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Early Years "Doom Piano"


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A little appreciation thread.

As mentioned in the other threads, that thing really got a big workout in 1993/94 especially in the Fisher house even in non dramatic reasons in a scenes that didn't recall it example?

Donald: Who ate all of the Marmalade? *riff* 

Angel: Somebody left the Toilet Seat up! *riff*

Shane: Niiiick, I need 20 bucks! *riff*

Nick: Dammit, Shane, You left your undies on the bathroom floor! *riff*

(Note: Slight exaggeration of scenes, but you get the gist)

That particular riff would be adopted for Guitar and Strings.

I'd love to know what motivated Perjanik to make such a haunting piece.

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If it's the piece I'm thinking of, it was just used with Roxy storming out after Rob told her to get lost because he's not feeling well.

It was also used for Sophie slapping Sally after she lost David's chain (and possibly Ailsa slapping Karen IIRC).

Is that the piece?

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