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Alison Patterson - Kathryn Ridley

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Alison Patterson was one of my fave ever characters, the vixen of Summer Bay. I think by the time she left her character had run it's course, and she got a good send off by trashing the Diner and heading for the city.

What would have made a good storyline for 1989 was a whodunnit, and Alison Patterson was the victim, due to her villainous ways. Alison and Bobby had a huge scrap on the beach in February 1989 at dusk. Bobby was hurt during the scuffle and had a blackout. The following morning, Alison was found dead by Donald Fisher when he is on his morning jog, her body badly beaten, and in a grassy part of the beach, so a bit secluded. Turns out Alison was also in a fight then hit with a rock a few times in the head. Bobby is arrested for her murder, and faces tough questioning. She is unsure if she killed Alison due to a blackout after the fight, and is devastated and distraught, and could face decades in prison. Bobby goes back to the murder scene and it transpires that Alison's body was found 20 metres away from where Bobby had the fight with her, and Bobby thinks that shows she could be innocent, she could not drag her body 20 metres in her dazed state. Alison's friend Judith Staples seems to be very interested in the murder, and says how it was probably deliberate. It turns out Alison owed Judith a lot of money and refused to pay it back, and she saw Bobby fight with her, waited until Bobby left then hit her several times in the head with a rock. Bobby is vindicated but angry that she was allowed to take the rap for a murder.

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