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Charlotte King - Erika Heynatz

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Angie 2.0, which was pretty much blatant from the moment she appeared.Blonde teacher who once dated a main character, had a son with him without telling him, seems nice but clearly made as a box of frogs, with an unhealthy habit of sleeping with teenagers around the same age as her son.I guess if Dan Bennett's going to plunge into the show's history in search of inspiration he at least picked something with promise, although the embellishments underline how the show has changed since 2002.It's not enough for Charlotte to face the consequences of her actions, Hunter needs to do so as well.If the middle-aged woman gets punished while the good-looking young man goes free...well, then you've got Andy and his mother frankly, and the chain of consequences is complete.

I haven't seen how it plays out thanks to Channel 5 leaving us in limbo 50 episodes from the end of the season but I'm not sure death is the right resolution to her storyline, especially not if they throw the moment away on a protracted whodunit.I think incarcerating her in wherever Montgomery ended up would have been a more fitting ending.

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I was quite surprised about the quality of Erika's acting ability.


I assume that with Samantha Jade coming in as the new female drama queen/villain,

that Erika wont be back in the short term even if the character survives. 

With the actress' pregnancy, perhaps it would be seen as the easiest thing for both parties (actress/producers), to kill the character off.

Spoiler tags added.
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1 hour ago, Noah Rodgers said:

I was surprised they listed her as a regular when she was going to be killed of within a matter of months bearing in mind she was pregnant during the whole generation she did a very good job.

She was never listed as a regular.

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Loved the character of Charlotte. A multi-layered character who's downfall was fascinating to watch, but I think with her being the main story of the second half of 2015 it meant that the show went through a resurgence during that period of time, when the first half of 2015 was notably average.

I don't think she was an inherently bad person, but bad decisions mainly through the motivation of protecting Hunter had manifested itself and things spiralled out of control very quickly.

Great character who left a lasting impact on other characters. Still love re-watching old episodes when she was on.

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