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Billie Ashford - Tessa De Josselin

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I think Billie was a great addition and I'm hoping we'll see a lot more of her next year.Tessa always managed to imbue her with the right amount of vulnerability and make her seem troubled rather than unpleasant.I definitely didn't appreciate the way Phoebe and Denny tried to turn Ash against her.Even during the thing with Nate, when I really didn't like what she was doing, I didn't hate her, just wanted her to be stopped, and my sympathies were firmly with her in the aftermath when the town was hounding and bullying her.The way she ran into a fire to help people she barely knew showed her basic decency, and her reward was to get locked up for months.(Another reason to hate Hunter...)I hope she has a happier time of it next year, and maybe Ash can manage to remember she exists...

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Billie is another character I struggle with thanks to an appalling entry storyline.

I wish they wouldn't do that to characters. 

However I am trying to get past it. I will wait and see. 

Note to writers. The whole introduce a new character as a baddy then redeem them thing. It's got very old.

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59 minutes ago, ~Lynd~ said:

I think they've done it with Billie in a way that works . It would be incredibly boring if everyone came in nice and stayed nice till they left.Her reasons for doing the things she did were well written as well imo.

I have to disagree. The thing with Nate seemed without real reason. If she had done it to Kyle, the guy who just slept with her and used her, it would have made more sense to me.

Instead it seemed to be purely for a short lived cheap storyline, which was a bit of an injustice to women who are victims of domestic violence. I guess it annoyed me because I would have liked to see her past and it's effect on her behavior explored in a more serious and thoughtful manner.

Just another potentially brilliant story about a serious issue treated with contempt.


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The redeeming thing is good thing when it's well written. And when there are some reasonable explanation to a character's behaviour. I like the most when we can se the prosess of the characters struggle of becoming a better person. And when they get some help from the others in the Bay. I love such kind of storylines, I think it is great to think that even with a bad past you can be a better person with the right support and strength and will to change. It is not always that in the real world, but I think it is great that this can happen in a soap, in dreamland. And I think that this kind of storylines are so much more exciting than the guns or over-the-top dramatic stuff. 

And all the redeeming storylines can be different from each other. I don't think these kind of storylines have been too identical to each other on H&A. When they are going in depth, I have loved these kind of storylines. When they are doing this well, no other soap are doing this as good as H&A. And they are the reason why I have watched H&A for 20 years. 

But in recent years, I don't think these kind of storylines have been that good. There have been less explanations of the character's behaviour, and less about the charachter's past, and the prosess of changing behaviour have not been that good. They have often changed without any explanation. 

But Billie had a good explanation for her behaviour. And she was sent away to a clinic. II think it will work if she returns as a reformed character, but still with some problems. Her stay in the clinic is a good enough reason to her change, and I hope she changes a bit.  I really don't like when these kind of characters get a lot of help and they still don't change, or revert to their old habits before they leave the bay. 

What I don't like, is when people compare all kind of bad boy or girl storylines, and call them bad-boy go good. There are a lot of examples of bad boy storylines when we haven't seen them change at all, or they have changed overnight. Brax or Casey were never bad boys go good, for example. Brax always remained the same, and Casey changed for the worse. Heath had a good prosess of changing of behaviour, struggling of course and did several mistakes. But he changed over time. But I think there have been better storylines with a better background storyline than Heath's. 

I haven't seen Billie returning. But I think Billie part 1 was well written and very well played. Maybe the best storyline of this kind in recent years.  Maybe her story went on for too long, but I still think that this kind of a storyline needs a good portion of time to be explored on screen. I am looking forward to see more of her... Hopefully she returns to stay for a longer while. 

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Just when I thought that Billie [with her FINE beauty, voice and vulnerability] couldn't get any more AWESOME, she does ……..with her empathy towards Hunter.


LOOVED that whilst Ash wanted to teach Hunter a lesson, Billie was just pleased to be NOT going to jail. Adored how she thought it was courageous of Hunter to own up to starting the fire ….and that she empathised with him, knowing how messed up her own life has been at times.         

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