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Alone (by Phoebe) - comments


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REALLY enjoying this.


Sasha "breaking" after Dex sounds right. She always seemed stronger to me than him.


LOOOVED the Big Bang Theory reference and this ......


"Brax refers to all my male friends as my boyfriend, just so you know. It's his way of dealing with... Who I am. I'm sorry if that made you uncomfortable and I'm sorry if what I just told you makes you uncomfortable I just thought you should know." Dex's heart sank a little knowing that what Brax said didn't mean that Casey spoke about him in a way that would make Brax think they're together. Dex couldn't believe that Casey was gay, Casey the womanizer, Casey the guy who took his sister's virginity (Dex didn't like to think about that) 

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Understandable that Dex feels overwhelmed at the moment ....hence with the whole not letting Casey move in.


The comparo tween Sheldon and Dex is apt.


"Surprise" that Dex knows that Sasha is putting on a brave face etc


Looooved Darcy's  "Dad we treat guests with respect, remember? That's what Uncle Brax said."  

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