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Darryl 'Brax' Braxton - Steve Peacocke


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This thread is as ghostly as Angelo's! :P

5424/5425 – Only seen YT Chax scenes this week! [student life and Dongle restriction = *sad face*] - hope I didn't miss anything too interesting!

Admittedly I am a little confused at how these scenes have been arranged. I assume in epi 5424 Brax and Charlie had thought that maybe a possibility could be that they move to the city but hadn’t made any definite plans. However, the ultimate sacrifice Brax made was to commit to leaving with her by selling up Angelo’s asap so they could leave once she had worked out her notice. Can’t wait to find out how and why things change. *please let them remain together* - enough drama – their current scenes together [actually talking] are rather adorable!

Gosh Queen Bee needs to get off her high horse. How is Brax firing Liam going to help exactly? Two wrongs don’t make a right! She hates the lying – so why tell more and get in deeper. She needs to let loose a little and be LESS high-maintenance. Haha I get the irony of my words – and yes I know Brax has been plenty guilty of wrong-doings. There is a simple solution to this all along. Why she hasn’t told Liam the truth is beyond me :rolleyes: . It is not likely that he would go to the cops and say “Your bad! I didn’t crash into Bee/Heath. I crashed into Brax/Charlie” – <_< - silly dramatics for nothing imo. But atleast we know Bee is a pointless bff. How dare she say Brax is the bad guy (LOL I have to lol at the loyal defending I do). She is a little quick to forget that Liam has a shady past like ALL in SB!

Since when did Angelo’s become so quiet?? Trying to think back to the last time we saw it and it was buzzing! Hmm maybe it’s been quiet since Brax’s arrest and the evidence going missing?!? I think my fave scenes were Brax with Bianca and Heath individually. They said the same thing which made him realize that no matter how much he tried to change – he would still be stuck with his bad boy title. Doesn’t help that his tats are always visible for all to see and a constant reminder to the residents of the Bay that he is a marked River Boy. Hmm get rid of the tats – get rid of the label??

<3Brax! “Leaving that stuff behind is tough” “I want to be with you. So it’s worth it” By stuff I assume he means the boys banter and idiotic behaviour. His lines and smile are so smooth :wub: ! So a thought crossed my mind when Alf was trying to control the RBs. Brax is the equivalent of all the foster parents that have been on the show. Instead of trouble kids, he has taken troubled men under his wings! Err moving on...

Hahaha LOVE the new promo – Deal with the Devil

[and what a devilish man he appears to be. PS why are those kids on his tail in the promo – creepy!]

You have to laugh at Brax’s attempts at going straight. He is going to make a deal with ‘king criminal’ – so all the money he gets [ALOT] to start his new LEGIT-life with the woman he loves will all be tainted with unlawfulness. Ohh how the SB residents probably wish he was staying... hmm is the reason he stays? Haha they have a petition to keep him there? Business is business to Brax – wonder how he will explain that to Charlie [and us].

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5427 – Again only seen YT Chax clip (Thanks @WeLoveChax – you don’t eat as much of my dongle as the full epi uploaders)

That episode was tense or was it just me? Geoff gave me a shiver. *hyperventilating* My bad I mean Geoffrey! That was a close one. I think Brax nearly lost a finger or half his head. Even his own family were scared of him... they did not utter one word. And his poor wife didn’t know what a smile was. :unsure:

Haha was nice to see someone on the show that was far scarier than Brax [apart from Jake that is].

Oh gosh what to do with Heath? I can’t love him. Or if I do, it is short lived (like gone in 60seconds) and I just want to thump him again. Does he need reminding that he put everyone’s lives in danger by crossing over on Jake’s drug turf and now he is doing something stupid with some other king criminal. Like literally a famous one known to all. Urghh when will he learn? He is angry at the thought of Brax leaving [who wouldn’t be? Haha no need to answer – rhetorical Q] but seriously he is just too stupid for words. Darcy -8year old daughter; ring any bells? Besides technically Brax isn’t leaving Heath with nothing: he still has his precious RBs! <_<

Awesome dinner scene with Charlie/Brax and Ruby. Can’t wait for more like this with the addition of Casey too hopefully! Loved when he took the food off Ruby’s plate LOL like a real family! Finally we see Brax stepping up and taking charge of his feelings. He don’t care about the RBs no more, and has had enough of Heath-the-mess-maker. Love it! “There is no way I am going to sacrifice our future together to keep bailing him out” :wub:

<3Brax! “I need someone to buy the restaurant; not hold a gun to my head” yaay I knew Brax wouldn’t leave us to watch SB's favourite restaurant being run by the hands of a soul-LESS crook. Erm I’m not sure how he is going to avoid that invisible gun to his head though. What an intense few seconds when they all stood staring at each other and the King wanted Brax to 'think' some more. I got a feeling the King gets what he wants. Hello drama! :unsure:

Oh the promos look A-Mazing!! So adorable – well only the cute parts. I just want these awesome scenes to air. *Breathing deeply and staying calm* eeek there is someone at the window. After hearing the double gun shot, I know I do not want 6 weeks to ponder over the cliff-hanger, however I refuse to wish away Xmas and New Year for HAA. Im in control of my DB-addiction [hand on my heart]! The song in The Final Days promo is not very cheery and better not be telling us a true fable.

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Haha Poor naive Brax. Would Heath just go and follow his brother and his cop girlfriend to the city. LOL be the 3rd AND very useless wheel in their new love nest?! Haha Nah I don’t think so somehow. I love how they mentioned the three of them leaving. If that were the case, they may as well make room on the couch for Cheryl too. Can’t see her leaving her boys even if one of them is 28 years old! They will need to live close to the pokies else she won't be able to do the one thing that makes her happy lol. Oh Alf you are so right. SB would not be the same if they left! Not in my opinion anyway <_<

I don’t know what is going to happen with the King. He is throwing his weight around and Brax looks rather worried at the end. Admittedly if there is someone who can manage respect and keep their head whole - it is Brax! I really love the relationship between John and Brax. There is a surrogate father figure in John – haha I may be imagining it but I can see one forming at snail pace. They snipe at each other like family [kind of]!

I never thought I would say this but I missed Charlie in uniform. Actually that might be a slight exaggeration as I definitely don’t like the guard she has up with Brax when she is questioning him. But cute kitchen scene :wub: . She is in-deep if she is willing to have H-H-Heath [haha love John] ruin her and Brax’s alone time. The more I think about it, the more wrong it seems to have Heath away from surfing for a prolonged amount of time. Would be like taking a fish out of water. Rather cruel seeing him flap about even more aimlessly. Ermm Hullloooo Darcy. DARRRRRCY What about Darcy??? I am shouting it so I can be heard. Brax forgot about her today [haha they should take her to the City too?] and Heath manages to forget about her most of the time while he is trying to secure a future for her by selling drugs and working for a crook (yes it sounds ridiculous; because it is! :rolleyes: )

<3Brax! “That was just him being a girl. No offense” Just cause this was funny. Should offense be taken? Heath having a cry because his big brother is leaving him is the equivalent to what girls would do? Ohh dang he could be right. I might cry and rage at Charlie if Brax left too. Haha no offense taken then.

Only next week left to rant. I, for one, OBVIOUSLY have enjoyed this RB s/l especially centering the love around DB. I think it is important to note what is great drama in a soap is not so awesome in real life. I can totally distinguish between the 2 worlds [real and fake] and appreciate them. Awesome job done by HAA writers. To get so much in a 22min epi is something of a challenge and I appreciate their efforts this year. I personally hope it continues for next.

[Also just wanted to say I have prob seen all the epis from the start of HAA too and gave up the past few yrs while at uni. haha oops I might not rant about them at alll but I really love the older cast members ie Ada, Ray, Lynne, Shane and have huge HUGE soft spots for Emily Symons and Lyn Collingwood]

Oh and lastly I want their to be another finale twist: Charlie pregnant with a Braxton-bub! Please let his happen. I am living in hope.

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Oh silliness that is Heath = baby throwing his toys out the cot to get some attention. Oh fool that is me - what I meant is that he reckons dealing drugs and working for criminals is a decent way to provide for himself and his family. As usual Brax is trying to keep him out of jail. As usual Heath makes yet another stupid choice and needs bailing out. At least we see Brax making the right choice to try and persuade him but not breaking his back to get him to listen. After all you can’t expect a change from people if they don’t want it for themselves <_< .

Bet he will start blubbering if he gets put back inside jail. Can’t see why that fact alone is not motivation for him to avoid breaking the law! I know it's HAA and its not real/accurate but I can't get my head around how many times Heath can get out on bail and how his charges amount to nothing even when he gets caught red-handed... hmm oh well [just a show - no need to stress over it I guess]

Haha love John. Awesome character – so animated! “Don’t give up your job before you go”. Pity she needed that push to search Heath but glad she did chase him down and didn’t take any of his threats lying down. As usual Heath has a ridiculous come back “you planted that” :rolleyes: haha sure she did. I wouldn’t blame her though to prevent Heath from joining her and Brax.

I think it has been said before [by me/others] but I have to admit as much as I love the drama between them up until now; I have got to say I love the drama-free version of them just as much [if not more]! They are so happy about leaving the Bay. How rude :P !

<3Brax! “In a few days we won’t have to worry about my family anymore or your job. There’ll be nothing stopping us hanging out all day everyday” :wub: aww too cute

Arghhh there is a peeping Tom

(I mean Jake)

at the window... haha is he a Chax fan too? JK woah way to ruin an awesome Chax moment with a shadow creeping. Let’s hope Chax started their hanky panky when they get to the bedroom else the ogler would have had a free X-rated-show. Now that is just plain freaky!

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I like the scenes between Brax and Liam. They have some chemistry lol?! There isn’t much for friendship for Brax so I hope we get to see more of that. And seriously he can’t go to Heath if it is Charlie-related advice he needs. So I think I can see something blossoming over working together and fixing bikes. Haha at least Liam sounds like he will miss Brax as much as we would - should he leave for the city.

Ohh Geoffrey is a little heavy handed. And Brax actually looks nervous surprisingly. Got to say it was pretty hot him standing up to him the way he did. Wonder what his next step is going to be? That was a definite threat to Charlie wasn’t it? Hmm as if the peeper wasn’t enough of one! :unsure:

LOL at the cute Chax scene. I love fun and flirtation between them. They have been long overdue some stress-free fun the way the past several months have gone for them. For now, let’s ignore the fact that it was the ogler who must have opened the window and made the noise while they were otherwise preoccupied. Haha I have to admit I love this side of Charlie. Esther was on Morning Rise show recently and stated how Brax brings out the best in Charlie – a fun and vivacious side. Have to agree with what she said and it was so well displayed in that oh-so-adorable scene. :wub:

Ermm Leah, why on earth did you look away? Not awkward at all for you to perve on your roommates boyfriend. When he is standing in your kitchen bearing all [and hotly I might add] – it’s surely acceptable?! Got to love a man who is confident in his own skin!

<3Brax! Not long to go until the end! And so looking forward to Casey being back =) Let's hope for 2/3 Braxton boys to step up for their girls

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