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Chris J

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Sorry for the lack of response, I've been on holiday for a couple of weeks and Chris has evidently been busier than expected. The passwords will have to be re-entered manually on any new device and there isn't a way to save the preference on a 'per account' basis.

Unfortunately the need to enter the passwords again after a week is apparently by design and part of the forum software now, and we don't have the ability to change it. Chris may be able to explain further once he gets online.

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Sorry for the late response! Unfortunately, what Dan says appears to be 100% correct, and is how the company that built the forum software intend for things to be - which is a shame!

Just to check... if you switch devices, say from a PC to a mobile, do you have to re-enter the password even if you've previously entered it on that device within the past 7 days? As that shouldn't be happening.

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All the time as in once a week, or more than once a week? Unfortunately the new software is designed so that you have to re-enter the password 7 days after you last entered it, which I'm hoping they will change in the future, but it shouldn't be happening more frequently than that.

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The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed a couple of changes over the weekend.

There has been an update to the forum software which has introduced a couple of new features and hopefully fixed a couple of issues.


Activity Stream

The main difference is the new Activity Stream, reached by clicking the 'Activity' tab at the top of the forum, and this replaces former features such as 'View New Content' and 'Followed Content' etc.

On clicking on the tab, it will default to the 'All Activity' stream which simply lists all new posts in descending order. The other options along the top will allow you to view only 'Unread Content' or replies in topics that you started etc.

Clicking on 'My Activity Streams' is where the new system comes into its own, where it will allow you to create your own custom stream. Say for example you wanted to view all new posts since your last visit, but only in the Spoiler section.

Creating a new stream and altering the options under the Content Types will allow you to do this - and this custom stream can then be saved as your default by clicking the circle next to the stream title, making it accessible via the link at the top right of the forum index which currently takes you to 'Unread Content'



There's been a number of improvements with posting too, with a few behind the scenes tweaks which should hopefully speed things up and also improve things for mobile users.

If you want to quote part of another person's post, you can now highlight the section you want and a popup will allow you to quote only that text, meaning you no longer have to quote the whole post and edit it down.

When pasting text from another source, it will now give you the option of removing formatting via a popup rather than having to find the old 'Paste Plain Text' button

Quote boxes and spoiler boxes can now be dragged and moved whilst creating a post.

As a sidenote, if anyone happens to have any issues with the buttons in the posting toolbar being mixed up (i.e. having to press the add link icon to add an emoticon), this is just a remnant from an old stylesheet that may still be cached in your browser. Please try performing a couple of hard refreshes by pressing CTRL+F5 in your browser, which should hopefully fix it.



There is also a new feature that allows forum notifications to be flagged up in your browser, so even if you're not currently browsing the site you will get a notification of a new PM/reply to a post etc. This all depends on your browser and you may get a permission popup asking if you wish for this to be activated, but obviously it's down to personal preference if you use it or not. As before, you can alter what events you receive Notifications for in your account settings.


New BTTB Logo

As some of you may have spotted, we've also debuted a new BTTB logo on the forum and main site. The previous font has been used on and off for over 10 years, with the logo for around 7 years, so I thought it was time we freshened things up alongside the ongoing site revamp. Hopefully long-term fans will recognise the influence, and if not it may become clear next year if you're an Early Years viewer. :wink:


If you do have any problems or are unsure on things, please continue to use the 'Technical Issues' thread so we can keep track of things all in one place :)

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4 hours ago, Dan F said:

If you want to quote part of another person's post, you can now highlight the section you want and a popup will allow you to quote only that text, meaning you no longer have to quote the whole post and edit it down.

Ah! Intelligent posting! That is very useful thank you! Very useful!! I noticed that earlier on and didn't think it was a regular feature but I haven't been back here for long so I might not know! This is great! This was something deliberate right?

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20 minutes ago, c120701 said:

Dan, how do we do spoiler tags on the mobile site? I've tried the normal [spoiler ] [/spoiler ] (without the extra space) but it just removes the code and doesn't hide the spoiler.

There should be an icon in the toolbar that looks like an eye - click that and it should bring up the box that you can type into.

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