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Darryl 'Brax' Braxton - Steve Peacocke

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5398 = Awesome Braxton epi

You have got to love the difference in pact-making by the girls and the boys. Haha the girls were totally in control - giggling away even and the boys were crying into their beers and swearing off all women. Aww “just a world of hurt” – hmm isn’t vulnerable, rejected Brax too cute for words? I feel for him but also love to see his softy side.

Oh-so-many heartbreaking scenes! Gosh Charlie give the guy an ear or an arm already. He looked so lost. *sad* he knows he is going to lose Casey. Casey totally got me lost for words again today. Awesome acting! I doubt he was being suicidal but more reckless to numb his fears :unsure:

The river boys were in their element today weren’t they?! Heath: “have you got a pimple?”, “want a beer sweetheart?” LOL; I loved that we saw them having a laugh together and at each others expense – that was just too funny. Go Ruby! “The key is don’t think about it, just do it” – lol well that just sums up Heath in a very small nutshell. “I’ll spend a night in a cell with you, officer” who is Sam and why do I find it difficult to take him seriously?? Oh yeah - it’s because I have a crazy urge to trim his chin! :P

Don’t you just love a drunken Brax? We need to see this again esp if he climbs more poles :wink: ! It is times like this when I would like to ring Heath’s neck for interrupting Chax time. How could he? After 6 whole weeks!!! Charlie was soo about to buckle a little. You could see her heart breaking for him. Aww well at least she knows for a fact he is not over her. Typical Charlie move to go running back when it is too late.

<3Brax! “Stick to the waves, at least if they kill you, it’ll be quick” He needs to say more like this. Totally love his broken heart :wub:

ohh and I forgot to add 3 Braxtons saving each others asses = totally hot!

Yes, I found this scene particularly hot too!

It was so hot, in fact, I replayed it several times! :P

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Wow........ the writing continues to hit new lows! So Brax is fighting to clear his name and is risking spending 20yrs in prison because he didn't wanna go down for something he didn't do and refuses

I think Brax is selfish and perhaps also a bit deluded.His moral compass is completely out of whack but he's convinced he's the hero because he's doing it for his family.His loyalty towards other is h

I was never a big River Boys fan, but I liked Casey, and Heath was just kind of a lug, but I’ve always been sort of indifferent to Brax. I didn’t love him, and I didn’t despise him in the way that som

I really find myself changing opinions on Brax every week…today I could really sympathize with him whereas previously, I’ve really despised the way he had used Charlie for information to help his brothers. It seems that the one common factor throughout for Brax is that family is number one no matter what. At this point, I would really like to hear some more backstory on him – especially how he got started on the wrong side of the law. From what I imagine, it would probably be because he was trying to keep his family together, and if Cheryl’s gambling problem has been ongoing for years, then its reasonable to suppose Brax (as the oldest, and therefore ‘head’ of the family after their father left) was pushed into a life of crime at that stage, because he would have had little other choice.

As I said, I really have a love/hate relationship with Brax week by week, and I think the writers are doing a really good job of balancing his character. On one side, we see the ruthless, tough, leader of a gang, and on the other, we see a guy who’s struggling trying to do right by his family, change his life around, and opening himself up for loving someone.

Its frequently frustrating sure, watching him sometimes – but I like the fact that’s he’s not black and white. You can’t put him in the ‘good guy’ box and you can’t put him in the ‘bad guy’ box either. And all too often on H&A, all you see are characters that are completely on one side of the fence or the other….so for now I’ll enjoy the ambiguity (and the hot black shirts! :P )

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Such a great episode today... I think Charlie would have stayed if not for Heath's arrival. URG. They get so close and then get oulled apart. I am so sick of it. When will they just be together.

Excellent acting by Steve today. You can tell that Brax is taking his responsibilities seriously and that not being able to help is making it difficult for him. I wish that Charlie would just give him a kiss and tell him it will be ok cause he has her by his side. LOL

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Urghh Cheryl is a piece of work. First she takes $70,000 AND $20, gives Casey a cheapo music player (prob stolen) and doesn’t even turn up to his court case! What a disgustingly selfish mother. Poor Casey! At least he only got 30days. That will fly by. So I assume he will be back before the finale =)

We are on a merry go round with Charlie and Brax; they just stopped the ride and let Hayley - the lawyer - step on and I think we are about to start spinning out of control. Im strangely excited. At least this couple don’t EVER fall into the boring category (well not for me at least). I am liking Hayley so far. Seems as sharp as a kitchen knife and knows exactly what she is doing. Apparently is a hot shot protégé and would usually work for a small fortune. Interesting! Well she definitely got her claws out when questioning Charlie. It is all out in the open now and there’s no turning back. Can’t wait to see SBs reaction to the star crossed lovers :wink:

<3Brax! Not enough words spoken by Brax. Erm how am I supposed to quote him? Ohh well. “He used our relationship to humiliate me” aww if only he did so she could move on without giving him longing looks!

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Just saw the promo picture for next week and I was like "Oh my God!"

Because I don't remember in which one but there is an interview or BTS where you can see Brax/Hayley rehearsing exactly that scene!

I don't know if anyone remembers the video but I'll just keep watching vids till I found it.

I saw this when Dan Ewing was on better homes and gardens. Not sure it that's the one you saw.

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