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  • 4 months later...

In light of Hunter recently confessing to the diner safe/electrocution fiasco back in 2015 do you think he's genuinely turned over a new leaf and will keep his nose clean until he departs next year?

More generally do you think he should also he legally and morally exonerated for that now?


My gut is telling me he will get in trouble again and it will interweave with his exit storyline.

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26 minutes ago, harrietjames said:

wasn't the house he burnt down Leah's which was before the Denny died?

Yes it was. The fire was in June 2015, Australian pace - in episode 6236. Denny was murdered in 6281. About 2 months later... 

Source: baktothebay.net/episodes/2015

I am months behind, but are they trying to rewrite the storylines?? I have felt that before, when they have tried to make Hunter responsible for Charlotte's actions. Do they want to make Charlotte for his now???  Charlotte weren't responsible for the fire, and Hunter electrocution of Marilyn, pushing Josh down the stairs, but she had her own mean plan and actions long before Hunter entered the show. 


Sometimes it is hard to see who is meant to be the parent, and who is meant to be the child on this show. The parent is the one who should be more responsible, and teaching their children right or wrong. I remember Charlotte being upset about some of Hunters actions, but she was too busy with fooling around with 16 year olds (Matt), and her own vicious plan to get Zack which ended with murdering several charachters (and they tried to blame that on Hunter). Hunter was responsible for what he did, but not Charlotte's actions. But Charlotte should have put him in place, that is a parent responsibility. It is the adult who's supposed to take responsibility and show it to the teen, not the other way around.

I really miss the days when we had realistic adult charachters on the show, when parenting was the parent responsibility, and when the teens were taught to take responsibility for their actions, and when they parents weren't psycho's or weak with more faults than the teens toghether. 

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Trying to just give the facts on something that tends to have me clenching in fury but here's what we were told in 2015:

Charlotte had lied to Hunter that Zac knew he was his father.She came to Summer Bay leaving Hunter with her mother and later sent him word that Zac didn't want to see him.Hunter came to Summer Bay without anyone knowing and spied on Zac, seeing him happy with his makeshift family.Angry and thinking that Zac wanted them and not him, he set fire to their house.When Billie went to help those trapped inside, Hunter, having seen her argue with the family shortly beforehand, stole her bag, planted evidence in it implicating her in the arson and left it at her house for the police to find.(I was very worried to see a recent article try to claim it was Charlotte that framed Billie, when she didn't even know Hunter was in town at the time, and hope that the show's not trying to claim that.)Hunter eventually let Charlotte know he was there and she quickly realised he started the fire but kept quiet.She also admitted Zac knew nothing about him.Against her wishes, Hunter told Zac he was his son.To cut a long story short, both Charlotte and Hunter tried to drive a wedge between Zac and Leah without much success.When Zac failed to show up to spend time with him, Hunter blamed Leah and robbed the Diner to get back at her, stealing the safe and leaving electric wires exposed, which inadvertently resulted in Marilyn being electrocuted.Charlotte again covered for him.When Denny came to the flat, saw the safe and realised Hunter had took it, she got into a scuffle with Charlotte who accidentally killed her.Charlotte then buried both the body and the safe in the woods.Hunter didn't know Denny was dead until months later when her body was found with the safe and he realised Charlotte must have done it.He still kept quiet and the police eventually worked out Charlotte had killed Denny, assuming she must have done the robbery too.

More info here.

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