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Darryl 'Brax' Braxton - Steve Peacocke

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have found it more ridicoulus that the Braxtons forgave Kyle after what he did to Casey. Even if it seems Brax has never seen him as a brother and has treated him quite differently from the two others. Still, it is very strange to take in someone who almost killed your brother in jealousy. Because that was really what we saw. Kyle tortured him for days, and wanted Casey to die. It wasn't a breakdown (like former characters had), but only an act out of jealousy.

I think it was really out of character for Brax to forgive him that easily. He has always been portrayed like a revenge guy. It would have been more in character if Brax wanted to kill Kyle instead.

I agree totally with you jodlebirger about Brax taking Kyle in. That was ridiculous because Kyle left Casey in the desert to die. I don't know why he felt obliged to help him after he took the stand in court and helped Casey out . He did nothing special just telling the truth. So I didn't get that either and I was surprised that Casey took that so well as he found out Kyle lived in the house. But as he said later on.... 'How come whenever something bad happens to me the person responsible gets to live in my house`

But also the stuff with Ricky was hard to take in because I doubt that she confessed because she wanted to help Casey. She did it because she knew that if she didn't do that, Brax would cut her off if he found out later (even if they were together). And she didn't care that something could happen to Casey while in prison or if Heath lost his daughter forever. She only cared about saving Brax and how she could be together with him. I get that she wanted to help her brother at first but after she found out he was wrong about Brax she could have warned Brax without Adam to know. And if Brax left Adam to die why mess with Casey and Heath family? I think she agreed with that because she didn't want Brax to get physically hurt. He was her only concern. And I highly doubt Adam would have killed her, even at the end he didn't do it despite having the opportunity. So I really don't have much sympathy for Ricky.

I completely agree, I started disliking Brax's character bit by bit since Adam's revenge storyline - that wasn't Brax that came to the Bay. And for Kyle and Ricky to be forgiven was just absurd, what they did was unforgivable. I don't know why and how Kyle's changed his mind at the end as it was clear that he hated his brothers, but he basically went overnight from hating them to wanting to be part of the family. Brax made a deal with him to confess for kidnaping and in return he would get him a good lawyer, so we can't say that Kyle told a truth because he felt guilty. I think that Brax understood that Danny was bad influence on Kyle, but why move him into the house and move Casey to Natalie's - there were million other solutions for that and I didn't like that Brax chose Kyle over Casey (who was like his son) - and his explanation was that he wanted Casey to have fresh start - what?? The first time I saw that Kyle actually cares about Casey was when Casey got hurt in car accident.

And regarding Ricky, I don't buy the fact that she was played by Adam, she knew exactly who Adam was and I believe that she knew what she was doing (at the end she was brought up by Adam); but at the end she switched sides (same as Andy), however it was too late. She had million opportunities to tell Brax the truth, but she was trying to 'protect him' so she kept quiet - yeah right! And for Brax to move her into the house where she spent days moping around playing a victim and crying over her destiny as she was facing jail (that she richly deserved) was just a charry on top. Even to bring Charlie back to convince Brax to forgive Ricky was just cheap shot for the fans to stand behind them as a couple. The only real reaction in that storyline was Casey's, if my family did that to me I would probably act the same. Heath hasn't shown any concerns about Casey (he was happy that he's got his daughter back) neither has Kyle (who was happy with Tamara - Casey's girlfriend). The only person in Casey's corner was Indi and I'm glad she returned the favour as Casey was there for her when Romeo left. But in that whole storyline the person who let Casey down the most was Brax - a man Casey idolised. If someone did that to my family (sent one brother to jail, get another brother to be chased by the police, take a child from the third brother and got me shot), no matter how much I loved them, played or not played, victim or not victim - I think I would put my relationship on hold and re-think things. Even if she helped the Braxtons by solving there problems whether they like or not, I don't really sympathize with or like her as a character. And I don't realy care if at the end she ends up alone.

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Wow........ the writing continues to hit new lows! So Brax is fighting to clear his name and is risking spending 20yrs in prison because he didn't wanna go down for something he didn't do and refuses

I think Brax is selfish and perhaps also a bit deluded.His moral compass is completely out of whack but he's convinced he's the hero because he's doing it for his family.His loyalty towards other is h

I was never a big River Boys fan, but I liked Casey, and Heath was just kind of a lug, but I’ve always been sort of indifferent to Brax. I didn’t love him, and I didn’t despise him in the way that som

Brax brought all the bad into Casey life and will have to live with results of revenge.Jake was his mistake, but Ricky and Kyle were gambles. He is too soft at times and trusting. He wants control and to be looked up to and that is a killer

I agree but I view Jake as more Heath's mistake.
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Answer to Lila_Q post

That was a real good summary of the storyline problems or Brax character problems. When they arrived at Summer Bay it was pretty clear that nobody messes with Brax or his family. But that started to change during his relationship with Charlie and maybe he realized that he might be a bad role model for Casey who really looked up to him. Maybe that was the reason for Brax wanting a change in his life. He wanted to get Casey away from danger, drug dealers and other criminals but I have the feeling he got lost in his desperate attempt to get 'normal' and not being a Riverboy anymore. Letting Kyle live in the house might have been ok for having him under control until he took the stand but afterwards no obligation whatsoever could make a normal person do that. Especially not for somebody who would have killed Casey without second thought since he left him to die in the desert (what would have happened if Brax hadn't shown up). He saw how hurt Casey was and still didn't change his mind. Sad. And Casey accepting it after his short talk to Natalie wasn't really believable either.And after that Kyle only showed concern for itself and didn't give a damn about his brothers, only stepping up at Angelo's to impress Brax and get himself in a better position. And taking Casey's girlfriend- that was inexcusable for a brother. An that Brax or Heath (who told Kyle at the beginning he would kill him if he goes after Casey's girl) would simply go with that ?? No way I would have thrown the guy out of the house for good. So I don't get where Brax's mind was at.

As for Heath-he never showed much concern for Casey's wellbeing. The only time was after the car accident. So that never bothered me because I think they weren't as close as Brax and Casey.

About Ricks I couldn't agree more with what you wrote because the stuff with her and Brax also forgiving her that was really ridiculous. That reminds me of someone being beaten over and over again by his partner and going back because they promise it won't happen again. Really stupid and misguided because Ricky gave a rat's ass about Casey and what could have happened to him in prison or if Heath lost his daughter for good. And sending a 19 year old kid for 15 years behind bars for something he didn't do is just not something you can't erase by saying sorry or ..I was being played and didn't know what Adam was up to.To accept her back in his life even if he loved her was in my opinion the most out of character acting for Brax because he had cut ties with women he loved before if it interfered with his family. If he wanted to be with Ricky he could have at least had the decency of staying with her at another place to be away from Casey and also not asking Casey to lie for her in court and break his bond of good behavior. If I had been in Casey's place I would have cut all ties with Brax and Ricky and definitely wouldn't have lied for her in court. I know that the beginning of the Adam revenge storyline was Heath stupidity because he wasn't even able to call an ambulance. His excuse that he wanted to be with Darcey doesn't hold true because he just needed to make the call and wait until he heard the sirens. Then he could have left and he din't need to explain anything. The paramedics would have found the body and that would have been it. But I think Heath isn't the smartest person at all and cares mostly about himself and his needs and his family (excluding his brothers). And Brax was also very forgiving which is also out of character but understandable since Heath is his brother. But at the beginning I think he would have beat Heath up and throw him out of the house for a while. But the part Ricky played and then claimed it wasn't her fault because she didn't know what Adam was up to and capable of.... and only wanting to protect Brax ... I have no words for that because it is simply ridiculous.She knew her brother and what he was capable of and she only revealed her role in all this because she knew that if Brax would find out later that they could be over. So I really don't care if Ricky will be a singe mother or if Brax leaves her because I don't care about her at all.

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Wow........ the writing continues to hit new lows! So Brax is fighting to clear his name and is risking spending 20yrs in prison because he didn't wanna go down for something he didn't do and refuses to go to prison and be away from his family and upcoming new baby - so he gave up the option of taking the 8 years to right.

Then all of a sudden they come around and arrest Ash for being an accomplice to the murder, he's not close to being convicted of the crime, he's just being arrested - and now Brax all of a sudden gives up everything and states he murdered Dean.

I mean really!? How about continuing your court case to try and prove your innocence? Not sure how Brax saying he did it clears Ash anyway? They were arresting him as the accomplice, not the murderer.

If Brax were the murderer then wouldn't that point to Ash having a higher chance of being the accomplice!? lol

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Yes the writing has hit new lows. As usual the show has worried about nothing more than making everyone feel sorry for poor darling brax, yuck. It is a perfect example of what has been wrong with the show for the past four seasons. Lazy writing, ridiculous stories, glamorizing violent criminals and above all the constant preferential treatment given to this thug. When you consider how ruthlessly the show treated poor little ruby at the end, have her commit a ridiculously uncharacteristic crime, chuck her in a cop car and never mention her name again. So what if an orphaned 18 year old cops kid goes to jail? God only knows what would happen to her in there. But no problem. And not the least mention of her or any future concern about her by the braxtons. You know, those stand up guys responsible for so much of it. Not to mention braxs promise that she was family. A promise that lasted as long as his promise to Charlie about leaving the river boys.

But when st brax goes to jail, big, tough as nails, gang leader, drug dealer, violent thug extrordinaire. We get all this ridiculous, how terrible, what a horrible place prison is, bu****t drama designed to make us feel sorry for the creep. Good riddance to bad rubbish I say.

Yes it would have been great to see a story that was believable, that brax went to prison for a crime he did commit. And given both how many of those there were and the way he always deals with things, it wouldn't have taken any imagination on the writers part to come up with an exit story for this thug that was both believable and TRULY deserved. But no, true to form even at the end tptb are still protecting this douchebag.

Even now, after all the rubbish about how he changed, we also have him handing over leadership of the river boys. A shallow and infantile plot on the writers part to make Ash into Brax mark two. No doubt we are supposed to believe they have ALL given up dealing drugs for a living. Just another example of the producers contempt for their audiences intelligence.

Sorry, rant over. Short version. So long sucker. Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy.

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I was very disappointed with the way Brax gave up in the end! The decision to plead 'not guilty' just seemed pointless in hindsight especially since he gave up fighting after Ash and received a 20 year jail sentence when this could have been reduced to 8 years had he just pleaded guilty initially.

For a pivotal character of the last few years I was vastly disappointed by how this ended for Brax!

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I have just read that Steve Peacocke has not ruled out a return to the show. God help us. Why cant the door be slammed shut and bolted and the key thrown away forever? I hope he makes it big in Hollywood just so the Braxton knuckle heads as Alf calls them do not darken the doorstep of Summer Bay again.

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Although I doubt it, I really hope Steve does come back at a later date the sooner the better for me. In the real world a true community consists of all different types of individuals not just saints. I have watched H & A for a long time and must say the Braxton stories have been the only ones where I have ensured I never missed an episode. Steve has been fantastic through out, loved the character and the way he has portrayed it - he might not be appreciated on this forum but there are plenty of places where he is.

So pleased to see Steve got another award, he thoroughly deserves it

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