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Dan Bennett quits


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That's a shame to hear. But good luck to him. I think he was doing a great job minus the bits and pieces I assume he was pressured into doing (such as the continuation of the Brax/crime element).

The only way forward now is to either get completely fresh producers in to overhaul the show or possibly bring back some producers from the past like Bevan or Coral if they were up for the challenge, or go even back further/mid 90's.

I'm not going to watch at all if Louise and Lucy team back up again. I don't like their style of writing and their creativity is not to my taste.

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1 hour ago, kmp1963 said:

The more i think about it, the more worried I am.

I can't help but wonder why Dan has left so soon. If it has to do with the future direction of the show. I shudder to think.


51 minutes ago, Wanderer101 said:

Dan reveals he's quitting only after a few days after denying the Summer Bay Massacre. Not making any claims about whether the massacre is true or untrue because of that, but just said that to spark thought and discussion. :P

Both of these points have my head spinning with theories that are probably wrong lol . It's definitely a bit iffy though. 


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