going back to look at the cases files of Charlotte King's murder. He sighed, he did wonder how Leah was going through this, but he wouldn't dare show his face right now.


Leah sat in the lounge of her home, shaking. "I'm scared. What if somethings happened to him? What happens if I never see him again? He's the love of my life!"

Colleen had rounded up some coffee for her, "Oh pet, this is devastating! Do you need me to get anyone?" 

"Nate," spoke Leah. "Nate's his best friend, I don't want the kids knowing just yet. I don't want them to worry." 

"I'll get right on to it, love," spoke Alf. 

"When do I ignore their demand, and go to the police?" asked Leah.

"I'd go now, pet." spoke Colleen.

"I don't know if I should, Peter could be behind it all. But I don't think he would do this," cried Leah. "Am I not allowed to be happy?"


Zac woke up, groggily. "Leah." 

"Oh don't worry, she's been looked after." snapped the man.

"What do you want? Didn't you get enough when you stabbed me?" sighed Zac. 

"It was what you deserve and more!" snapped the man.

"Just leave her alone," snapped Zac.

"It's you, we're after," spoke the man. 

"Look, Tank, stop!" snapped Zac. "Just let me go!" 

"Not my orders," spoke Tank.

"What would Evie think?" sighed Zac, trying to tug on the chains that he was hanging by. 

Tank saw red, "I do not care, and you'll now pay for that." 

Tank hit Zac, again.... and again....


Leah was pacing the lounge when Nate came in, "Is everything okay, Leah? Alf wouldn't tell me over the phone."

Leah handed him the phone, "What do I do? I can't think! All I can think is he is out there and he needs me!" 

"Do not go to the cops, text him back asking what he wants." spoke Nate. "Here I'll do it, I'll pretend to be you." 

Nate sat next to her, "Right now though, you really need to breathe." 

'What do you want with us? Is Zac alive? Safe? I'll co-operate, can he come back?'

"Sent," spoke Nate, "Now we wait, but you need to eat and drink." 

"Not hungry," cried Leah. "He's out there, somewhere, alone! Can you pinpoint the first text?"

Nate looked for a GPS, "It's a burner phone, it generates locations from satellites, bugger." 

"I think you should tell the kids, you need the support and they need to know why Zac isn't home. Because if you lie to them, and things happen. It won't be a good idea." explained Nate. "I think, if you don't hear back by tomorrow that you approach Kat off duty." 

"I just want him home, I need him back home." spoke Leah. 

VJ came in, "Hey Mum, look I found these on the way home... Zac's stuff." 

"Guys, sit, there's something I need to tell you." spoke Leah. 

Hunter, Oscar, Evie and VJ took their seats, and Nate rubbed her shoulder. "I then think we should get Kat here." 

"What's going on?" asked VJ.

"Someone's kidnapped Zac," spoke Leah, tears bursting again. VJ got up and hugged her. 

"What? How do you know?" asked Hunter.

"A text message," spoke Nate. "Now I think we should call Kat at least, or get a search party together. Where did you find the stuff? We'll start there." 


Peter went out to the abandoned warehouse, "Thank you for doing this, Wayne." 

"He kept Evie from me, I always swore that she'd lose her family and I intend to keep it," snapped Tank.

"You won't be killing him, not yet anyway." spoke Peter. 

"Make sure you send her a picture of her beat up husband when you send the demand, and reply 'You'll know in three days' for the question she sent you." spoke Peter, handing over a great lump of cash. 

He returned home to Amanda, "You're right, I should give Zac a chance and Leah too, I mean they're happy. And we are, and I thought Dan would want her to be, and he seems nice." Lied Peter.

"That's great sweetie! We'll go see them in a few days?" asked Amanda.

"Sure!" sighed Peter smiling. If Zac will be alive in a three days, or more was uncertain. He wasn't sure if Leah had the money to cough up to save her husband....


Can Leah cope without Zac by her side? Hunter?

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I am trying to figure out how long he'll be kidnapped for, I don't think it'll be long. I think I might make Tank get a reality check. 

NOTE: I couldn't have Zac gone too long, without something seriously happening to him --- so Tank grows a conscience in this and returns him (under a false statement though) But will Zac remember?

Chapter Eight - Evil Ways.

It was a long sleepless night for most of the family, Leah decided when he replied that she'd go to the cops. She needed to make sure he was safe, and alive and she wouldn't ever be able to forgive herself if she was the reason they killed him. Whoever they were, VJ came down. "Mum? You should get some sleep."

"I can't, I can't sleep in a bed where he isn't, knowing that he is probably scared, alone! He could be hurt, too VJ. I need him home." she cried. VJ came over and wrapped his arm around her.

"We should go to the cops," spoke VJ. "They could help, be discreet." 

"And if one of them is in on it?" snapped Leah looking at him.

"You don't think?" he asked, "Peter?"

"Maybe, all this has happened since he's shown up, VJ, tell me it's not a coincidence?" sighed Leah. 

"Kat then, she'll be able too keep it on the low," spoke VJ.

"Maybe, tomorrow I'll see what options I have," spoke Leah. Giving in. "Come on, I'll go try and sleep."


Zac was awake, and had been alone for what seemed like hours. He was looking around the place, a bit confused to why he was here, he felt like he had few broken ribs so he tried to not move as much. The door cracked open, Tank walked over reaching up and letting him down, keeping him in the chains. 

"Food, eat, you won't be getting anymore till tomorrow night," snapped Tank. 

'Why are you doing this? Evie... Evie wouldn't want this." breathed Zac. 

Tank looked at him for a long moment, "Wouldn't she? You kept her from me!"

"You scared her! That's no way to be in a relationship." spoke Zac looking at the food. 

"Leah will know I'm missing," he reminded Tank.

"She already does, in three days she'll be told her first demand." smiled Tank. "It's not going to be easy to get you back." 

"Alive." added Tank. 

Zac groaned, "Just let me go!" 

"Never!" Knocking him out again. Anger seething.


It had been morning, and Leah decided to text the number again.

'Just please, tell me he's okay.' Leah just needed to know if he was safe, and alive. 

'Three Days.'

What does that mean? Leah just sat at the table and stared at her phone contact list, "I'm contacting Kat." 

Alf looked at her, "Good idea, ask her to be off-duty." 

Leah rang Kat, "I need your help, but you need to be off duty." 

"I am, I'll be around now." spoke Kat. 


Peter looked at Kat, "I've finished my shift, I have to go." 

"Where too?" asked Peter, curiously hoping Leah isn't asking about things she could do to get Zac back.

"I don't think that's any of your business sir," spoke Kat and left, wondering why he was being so nosy. 

Kat went and changed at home, and left for Leah's house. She arrived, and knocked with Alf letting her in. 

"It's pretty hectic here, we just need advice." spoke Alf.

VJ came down, "Have you heard anything?" 

"Not really," spoke Leah. "Hey Kat, Zac's been kidnapped, and they said they'll kill him if we contact cops." 

"What? That's crazy! Um, you need our help though. It's going to be okay, I'll get some uniforms around here." spoke Kat. 

Leah shook her head, "No! Just you! I won't be losing him!"

"I know, but you need all the help you can get. Are you for sure he's kidnapped?" asked Kat. 

Leah handed her the phone, "That says everything." 


Tank was on the phone, "You know his family are worried about him! I love his niece, this... I think it isn't right." 

Peter sighed, "It is! Now do as your told!" 

"And if I don't?" snapped Tank, looking back at the now hung back up Zac.

"You'll regret it," spoke Peter.

"I don't care, I should do the right thing. I know his family, they will be in fear." Tank sighed, thinking about how Evie may be. And how he could be given a chance at redemption with them, if he acts like he found him in the forest or something. 

"Beat him one last time then! If you must take him back! I'll deal with him myself." spoke Peter, ending the call. 

Peter was now annoyed he hadn't even been gone 12 hours before the contact he thought was solid, he had to think of new ideas to get to Zac to get him to leave Leah. He now started by looking through his past. 


Hours passed as Leah and Kat, and the rest divided a plan. Kat reluctantly agreed to give it the three days before she made an official report, but she would inquire about things in the days to come on the quiet to see where and if any strange behaviour had been seen around the bay up to the morning of Zac's kidnapping. It was near midnight when she was leaving.

Tank entered the room again, doing as asked one final time, before undoing him and carrying him the miles he had to, to get him back to his car he had stashed and drove back to the bay and dumped him outside the Summer Bay House, near the toilet blocks, where some light was. Tank then disappeared. In fear that he would be seen as the kidnapper. Zac still hadn't woken from what Peter asked Tank to do.

Leah couldn't sleep, "I'm just going to clean out some of the caravans for Alf, I need to." spoke Leah to the family. Alf tried to get her to stay in the house but she refused. She went to the laundry, grabbing some cleaning gear and disappeared out the door, VJ looked to Alf. "I hope we're doing the right thing." 

"Leah just wants to do what she has to, to make him safe." spoke Alf.


Leah had been cleaning out a caravan, when she decided to go for a walk around the caravan park to see if there was anything else she needed to do. She looked over at the caravan park toilet block, "Should I clean some of that?" she whispered to herself, looking at her supplies she looked around a bit more, noticing what looked like clothing on the side near the toilet block. 

As she began to walk over she noticed it was a person, she ran over. "Zac!" She cried out, grabbing her phone. Dialing an ambulance. Ash ran over, and helped her roll him over to check his pulse. Leah looked at Ash, "He's alive." Spoke Ash.


Is Zac Okay?

I note that this is a silly/weird personally, maybe bad chapter, because I really don't like that Zac's kidnapped so... Bring him back... But it won't be over, where Peter's concerned.

What do you think?

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Thanks for the replies, since I'm in the mood to reply now, I shall. :wub:

Chapter Nine - Feel.

Leah stood there looking down at Zac, as ambulances managed to get him somewhat conscious. But he wasn't speaking, Ash had ran back to the house. 

"Just letting you know, Leah found Zac. She's with the paramedics now. He was dumped at the toilet blocks." Spoke Ash. 

Alf, Colleen, VJ, Hunter and the twins ran out the door after Ash, running to the toilet blocks. Leah was holding Zac's hand, as the paramedics asked her, "Are you coming with us?"

"Go, Leah, I'll bring the family down now, well Colleen could take Leah or Zac's car with some kids," spoke Alf.

"Take mine," spoke Leah. "And call Kat. We can report the kidnapping now, Zac's back." 

She got in the ambulance with him, retaking his hand as they sped off. "Is he going to be okay?"

"They need to do tests, looks like from this point he has some broken ribs, and a head injury. Looks like he's be hit with something, the blood on his head," spoke the man. "But remain positive, tests will give further indication of what happened." 


Peter went to the warehouse to remind Tank not to remove Zac from the place, entering the now empty warehouse, he was livid throwing his old phone against the wall. Now for plan two, he had to convince Leah, Zac wasn't good for her, and that he was. She was beautiful, she would never be overbearing like Amanda was. Always had a thing for Leah, he knew Zac didn't make her that happy. He did wonder if Tank accidentally killed him and had to hide the body, so he somewhat hopeful in time that Leah would be his. 

Leaving the warehouse he sent a text message to Tank, 'You better have killed him for the warehouse to be empty, Zac isn't meant to have left until I said.


Nate was working at the hospital, "We have a guy, here mid 30s, found at Caravan park, his heart rate is pretty high, and suspected broken ribs and head injuries." spoke the Paramedic, giving over over medical jargon as well. 

Nate rushed over, and saw Leah in tears, "Zac?" he said as he looked down.

"Has he woken up?" asked Nate to a paramedic. 

"He's reacted to pain, but hasn't opened his eyes." spoke the Paramedic.

"Right, I need an urgent head scan, and blood tests taken for all possible injuries, and we need to get some fluid into him once those tests are back. Hannah are you alright to handle this?" asked Nate.

"Yes!" nodded Hannah, as they sent him up for tests.


Kat arrived to the hospital and went up to Leah, "What's going on? Ash just told me to come to the hospital." 

She then saw Zac on a hospital bed, "You found him?" 

"Someone dumped him at the toilet blocks at the Caravan Park, someone knows he lives there. This is personal." spoke Leah.

"Anymore texts?" asked Kat.

"No, nothing at all, I was cleaning and noticed something and it was him. He hasn't woken up Kat! What if this is like Josh? What if?" cried Leah.

As Evie, Josh, Hunter and VJ with Oscar came in, "Where is he?" asked Hunter. 

Leah saw the fear in his eyes and went up and hugged him, "They're doing tests. He reacted to pain in the ambulance, but hasn't woken up." 


Kat left to make an official report of the kidnapping of Zac and to inform uniformed officers to do more patrols of the hospital to keep Zac safe, and sat down and rubbed her temples. Why would someone kidnap someone so kind and thoughtful? She wondered. She opened up the case to Charlotte, and wondered if anyone who had bad blood with Charlotte would target people closest to those of her son? 

Peter came in, "What are you still doing here?" 

"I've decided to work, someone had kidnapped Zac MacGuire and I intend to find out who, maybe someone connected to Charlotte did it? Because she wasn't an exactly loved person in the Bay and angered a lot of people." spoke Kat. "Poor Leah, I hope this isn't like what happened to Josh. She doesn't deserve this, not after everything her family has gone through this year and last."

"I am sure it is nothing, Zac is a good guy." lied Peter. 

"Yes he is, one of the best," spoke Kat. "So we need to find who did this, to stop her family from hurting. Hunter, Oscar, Evie and VJ are really hurting, most importantly Leah is." 

Peter rolled his eyes as he sat down behind his computer, "Sure she is." 


Tests had been taken, and Leah was now allowed to sit in there with him. It was to only be her right now, Nate said to not stress Zac out if he was to wake. There was no significant damage done, a few broken ribs and bruises, his face had been cleaned up and the cuts stitched up that needed too. He should wake up, soon, now that he was not dehydrated and warm. 

She took his hand, and looked at him as he slept, she closed her eyes. "Please, wake up soon." 

She put his hand up to her lips and pressed a kiss on them her eyes on his face. 

VJ watched from outside, so did Hunter. "I never really thought when I came to town that she really loved Dad, I was messed up desperate to have a dad, and only a dad to myself. But, now, now I am glad he has her. I am glad she has him too. I never really apologized to you how much I did put you through." 

VJ looked at him, "Your mother was pretty crazy, I can... understand why you acted the way you did. Mum was always willing to be supportive of you, but she wanted respect. Mum would do anything for Zac. She hasn't had a good run with guys, and I never made it easy for them when they got together. Just be thankful we're alright now. And we'll still be alright after this." 

VJ had to admit Hunter had come along way since being in the Bay and when Hunter came back from his Grans one day he had apologized and promised to make a better effort with Leah and himself, and he had. Once Charlotte stole his trust fund, and found to be sleeping with Matt, Hunter moved in. It was difficult for VJ at first, feeling like he would have lost that bond with Zac that he had because he lived with him; but it didn't change, Hunter was just included too. VJ felt betrayed by Hunter when he came out as the person who burned their house down, but they worked it out slowly. 

Leah looked out the window and smiled at the two boys that were standing there, as she was she felt Zac squeeze her hand. Her head immediately span back to his, "Zac?" 

He opened his eyes, "Leah?" fear in his voice. "Where am I?" 

"You're at the hospital, you were kidnapped." cried Leah, "You're safe." 

He looked at her, he looked confused. "How did I get here then?" He asked. 

"Someone dumped you at the caravan park, you were pretty beaten up. Broken ribs, bruises and a few cuts on your face." 

"Wouldn't let me go," spoke Zac.

"Who?" asked Leah. "Who had you Zac?"

"I can't remember," spoke Zac. "I'm safe now. You're here, with me. I love you." 

"I love you too Zac," spoke Leah rubbing his arm.


Will Zac remember who they were? Will Tank fess up? Or say he found Zac?

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Thank you Kristen, Ludub for being so supportive! :wub: LAST UPDATE for tonight :lol:

Chapter Ten - Troubles. 

Leah sat with Zac the remainder of the night, watching him carefully. Zac was silent, he didn't really know what to say to her. He knew how he kept things from her in prison was bad form, "They beat me up, all I know is that they were working for someone." He whispered. "All I remember."

"Its okay, Zac. Don't stress, you just need to rest and focus on getting better." He nodded and squeezed her hand. He looked at her once, tugging on her hand. "Zac?"

"Can't I get a kiss?" teased Zac. Trying to feel some normal. Leah leaned forward and pressed her lips to his, kissing her back. 

"Get some sleep now." ordered Leah, "I'll let Hunter in to see you when you wake." 

Zac nodded and closed his eyes slipping off to sleep. 


Leah left the room with a sigh, looking back at him. Hunter and VJ came over to her. 

"Does he know who did it?" asked Hunter.

"No." frowned Leah. "All he knows is they beat him, and were working for someone. Bits and pieces, he seems okay though." spoke Leah.

Leah knew with his time in prison, left him with troubles; sleeping, getting on with the kids, even her. She was worried he would return back to the shell hiding behind it because he was scared to let her into what happened. She watched him from the window, "You kids should go home, and return in the morning. I'll stay here with him, I have to be here. Go, please, he'll want you all to be at home in bed." 

The kids obeyed this time, without hesitation leaving the hospital and watched as Leah went and took a chair in his room closing her eyes and drifted off into a light sleep. 


Peter watched as Kat grew a board of potential people to kidnap Zac, and the injuries provided by Nate up on the board too. "Would you care to help or are you just going to sit there? Just because you're here for one case, doesn't mean you don't have to help for others too. And this one is serious." 

Peter sighed, "Why he's fine isn't he?" 

"And if they come back? What is your problem?" snapped Kat. "You're meant to be a police officer."

"And I am, but I am finished for the night. You're the one choosing to work over." said Peter grabbing his jacket. "Goodnight."

"Unbelievable." she muttered once he was gone. 


VJ had gotten home and looked over at Hunter, "What got you so sentimental, earlier?" 

"The thought of losing Dad, and seeing your mother so devastated this past day and a half." spoke Hunter. "I can't imagine the thought of what she was feeling. Or what he was feeling being hurt like he was, on purpose." 

"Zac's a strong person, he wouldn't go out without a fight," spoke VJ, "He is loved and he loves a lot of people to just give up." 

Hunter nodded, "After everything mum had done to this town, I thought things would settle down." 

"Hunter, there's always drama happening here," spoke VJ. "If it's not this, it's either with the Braxton family or someone is gossiping, Colleen is a chin-wagger, it's dangerous with her around." 

Hunter chuckled, "We should head to bed so we can get to the hospital early tomorrow." 


Colleen entered with the other children and Alf followed her in, "Feel free to camp in one of the caravan's, love." 

"Oh thank you Mr Stewart, you are so kind. I'm going to see Irene!" she hobbled out the door. "She will have to hear this!" 

"Oi, I don't think you should be sharing this!" growled Alf. It was too late she was gone. He sighed going back into the house.

"What am I going to do with her?" pondered his brain.


'Leave! No!' Leah woke up to that, and looked around for a second, until she heard Zac growl and whine. The repeated words, she walked up quietly and took his hand, daring not to wake him right now. 

'Home, Leah, stay away from me!' Leah felt the tears and shook him a little, "Zac, wake up!" 

He jumped awake, hissing in pain. "You're safe." She touched his face and locked eyes with him, her own tears in her eyes. Zac sat up ignoring the pain and hugged her too him. 

"Just... stay with me, right here." He whispered. "I can't remember who it is." 


Tank walked into the Summer Bay Caravan park, running into Evie. "Hey is Zac alright?" 

"What are YOU doing here? Stay away! And how do you know about Zac huh?" snapped Evie.

"I just got out of prison and was looking for a place to stay, I found him, hanging from a pipe unconscious I got him free, and got him back to the Caravan park. I couldn't take him to the hospital people would think I had something to do with it," convinced Tank, knowing he was lying. 

"You saved him?" asked Evie the tears in her eyes, "You should go to the hospital and tell Leah outside of his room. He's not dealing well apparently." 

"No, I don't want to intrude, I just wanted to know if he was okay," spoke Tank.

"Well I'll tell her, when I head off there in a few. I don't want to see you again," spoke Evie. "But if Zac does I'll contact." 


Leah had made sure he was alright before the kids arrived to see him, Evie entered first. "So I ran into Tank, he said he was released from prison yesterday and was looking for a place to stay when he found Zac at this warehouse he was going to use. He made sure no one was about when he got him out of there. He was too scared, to bring him here if people accused him of lying." sighed Evie.

"Tank saved Zac? After the threats?" asked Leah. Evie nodded. 

"Tell him I say thanks," spoke Zac looking out the window. "Shouldn't you all be at uni and school?" 

"We wanted to see you," spoke Oscar. "Hunter's been taking it rough." 

"Well I'm fine, so you can go to uni." snapped Zac.

Oscar and Evie nodded, and Hunter and VJ came in, "Hey Dad." They both said at the same time.

Zac looked over, and sighed rolling his eyes a little. "Some novelty to see me again?" 

"Zac," sighed Leah. 

"I'm fine, Leah! I just don't want them missing school because of me," sighed Zac. He closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. 

She put her hand on his chest and rubbed, wondering how long it'll take for him to settle. 

"Dad, I was really worried." frowned Hunter taking offence. 

"I know that and I appreciate it, but school is important Hunter." sighed Zac. Hunter came over and hugged him gently. 

Zac hugged back and looked to VJ, "Come on then, champ." 

He hugged him too, "Now please, will you go to school, for me?" 

They nodded, "Fine." They grumbled. "Can you give us a note Mum?" 

"I've rang Greg, you'll be fine to just go, but go." snapped Leah. 

The kids disappeared, and Zac looked to Leah. 

"Can we go home yet?" asked Zac.


Once Zac was discharged and home, he shut all the doors and made sure he was safe inside the home, Leah watched helpless. She knew he was worried, and she could sense it on the drive home, his posture was tense. She was worried that this was the start of the same process, and worse that he had in prison. If Peter was involved she would never forgive herself. 

"If Peter's involved in this, I'll never forgive myself." she watched him as he sat down at the dining room table, and he looked helplessly up at her.

"It's not your fault, I just need time to readjust." he spoke and held her hand, "I love you." 

"But if he-" cried Leah. Zac stood up and wrapped his arms around her, trying his best to console her. 

"It's not, really. Even if he did, it's still not your fault," spoke Zac and kissed her hair. 


Peter walked into the station in the morning to the inspector there, with Kat. "I think we need to take this seriously, someone kidnapped him and dumped him back at his home, that means they know where he lives and could target anyone of his family members."

"I agree, Baker, you're on this case too." spoke Hayes. 

"No I'm not," denied Peter.

"You do as I say, or you can leave altogether." snapped Hayes.

"Fine!" he sighed, "What do you got so far?" 

"Nothing, all I know is that he was taken from the park towards the school," spoke Kat.

"Let's go head out there and look for any signs of struggle," sighed Peter.


Is Zac gonna be okay??


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