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21 Questions “Home And Away” Left Unanswered

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I didn't like that with Casey and Kane. Casey did far worse things than Kane did, he killed his father instead of calling the police. And Casey was good in the beginning, but turned out bad got worse and worse. There were no good charachterdevelopement which was thrown away there. Kane changed, and saved Danni several times. I would have swapped these two points. A good ending for Kane but not for Casey. 

And I would have added, why turn the former bad boys back to bad when they leave, instead of showing that good support and love sometimes help. Especially after exploring their tragic backgrounds and doing a lot of work to change them. 



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Real unanswered questions would be things like the cancer cluster storyline, Charlie's sexuality, what happened to Rob, etc.

Absolutely, they had so much potential with that cancer cluster storyline.  Even today, I still do not understand why it was never referred to when Belle became sick with cancer, especially when it was Belle who was so determined to get to the bottom of the development site and the associated cancer cluster. Even in more recent years, when other characters such as Irene, Romeo, and now even Maddy have become ill, there is still no reference to the development site, despite the increasing frequency of the disease in Summer Bay.  Whatever happened to Tim Coleman, the foreman that was so horrible? What happened to those toxic waste drums that got removed the night Belle cut her hand?

Over the years there have been way too many incomplete, and unanswered questions and storylines.    I just hope "Home and Away" starts to become more consistent in there delivery, progression, and conclusion of storylines.:huh:


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