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Home and Away: The Early Years Redux Book 1


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Title Of Story: Home and Away: The Early Years Redux Book 1

Type of fic: Long Fic

BTTB Rating: T

Main Characters: Tom and Pippa Fletcher, Frank, Steven, Carly, Lynn, Sally, Alf, Donald Fisher, Floss and Neville, Ailsa, Bobby, and Lance, Martin, Roo , more characters will be added in later chapters of may appear in the next story

Genre: Drama, Family, Teen, 

Does It Contain Spoilers: Yes for those who hadn't seen the 1988 episodes there will be some differences 

Warnings:  Language, brief fighting , Intense Moments ,

Plot: A brand new retelling of Home and Away The Early Years from The Beginning   

Introduction: For this story I aim to retell the story from the earlier episodes my way and I'm also adding some new story elements as well new scenes and the stories from each episode will still be faithful. The stories still be set in the eighties and also there may be some changes . characters personalities will still be faithful . There will be some changes to some of plot lines it's like I'm doing a brand new adaptation just like Stephen King's The Shining for example when Stanley Kubrick made The Shining into a movie it was different from the book and it's still a good film even though that Stephen King hates Kubrick's Version and some people may be critical of Kubrick's version Stephen King later in the early nineties did mini series of The Shining which is more faithful to the book  . my Home and Away story is going to have a Twin Peaks like story pace and it will still have its charm from the earlier Episodes. Hope you guys enjoy my version of one of the very first Episodes


Librarian Edit:  Added Prologue Part 1 into first post.


Prologue Part 1




in the alleyways rain was pouring everywhere a young boy starts running like someone is after him 


Police Officer



Frank continues running away from the police officer then the police officer hides waiting to grab him then Frank comes out of hiding out of nowhere the police officer grabs Frank by the hand


Police Officer

Frankie your in big trouble your mum is not going to be happy for smashing car windows 



Part 2 gets written tomorrow stay tuned

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Prologue Part 2


Later at the department of child services


Mr. Jarvis was sitting at his desk putting files order then the telephone rang then picks up the phone


Mr. Jarvis

Hello Gordan Jarvis ceo of child services speaking . Yes send them in 


Mr. Jarvis walks to the door then opens the door and greets Tom and Pippa Fletcher 


Mr. Jarvis

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher come on in and have a seat make yourselves comfortable 


Mr. Jarvis puts his classes on and then opens filling cabinet then looks through the f section then picks up a file that says Frank Morgan. Mr. Jarvis starts reading Frank's file then hands it to Tom and Pippa 


Mr. Jarvis

Have a look at that. Frank is a very difficult child



How difficult 


Mr. Jarvis

three arrest by the time your eight is not a bad go. remind you of his background I'm not surprised his father in and out jail and mother an alcoholic. I hope you know what your taking on



We never thought it would be easy


Mr. Jarvis

Look fostering this sort of child

(Tom then interrupts before Mr. Jarvis could finished his sentence) 


Yes we do know Mr. Jarvis that's why we're here. Any more you got like him here 



We'il just be as happy to take them


Mr. Jarvis

I'll think you'il find as one sufficient 



We'll find your wrong  





End of prologue part 2

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