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Forever and Always

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Story Title: Forever and Always
Type of story: Long fic
Main Characters:Charlie, Brax, April, James and Ruby
Other Characters: Bianca, Heath, the children and others
BTTB rating: T/A
Genre: Drama/Romance
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: SC
Summary: Catch up with the lives of Charlie, April, Bianca and Ruby two years on. How have things changed and what else is in store for them? Sequel to A Perfect Match.


Brax walked into the house, having finished work for the day. “Georgia, come here,” Brax heard Charlie’s frustrated voice. “Georgia.” Charlie shouted louder, Brax walking towards the stairs as he heard Georgia thumping down them. He shook his head, seeing his little girl making a run for it, Brax knowing it was bath time and if it he didn’t, he fact she was naked was a big hint.

“Hey, trouble,” Brax caught his daughter as she jumped down the last three stairs. “You are going to hurt yourself if you keep jumping off the stairs.” Brax held her in his grip as he walked up the stairs, seeing Charlie waiting at the top.

“Will not.” Georgia replied.

“Well mummy and I think so,” Brax said, walking back into the bathroom after Charlie. “And you need to take your bath.”

“No,” Georgia squealed. “Not bath time. No baths.” Georgia moaned, kicking her legs into Brax’s stomach.

“You need to bath,” Brax sighed, sick of having the same argument with his daughter. “You don’t want to be a smelly little girl with no friends.”

“I got ‘em,” Georgia kicked out again as Brax put her into the tub. “Poppy and Finn.”

“And Poppy and Finn bath nicely for their mummy’s.” Charlie said. Georgia looked to Charlie and sighed.

“No.” Georgia squealed as she stood up in the tub. Funny thing was, once she was in she loved playing in the water and it was often a fight to get her out.

“You want to be nice and clean for our holidays.” Charlie said. The family were going to Bali the next day for two weeks and Daniel especially was looking forward to this, this being their first holiday out of Australia. Georgia frowned as she picked up her Nemo fish and sat back down in the water, moving her wrist under the water so it looked like Nemo was swimming.

“We go Bawi,” Georgia grinned. “On hairpain.”

“An airplane,” Brax laughed as he ruffled Georgia’s hair, his daughter now happily playing in the tub. He looked around to Charlie smiled at her and she managed a weak smile back. “How was your day?” Brax questioned. “I assume everything went well with Daniel’s appointment?” Brax wondered, Charlie having not got in touch with him before hand. Daniel was now down to yearly check-up with his consultant.

“Yeah,” Charlie nodded. “He’s still in remission,” Charlie always sounded grateful to be saying the word remission. “He was telling the doctor all about us going to Bali. He’s so excited for going on an airplane.” Charlie picked up another of Georgia’s toys. She wound the little frog and put it down in the water, Georgia watched it as it moved around the tub.

“We are going to have a great time,” Brax smiled. “Our first family holiday. And it’ll be nice to get away from here for a couple of weeks, refresh and such,” Brax rubbed Charlie’s arm and Charlie gave a little nod, knowing what Brax was talking about. “It’ll be great for us.” Brax spoke softly. Things with him and Charlie hadn’t been great for the last few months and he knew that by getting away from the bay, leaving what happened in the past would be the best thing for them, they could get things back to normal and enjoy their holiday with their children.

“You can bathe her, right?” Charlie questioned, looking to Georgia for a moment who was splashing in the tub. She smiled sadly; not quiet believing her little one was already two. She put her hand onto her stomach, exhaling sadly before looking back to Brax.

“Yeah.” Brax nodded and Charlie gave him a weak smile before excusing herself and leaving the bathroom, walking down the hall to their bedroom. She walked over to the bed and knelt down and pulled out the box from underneath. She opened it and lifted out the picture, running her thumb over the top as she felt her eyes stinging with tears.


April was ironing some clothes where Finn and James came back into the apartment. They gotten a place together about 18 months ago now, the couple choosing a three bed roomed apartment in close walking distance to all the main places in town. “Mummy,” Finn ran excitedly over to her. “Gamma gave me lollies.” Finn danced around with the packet.

“Ah wow,” April looked to the bag in his hand, seeing only one sweet left. “And daddy let you eat them all so close to bedtime?” April mumbled.

“Yeah,” Finn giggled as he started jumping on the couch. “He gived me some him soda at the movies.” Finn continued to jump around on the couch, April glaring at James, looking less than impressed with him.

“You’re late,” April frowned, walking over to the couch and lifting her son down, Finn scowling that his couch jumping had been stopped. “You go get your jammies out and take them to the bathroom,” April told Finn. “It’s passed your bath time.” April took the pack of lollies from Finn and glared at her sadly.

“I tell you about the movie.” Finn jumped on the spot, his eyes all wide and dilated looking, most probably because of his sugar high.

“Yeah mummy will hear all about it when you are in the bath. Go on, good boy,” April ruffled her son’s hair before he did as he was told and ran down the hall to his bedroom. “Well?” April glared back at James, he hands being held out to the side.

“Calm down,” James screwed his face up. “So he’s 10 minutes off schedule. It’s not a big deal.”

“It is when you hype him up on sugar right before bedtime. You think he’ll sleep now?” April retorted.

“So it might take him longer to wind down,” James said. “He will eventually.” James didn’t really see the big deal. Finn was out to the movies as a treat so what was the harm in a few extra lollies.

“Yeah but he’ll still get up a 7am tomorrow but that’s fine because you are never the one who gets up with him are you?” April spat. “And it does matter to keep him in a routine and you know how I feel about that. You know I need structure and routine and I like things being the same.” April said, James knowing she was referring to her OCD.

“So let’s put the clocks back by 10 minutes.” James laughed.

April glared at him, her hands now on her hips. “That attitude isn’t helping.” April shook her head.

“Oh c’mon hun,” James walked forward and rubbed her arm. “What’s wrong?” James questioned, knowing this was something more than James arriving home a little late.

“Nothing’s wrong,” April shrugged him from her. “Where did you even see Olive anyways? She wasn’t at the movie with you, was she?”

“Nah but we popped in on the way home,” James told her. “You know how much she loves a visit from us boys.” James grinned.

“Popped in on the way home despite the fact that she lives at the opposite side of town,” April muttered. “You do my head in sometimes.” April sounded really angry.

“Oh really?” James ran his hand through his head. “Hun, please. Tell me what this is really about?” James knew something was getting to April, she’d been in a pretty foul mood for most of the week.

“Nothing,” April raised her voice. “Just...” April clicked her tongue. “Be useful and finish the ironing. I’m going to try and get Finn calmed down.” April said before marching off down the hall to bath her son. James exhaled loudly before figuring he best do as he was told and finished off the pile of ironing that was left.

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Thank you Romeo&Indi Forever, RoRo90, Sarah, Sabrina and CharlieAndBraxLover for the comments. :)


April and Finn were eating their breakfast, Finn dipping his soldiers of toast in his runny boiled egg. “Where’s daddy?” Finn questioned before taking a bite of his toast, the yolk dripping down onto the plate.

“He is still in bed.” April said, taking a spoonful of her cereal.

“Lazy bones,” Finn giggled. “I’ll go jump on him.”

“Yeah,” April laughed. “You can do that after your breakfast,” April told him and Finn grinned. “So, what you want to do today?”

“Uhm...” Finn scratched the side of his head. “We go to the pet shop.”

“The pet shop?” April questioned. “Why do you want to go there?” April took a drink of her orange juice as she glanced at her son with a questioning look.

“To get a pet,” Finn answered like it was obvious. “Can be my birthday present.”

“You had your birthday last week and you got plenty presents.” April said, Finn receiving a new bike from his parents amongst many other things.

“I wanna puppy,” Finn said. “And a lizard and a rabbit and a snake and guinea pig and a uhm....” Finn scratched the side of his head. “All the animals.”

“We’re not allowed to have pets in the apartment bud.” April to him, Finn pouting sadly.

“We can go to a big house.” Finn said, scratching the side of his head.

“Maybe one day,” April told him. “When mummy is all finished school and is a doctor.” April said, Finn still pouting a little.

“I want one now,” Finn sighed. “Daddy get the new house.” Finn said reaching for his juice.

April gave a little laugh. “I don’t think daddy makes enough money to get us a nice big house,” April told her son, Finn glancing at her as he drank his juice. “But when mummy starts making money too then we’ll be able to get a nice house, yeah?”

Finn gave a little shrug as he put his juice back on the table. “I want a pet now.” Finn frowned.

“Well sorry baby but it’s not allowed,” April exhaled. “Maybe a fish or two, but we can’t get any dogs or rabbits for a few more years yet.”

“That’s rubbish,” Finn sighed as he jumped down from the table. “I’m gonna get daddy.” Finn said before running down the hall to his parents’ bedroom. April pursed her lips as she reached for her drink again, her other hand lightly rubbing over her stomach. She took a deep breath before standing up and going to clear away the breakfast dishes.


Ruby exhaled sadly, taking the dead flowers and putting them in the carrier bag to take away with her to the bin when she left. She arranged the fresh flowers in the holder, before running her hand over the gold lettering of his name. “I’m heading to Bali with mum, Brax and the kids,” Ruby exhaled. “Brax reckons two weeks in the sun in some foreign land will do me the world of good,” Ruby said. “I know he’s just trying to help but,” Ruby shook her head. “He doesn’t know what I am going through, not really,” Ruby rested her head against the headstone. “I can’t believe it’s been 6 months, already,” Ruby pursed her lips. “I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry,” Ruby felt her eyes stinging with tears. Of course his death was only an accident, but Ruby blamed herself. She was out surfing at Wilson’s beach and had gotten into trouble when a rip took her out and Dexter went in to help her. He’d managed to save Ruby’s life but in do so had lost his own. Indi had been rather hurtful to Ruby when she came back for the funeral which didn’t help one but in her grieving. “I wish we never went to Wilsons Beach that day,” Ruby sniffed back. “I should have listened to you and we could have went to the lake for a picnic instead,” Ruby said. “Why couldn’t you have been more persuasive? You just...you should have stood up to yourself. Been more assertive. You always let me get my way,” Ruby cried. “Why did you...why did you always have to be so nice?” Ruby wiped her hand over her eyes before looking to her watch. “I have to go,” Ruby exhaled. “Got a plane to catch. I eh...I’ll be back soon.” Ruby kissed the headstone before she stood up and picked up the bag of dead flowers before leaving the graveyard.


Daniel and Georgia were sitting at the table, having some cookies and milk. “Mum when are we going to Bali?” Daniel questioned, before taking a drink of his milk.

“When Ruby gets back.” Charlie said as she put a colouring book, crayons and a couple of books into Georgia’s little backpack, all ready for the plane.

“I hope it’s soon,” Daniel exhaled. “I’m just too excited to go on this holiday,” Charlie smiled as her son’s face lit up. “And maybe it will help you and dad to talk nice to each other again.” Daniel exhaled suddenly looking a little sad.

“Your dad and I are fine.” Charlie spoke quietly, not really sure she could convince herself they were indeed fine, let alone her 9 year old.

Daniel looked up at Charlie, his eye widening as he shook his head. “No,” Daniel exhaled. “No, no mum you are not and you still aren’t married.” Daniel sighed. Charlie opened her mouth to reply but was cut off by her daughter.

“Daniel reach me the cookies.” Georgia tried to reach for the cookies but her little hands couldn’t reach that far. Daniel pulled the pack closer to his sister and she grinned as her little hands reached into the packet, taking one in each hand.

“Am I to old for cookies and milk?” Daniel questioned, hesitating before taking another cookie.

“You’re never too old for cookies and milk,” Charlie told him, leaning back against the worktop. “Dad still likes cookies and milk,” Charlie said as Brax walked into the kitchen, walking over to the table and taking a cookie from the packet. “See.” Charlie mumbled and Daniel smiled before taking a bite of the cookie.

“That’s all the cases in the car,” Brax said as he sat down at the table. “So, we just need Rubes to come home then we can go.”

“We go Bawi,” Georgia sang, holding her purple and brown owl teddy, which was aptly christened ‘Owlie’. “We go now?” Georgia looked up to Brax, her soft green eyes all wide.

“Soon,” Brax answered, moving her hair from in front of her face. “Is this daddy’s milk?” Brax said picking up Georgia’s special yellow cup that had an orange straw twirling around the outside and taking a drink.

“Nooooo,” Georgia squealed, banging her hand on Brax’s chest. “It my’s daddy.” Georgia pulled the cup from him, some milk spilling out onto Brax’s shorts, some hitting the floor.

“Ahhh Georgia.” Brax sighed as stood up.

“It was your fault,” Charlie threw him the kitchen roll to wipe up the spill that hit the floor. “You never drink from Georgia’s cup. You know that.” Brax glanced up at Charlie for a moment before bending down, pulling some kitchen roll from the roll and mopping up the floor.

“Mummy I need a peepee.” Georgia jumped down from the chair, Owlie coming with her, tucked safely under her arm. From around the time Georgia was 22 months old she hated wearing her nappies and as soon as she’d done her business, Charlie would find her trying to pull her nappy off so knew she was more than ready to be potty trained. So far she’d been great and had had no accidents and Charlie hoped it stayed that way. She wore pull-ups through the night, but even then there were no accidents, and now, at just over two, Charlie was pretty confident she’d mastered the art of going to the toilet.

“C’mon then.” Charlie walked to the door and held her hand out, Georgia running over and taking Charlie’s hand, leaving the room with her to go to the toilet.

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Thank you Romeo&Indi Forever, CharlieAndBraxLover, RoRo90, Sarah and Spotd1 for the comments. :)


Daniel and Brax were waiting in the lounge at the airport to be called to the gate. Charlie, Ruby and Georgia had gone to look at the shops, leaving the father and son sitting alone. Daniel took a drink of his juice before looking up to Brax. “Dad?” Daniel spoke quietly.

“What bud?” Brax looked up from being on the iPad.

Daniel stared at Brax for moment. “When are you and mum going to be okay again?” Daniel wondered, speaking shyly.

“What you on about?” Brax wondered. “You’re mum and I are fine.” Brax rubbed Daniel’s arm in an act of assurance.

“Dad,” Daniel cocked his head to the side. “I’m not stupid. You don’t talk much anymore and you never give her a kiss or cuddle now,” Daniel exhaled. “Can’t you just make up?” Daniel wondered, wanting his parents to be like normal again. “I just want our first holiday to be the best ever and it won’t be if you and mum don’t talk much.” Daniel looked genuinely upset and Brax exhaled, mad with himself for letting Daniel feel like that.

“Look bud this will be the best holiday ever. I promise you that,” Brax told him. “We’ll relax by the pool, take a few trips, get you out in the surf,” Brax exhaled, Daniel already an amazing little surfer, loving going to the beach in the early mornings to surf with his dad. “Might even find places around the hotel for you to skate.” Brax said, Daniel recently having taken an interest in skateboarding, his skateboard the first thing he packed in his suitcase.

“But that still doesn’t mean you and mum will be okay,” Daniel pouted. “What’s wrong?”

Brax took a deep breath, running one hand over the other. “Remember how mum lost the babies?” Brax questioned and Daniel gave a little nod, a sad look on his face. “Well sometimes when a woman loses a baby it can take her a while to feel happy again,” Brax said. “And I’m sad too.”

“Oh,” Daniel bowed his head a little. “Can’t you just make another baby?” Daniel questioned.

“I hope so,” Brax replied. “But listen, bud, you don’t need to worry about me and mum,” Brax lightly knocked the side of Daniel’s head. “We’ll be fine, yeah.”

Daniel gave a little shrug. “If you are both sad you should talk about it,” Daniel said. “It will make you feel much better and happy again.”

“These kind of things are hard to talk about for some people,” Brax explained. “We just need to give mum some space and time.” Brax knew things with him and Charlie weren’t at their best right now but he wasn’t aware that Daniel had picked up on that and he felt bad for letting that happen.

“Well it was a while ago now that you told me mum lost the babies,” Daniel exhaled, it having been almost four months since Charlie had miscarried twins, at just a couple days shy of 14 weeks pregnant. “It’s better you make her talk now so she doesn’t keep it inside.” Daniel patted his own chest and Brax gave a little smile at the boys concern for his mother’s wellbeing.

“I know,” Brax said. “You’re a smart kid bud,” Brax rubbed his arm as he saw Charlie, Ruby and Georgia walking back over to them. “Alright trouble?” Brax smiled down at his daughter as she marched over to him and climbed up onto his knee, lifting a bag of lollies up in his face. “Whoa what have you got there?”

“My lollies,” Georgia answered. “For the hairpain.”

“Ah wow,” Brax gasped. “I hope you’ll share them with daddy.”

“No,” Georgia shook her head. “Thems mines.” Georgia hugged the packet of fruit flavoured chews close to her chest.

“Did you get me something for the plane?” Daniel questioned.

“Yeah,” Charlie gestured to the bag Ruby put down on the seat next to her. “Got you some lollies and a magazine to read.”

“The Flash?” Daniel questioned.

“Of course,” Charlie answered glancing up to the screen to see it would still be another 20 minutes before the gate opened. “I’m gonna go to the bathroom,” Charlie said as she stood back up. “You needing sweetie?” Charlie said looking down to Georgia.

“Uh-uh,” Georgia shook her head before Charlie started to walk away. “Mummy,” Georgia screeched, causing Charlie to stop walking and turn back to face her. “I wills pee.” Georgia said, jumping down from Brax’s knee and running across the airport towards her mother, her bag of lollies coming with her.


April, James and Finn walked into the diner, Finn running over to the counter, waving his pirate sword in the air. “Nana Reen, Nana Reen,” Finn beamed, looking through to the kitchen for Irene. “We gonna get lunch.” Finn grinned up at Irene as she walked out to greet the little boy.

“Oh hey Pirate Finn,” Irene grinned down at the boy who was in his pirate outfit that he’d gotten a few days before hand for his third birthday. “How are you?”

“Gonna get lunch.” Finn jumped up in the air, clearly excited for his lunch out.

“Jay go grab that table.” April said, pointing over to the only free table left in the diner. He exhaled lightly before walking over and taking a seat.

“Nana Reen.” Finn pulled on her apron.

“What?” Irene looked back down to the boy who was looking up to her, his big brown eyes all wide.

“Ehm well, ehm,” Finn hopped about on each foot. “Ehm,” Finn pursed his lips. “Hi.” Finn grinned up at her.

“Hey bud,” Irene ran her hand through his hair. “You having a good day?”

“Uh-huh,” Finn nodded. “I wanna uhm....” Finn hit his palm against his cheek. “A puppy but mummy said no.” Finn sighed sadly as he bowed his head down.

“Aww maybe when you get to a bigger house, hmmm.” Irene said and Finn nodded.

“I’m a go sit wiff daddy.” Finn said before running over to the table, climbing up onto the seat next to James.

“You alright love?” Irene questioned.

“I’m fine.” April spoke quietly, her lips pursing together.

Irene raised her eyebrows. “Mmm,” Irene didn’t sound so sure. “Everything okay with you and James?” Irene questioned.

“Yes, we are fine,” April answered, a little snappily. “Just...trying to do uni work, housework, look after Finn....” April trailed off. “I’ve just felt a little under the weather the last few days as well.”

“You do look a bit pale,” Irene said. “But you are now on holiday from uni so just take it easy for the next few weeks yeah?” Irene lightly rubbed April’s arm as she spoke.

“Mmm,” April gave a little nod. “Anyways, we’ll just take the usual.” April said and Irene gave a little nod before April walked over to the table to join James and Finn, her hand once again rubbing over her stomach.

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Thank you Romeo&Indi Forever, Sarah, CharlieAndBraxLover and Spotd1 for the comments.


Brax opened the door to the hotel room before the kids pushed passed him, running in to see the room first. There was a big king sized bed in the room, that led on to a couch, table and the TV. Daniel ran through the adjoining room door to the next room, there being two doubles bed in there, one for Daniel and the other for Georgia. Ruby had opted to take a room of her own, so she was across the hall in her own room putting her case away. “Wow,” Georgia gasped as she climbed up onto one of the beds. “This just me?” Georgia said as she started jumping up and down on the bed.

“Sure it’s just for you.” Brax said and Georgia squealed excitedly as she continued to jump.

“Can we go in the pool now?” Daniel questioned as he opened the balcony door and stepped out to see the pool.

“Not tonight bud,” Charlie said, glancing down to her watch. “We’ll go grab some dinner then get an early night,” Charlie gave a little yawn. “Be nice and fresh for morning to explore huh?”

“Okay,” Daniel exhaled. “Can I take my skateboard with me?” Daniel questioned.

“Sure,” Charlie gave a little nod. “I’ll go see if Ruby is coming for dinner.” Charlie said, turning around and leaving the kids’ room, walking back through to their room to leave.

“Dad,” Daniel glared up at Brax as he made his way over to his suitcase to get his board. “Talk to her.” Daniel insisted. Brax exhaled giving a little nod before walking through to his and Charlie’s room.

“Babe,” Brax said walking over to catch up with Charlie. Charlie turned around to face him. “Come sit for a minute,” Brax said taking a seat on the edge of the bed. Charlie scrunched her face up before walking over to the bed and taking a seat next to him. “Daniel’s picked up that things aren’t as they should be with us,” Brax started. “He’s worried -”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Charlie pursed her lips, knowing instantly where the conversation was going.

“It’s unhealthy not too,” Brax sighed. “It’s been four months. We need to....you need to talk to me about how you feel.”

“Why?” Charlie shrugged. “It’s not going to bring the twins back. It’s not going to change anything so,” Charlie exhaled. “We’d just be talking about nothing.”

“It’s not nothing, Charlie,” Brax exhaled, taking her hand in his and rubbing it gently. “You can’t not talk about this.”

“We did talk,” Charlie felt herself welling up. They’d talked a little about their loss after it happened but probably not as much as one should. “And I’m not doing this again,” Charlie told him, pulling her hand away. “It’s just....I.....I’m trying to help Rubes with her grief, and then Georgia’s been sick so she was in and out of hospital and then going back for Daniel’s check-up,” Charlie said. “There’s been so much going on the last few months and I know we’ve been distance but I....we’ll get through it.”

“Yeah if you talk and are open with me.” Brax sighed.

“Don’t do this,” Charlie shook her head as she stood up. “We’re not going to ruin the kids’ first holiday.” Charlie murmured, staring down at him crossly.

“So then we need to talk more.” Brax mumbled as Charlie walked out of the room, going across the hall to see to Ruby.


James walked down the hall and sat himself back down on the couch next to his girlfriend. He raised his eyebrows, seeing her munching from a family size bag of chips. “Not give yourself enough dinner?” James reached into the bag and took a handful of chips. April glared up at him before moving the bag to her other side.

“They’re my chips.” April mumbled as she put more chips into her mouth.

“Oooh,” James raised his eyebrows once again before wrapping his arm around her, April leaning her head into his chest. “Hun are you okay?” James questioned.

“I’m fine.” April continued to eat the chips.

“You sure?” James exhaled. “Just, you seem like you’ve been pretty stressed this last week.”

“It’s just uni,” April said. “You know I’m there full time but I’m also a mother and I...sometimes it’s just hard to juggle both.” April spoke quietly and James picked up on the worry in her tone.

“Well you’ve done a pretty awesome job in acing your HSC and getting yourself into uni,” James rubber her arm as he spoke. “You’ve pass your first two years and into the third,” James said, sounding proud. “All while looking after little dude.”

“Speaking of the little dude,” April pushed her hands off James’ chest and sat up in the couch, turning her body to face him. “Is he asleep?”

“Nah,” James shook his head. “He wanted to go to Angelo’s for a drink so I gave him 50 bucks, told him to have a good night,” James joked. April shook her head as she slapped his chest. “Ouch.” James batted her hand away before poking her in side.

“No,” April squealed as James started to tickle her. “Stop it,” April said, trying to bat his hands away but James kept moving them, continuing to tickle her. “Jay,” April screeched between the laughter. “Stop, Jay stop it please.....Jay.....James,” April yelled causing James to stop tickling her. “You had to take it too far, didn’t you?” April spat as she stood up. “I’m going for a bath.” April mumbled, picking up the bag of chips and walking down to the bathroom, James exhaling as he rubbed his hand over his forehead, knowing that something more was actually on his girlfriends mind than what she was saying.


Georgia fell asleep on Charlie’s knee before her dessert had even arrived, which worked out well for Daniel because he got to have two bowls of ice-cream. “Can I go play with my skateboard on that ramp there for a bit?” Daniel questioned as Brax took his money out of his wallet to pay the bill. He’d been out there playing before his dinner arrived and was keen to get back out again.

“Not tonight bud,” Charlie rubbed Georgia’s back as she spoke. “We’ll get to bed. Can come out on your skateboard tomorrow,” Charlie said before glancing at Brax. “You need change?” Charlie questioned and Brax shook his head as he stood up, walking round the table to where Charlie was sitting and lifting Georgia into his arms, allowing Charlie to stand up. Charlie put her hands on the buggy handle, pushing it from the restaurant as they made their way back to the hotel, Georgia staying in Brax’s arms. From the moment Georgia could walk she would normally refuse her buggy, but Charlie would still use it for long day’s outs and they’d brought it with them to Bali just in case, for when they were out exploring the town. Ruby was wandering in front of Charlie, Brax and the kids, her arms folded across her chest.

“Mum.” Daniel stopped walking and Charlie turned to her side, glancing down at her son.

“What bud?” Charlie rubbed his shoulder, watching as Brax kept walking with Georgia in his arms.

“Did you and dad talk?” Daniel questioned.

Charlie exhaled, seeing the worried look on her son’s face. She pushed the buggy forward a little more before bending town to Daniel’s level, putting her hands on his arms, turning him to face her. “You don’t need to be worrying about me and dad,” Charlie told him. “We’re all good.”

Daniel looked unsure, glancing at Brax who seemed oblivious to the fact they’d stopped, as he continued walking back to the hotel. “I know losing the babies was a sad time but you still have Ruby and Georgia and me.” Daniel told her, Charlie feeling her heart melting a little.

“I know,” Charlie smiled as she ruffled his hair. “And I love you kids so much. So so much,” Charlie pulled Daniel into a hug and kissed his temple. “But you don’t worry and me and dad. We’re good, I promise you,” Charlie said as she pulled back. “Now let’s have the best time on this holiday, hmm?” Charlie questioned and Daniel gave a little nod as a smile etched on his face.

“And it should make Ruby happy again too, huh?” Daniel questioned.

“I sure hope so,” Charlie said, looking around to see Brax and Ruby way out in front of them. “Now, c’mon, show me some of these crazy skills of your on the way home.” Charlie said, Daniel throwing his skateboard down and skating off as Charlie put her hands back on the buggy and walked after her son, watching him as he skated.

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Thank you all so much for the comments. :wub:


Charlie was sitting on the sun lounger at the poolside. Ruby had gone down to the beach with Georgia, Georgia wanting to look for shells. Daniel had his skateboard out, playing on the path that led down to the beach and Brax was sitting at the edge of the pool, his legs dangling down into the water. She watched him for a moment, looking out in front of himself before taking a deep breath and standing up, walking over to him as her hand brushed over her stomach. She sat down next to Brax, their shoulders brushing against each others. “Sorry I let you down,” Charlie said, speaking quietly. “I uhm, disappointing you was the last thing I wanted to do.”

“What?” Brax looked around to Charlie, a little confused. “You haven’t....why would I be disappointed in you?”

“I lost our babies,” Charlie exhaled. “Two babies, Brax. Not even one. I lost twins.” Charlie spoke with sadness in her tone and Brax wrapped his arm around her.

“It was an unfortunate accident,” Brax told her. “Nothing that you did made this happen and I could never think otherwise,” Brax gently rubbed her arm as he spoke. “We were just unlucky.”

Charlie clicked her tongue. “It was my job to protect them,” Charlie mumbled. “But uhm, we’re not pregnant anymore, so....” Charlie gave a little shrug. “I just want you to know I’m sorry.”

“You’ve nothing to be sorry for.” Brax told her, placing a kiss on her head.

“Hmm,” Charlie exhaled. “Can things just go back to normal?” Charlie spoke quietly as she looked Brax in the eyes.

“Of course,” Brax nodded his head. “I’ve missed us being......normal,” Brax raised his eyebrows and Charlie gave a little laugh, knowing what he was getting at. “And we can always start trying again.”

“Can we not, right now?” Charlie spoke shyly. “I just....I don’t feel ready to try again.”

“Sure,” Brax was a little sad about not trying for another baby just yet, but of course wanted Charlie to be ready to start trying again. “But we can put sex back on the table, right?” Brax said with a cheeky grin etching on his face. He and Charlie hadn’t been intimate since the miscarriage, almost 4 months ago now.

“Yeah,” Charlie nodded. “We can.” Charlie raised her eyebrows and Brax smiled before leaning in to kiss her. Charlie smiled into the kiss, letting it deepen a little as Brax’s hand ran up her back. “Not here though.” Charlie pulled back from the kiss, her hand resting against his chest as she leaned her brow against his, Brax giving a little laugh.

“Let’s go for a swim instead,” Brax said slipping into the pool. “C’mon.” Brax pulled on Charlie’s legs and she squealed as she went into the water. Brax wrapped his arms around her, holding her against him before they once again met in a kiss.


“Auntie Bee.” Finn ran across the sand and leapt up into Bianca’s arms.

“Hey bud how are you?” Bianca questioned.

“Mummy said I can’t get a pet,” Finn frowned as Bianca put him back down on the sand. “Maybe just a fish.” Finn scrunched his face up, not looking impressed.

“Aww,” Bianca ruffled his hair. “You could get some cool stuff for the fish tank like a pirate ship and a treasure chest.” Bianca said and Finn gave a little shrug.

“I wanna puppy.” Finn said, before throwing bucket and spade down.

“Keep dreaming buddy,” April ran her hand through Finn’s hair and Finn scowled up at his mother before spotting Kaya who was running back up from collecting some water from the sea to put in the hole she’d made, Kaya hoping to make a little swimming pool for her Barbie doll. “Alright Kaya, what you up to there?”

“I’m gonna make a pool for my Barbie.” Kaya answered before running back down to the sea to get more water.

“Can I go mummy?” Finn pointed out to the sea. “In the sea.”

“Later.” April said, as she and Bianca sat down on their towels.

“I go myself?” Finn answered.

“Nah buddy,” Bianca answered. “You need to go with an adult.”

“Kaya’s there.” Finn frowned, wishing so much he could be out in the sea right now.

“She’s not an adult Finn.” April told him.

“She is seven.” Finn held his hands out to the side in protest.

Bianca and April gave a little laugh. “Seven’s nowhere near an adult,” April told him. “Mummy just wants a little rest here then we’ll go in the water, okay?”

“2 minuteses mummy, okay?” Finn said, holding his hand up in the air.

April gave a little laugh. “Okay. You make some sandcastles right now, huh?” April suggested and Finn nodded as he got to work putting the sand into the bucket with his little yellow spade.

“James not joining us?” Bianca questioned.

“He needed to go into work for something,” April shrugged. “He said he’d give me a text and come join us later.” April bit her lip as she looked to her niece who had started to jump the waves, her bucket thrown back up the beach.

“Kaya,” Bianca shouted down to her daughter. “C’mon, you know you’re not to go in without an adult,” Bianca yelled and Kaya sighed as she ran back up, picking up her bucket on the way. “So, everything alright with you and James?” Bianca questioned.

“We’re fine,” April said. “Why?” April picked up a clump of sand before letting it fall through the gaps between her fingers.

“You just don’t sound so...” Bianca gave a little shrug. “It’s like you don’t care if he comes to meet us or not.”

“Well it’s not like we need to spend every minute of every day together.” April shrugged, her eyes staying on the water.

Bianca pursed her lips, knowing something was on April’s mind. She’d not been her usual self for at least a week now. “You know you can talk to me, right?” Bianca told her. “About anything.”

“I know,” April screwed her face up. “But there’s nothing to....” April trailed off, her lips pursing. She’d kept this to herself for over a week now and was desperate to let it out. “I’m late and I’ve been sick a few times,” April pursed her lips. “I...” April bowed her head.

“Oh April,” Bianca mumbled. “How late?”

“8, 9 days.” April shrugged.

“And I guess you’ve not talked to James about it?” Bianca questioned and April shook her head. “Well then, you need to do that. Buy a test and talk with James.”

“I don’t want to take a test,” April mumbled, looking out to her son, her lips pursing together. She loved Finn more than anything but there was no way she was ready for a second child. “I...what if it’s positive?” April questioned. “I can’t....there’s no way...” April trailed off, looking very scared.

“You and James will figure out what to do for the best.” Bianca told her, hoping for her sister’s sake that this was just going to be a false alarm.

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Thanks for the comments.


The rain was coming down heavily, much to Daniel’s disappointment. “How can it have been so hot and sunny yesterday and heaps of rain today?” Daniel sighed, sitting on the floor, his legs crossed as he looked out the balcony doors.

“You never know what the weather will do,” Charlie said taking a seat on the couch next to Ruby. “You alright?” Ruby was still very quiet, having not said much since they arrived in Bali.

“Fine,” Ruby answered, not looking up from the iPad that she was on. “Just looking at trips to go on.”

“Found anything interesting?” Charlie questioned, just as the room door opened and Brax and Georgia came back into the room, having been down the in the lobby of the hotel, collecting some pamphlets of different trips they could do.

“Look me got mummy.” Georgia said, Georgia carrying a big pile of pamphlets.

“Ah wow you’ve brought lots of stuff for us to read over.” Charlie said as she lifted her daughter onto her knee, Brax pulling the chair over and sitting down next to them as Daniel turned himself around to see.

“Had to take one of every one that was there.” Brax murmured as he took some from Georgia’s hand.

“Ah Georgia you want to do heaps huh?” Ruby questioned, taking a pamphlet from her sister. Georgia gave a little nod as she grinned, displaying her lovely white teeth. “Don’t think we can do it all though, do you?”

Georgia nodded vigorously. “All them’s good.” Georgia tapped the top one.

“How about Daniel picks a trip, Georgia picks a trip, Rubes picks one and mummy and daddy will pick one.” Brax said and Charlie glanced at

him, her eyes widening.

“Four trips?” Daniel said. “We can do four trips?”

“That’s a lot,” Charlie said. “These things are expensive.” Charlie widened her eyes as she was reading the price of one of the trips.

“Well we are on holiday so why not treat ourselves,” Brax questioned. “What you think bud?” Brax said, looking to his son. “We should do lots of trips huh?”

“If you have enough money.” Daniel gave a little nod, leaning forward and taking some from his sister, Georgia frowning that everyone was taking her pamphlets from her. She held them closer to her, not wanting anyone else to take more. Charlie watched as Daniel read through the different trips before looking down to Georgia.

“What do you think?” Charlie ran her hand through her daughters chocolate brown hair. “What would you like to do babycakes?”

“Uhm,” Georgia looked down at the first pamphlet that had an under her sea scene on the front with a boat at the top and someone snorkelling. “See the fisheses,” Georgia said, already sounding excited. “Yeah the fisheses.”

“Okay snorkelling is troubles pick,” Brax gave a curt nod. “What about Rubes? Seen anything you fancy doing?”

Ruby glanced at Brax briefly before looking back to the pamphlet. “I want to go see these temples,” Ruby kept her gaze on what she was reading. “I don’t mind going myself though.”

“Ah nonsense,” Brax said. “We’ll come with.”

“No,” Ruby shook her head. “It’s fine and anyways I don’t see Daniel and Georgia being interested in temples,” Ruby scrunched her face a little. “I’ll go alone.”

“Mum can always come with you,” Brax suggested. “I can stay at the pool with those two. Have a blast wouldn’t we bud?” Brax looked to his son and Daniel gave a little nod, to interested in reading one of the trips they could do to look up to him.

“No really,” Ruby sounded aggravated. “I want to go myself.”

Charlie exhaled lightly. “Well you can decide for sure before we book it,” Charlie told her. “I’ll come but only if you want me there, okay?” Charlie said, lightly rubbing her arm. “What you thinking Daniel?”

“I wanna see the volcano,” Daniel widened his eyes. “But it won’t erupt when we are there, will it?” Daniel questioned, looking to Brax. He shared a glance with Charlie before looking back to Daniel. “It said it last erupted in 1963-64,” Daniel said. “That was a really long time ago, huh?” Daniel said. “So it probably won’t do it again now?”

“I don’t think so bud,” Brax answered. “Well looks like we are sorting out some days of fun huh?” Brax grinned, sounding excited for the trips the kids wanted to do.

“You and mum still need to pick though.” Daniel said, handing Charlie some pamphlets to look through.

“We still have time to pick bud.” Charlie said, seeing the top one was about a spa and what they had to offer. She glanced at the pamphlet before looking to Ruby, thinking that maybe that would be something that she could do with her eldest daughter.


Bianca and Kaya were walking away from the diner, the mother and daughter having enjoyed some cake as an afternoon treat. Bianca was too busy watching Kaya skipping happily away that she bumped right into someone. “Oh sorry.” Bianca said, looking up to the man who was staring down at her.

“No worries eh,” Heath laughed. “Might actually be able to help me. I’m a little lost.” Heath looked around himself before looking back to Bianca.

“You looking for somewhere?” Bianca questioned.

“Angelo’s restaurant.” Heath answered.

“Ah yeah just keep walking the way you are going for about 10 more minutes,” Bianca told him. “There’s the Surf Club building then up the stairs is Angelo’s place.” Bianca said, smiling at the man, who was smiling back at her.

“Great thanks,” Heath rubbed the back of his head. “Don’t know if my brother is working today, do you?” Heath questioned. “He works there eh.”

“What’s his name?” Bianca stifled a laugh, thinking it would be useful to know that information.

“Brax,” The man laughed. “Darryl Braxton. Brax though.”

“Oh wow you are one of Brax’s brothers,” Bianca said and he nodded. “Well Brax is actually in Bali with Charlie and the kids,” Bianca said. “Didn’t he tell you he was going?” Bianca asked.

“Nah,” Heath shook his head. “I uhm, he wasn’t expecting me. Thought I’d surprise him,” Bianca moved her eyes to the side, watching to see Kaya was sitting on the fencing, waiting patiently for her mother. “Probably should have made sure he was going to be in the country first though eh,” Heath laughed as Bianca gave a little nod. “How long’s he been away for?”

“A couple of days,” Bianca answered. “Won’t be back till the 23rd” Bianca told him, his face falling, looking a little disappointed.

“Ah and I was hoping to stay at his place,” Heath muttered. “Well can you point me in the direction of a motel or van park?”

“Head on the road back out of Summer Bay, but take a left before the sign then the second right and there’s a van park along that road.” Bianca told him, giving her a smile of thanks.

“Great,” Heath said. “Well maybe you see around.” Heath gave her a smile as he raised his eyebrows before they walked off in opposite directions.


Finn was playing with his toy kitchen, still very much a favourite toy to play with. “Mummy.” Finn shouted across the living room to April. Despite it being the holidays April was doing school work.

“What baby?” April glanced up at her son.

“You want cheesy toast?” Finn questioned.

“Sure,” April gave a little nod as Finn got to work, pretending to make his mother melted cheese on toast. “Where is this daddy of yours huh?” April glanced at her phone before shaking her head lightly, James leaving in the morning saying he still had stuff to do at work and hadn’t been back since. “He was gone all day yesterday and then again today. You’d think he’d want to spend time with us, huh?”

“Daddy’s working.” Finn answered as he ran over to April with the little red plate. She lifted him up onto her knee and placed a kiss on his cheek as Finn put the plate on the table. April pretended to pick it up before taking a bite.

“Ah this is the best cheesy toast ever bud,” April said, Finn giggling. “Mmm yummy.” April took another pretend bite before looking up as the doorbell rang. Finn jumped down from her knee and ran over to the door, April following after him.

“Hello,” Olive’s voice could be heard as the door opened. “Only me.”

“Gamma Olive,” Finn leapt in the air, his fists pumped, excited to see her. “What you got?” Finn looked to the box, his eyes all wide as he was intrigued at what she had.

“This is for your mummy,” Olive answered, passing the box to April. April took the box in her hands, looking extremely confused. “I don’t know,” Olive shrugged. “I’ve just been asked to come and look after Finn.” Olive gave a sly grin, like she knew more but wasn’t letting on.

“But what...” April trailed off, seeing there was an envelope on the top of the box. She walked over to the coffee table and put the box down before opening it up, lifting out the dress inside. She held it up in front of her, the dress being a white, knee length one with little blue and red butterflies on and a thin red belt that went around the waist, the sleeves cutting at the shoulder.

“Oh mummy,” Finn gasped. “That’s beaurtyful.” Finn stared up at the dress all wide eyed.

“It is lovely.” Olive said, taking a seat on the couch as Finn climbed up next to her. April put the dress down in the box and ripped the envelope from the lid, opening it up to read the note.

Hey hun,

Come meet me where we first met.



April looked back up to Olive. “He wants me to go out.” April said.

“Well on you go,” Olive told her. “Put that dress on first then away and have a nice day with your boyfriend. Relaxing and not stressing about life.” Olive said and April gave a little nod before picking the dress back up and going down to her bedroom to get changed.

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Thanks for the comments. :)


April walked down the path to the beach, smiling as she saw James waiting for her. He was wearing smart black jeans and a red shirt, holding a single red rose in his hand. April screwed her face up a little, them definitely not the clothes that he went out in that morning. “You look absolutely breathtaking,” James smiled as he looked April up and down; April in the dress he’d got her, her long dark hair flowing loosely passed her shoulders. “Glad the dress fits.” James smiled as he lightly caressed her arm.

“I love it,” April brushed it down as she looked down to it. “You really pick it out or did Grams help?” April questioned.

“Was all me,” James grinned. “I’m a man of many talents.” James gave a little laugh as he took April’s hand. He handed her the rose and she took it from him, still confused at what was going on.

“What are we doing, exactly?” April questioned as they started to walk along the beach.

“I’m giving you a relaxing afternoon,” James answered. “I know you’re stressed with uni and looking after little dude and doing the housework,” James said. “I need to step up more and help out.”

“What you talking about?” April questioned. “You couldn’t be more amazing with Finn.” April said, speaking the truth. Finn and James had an awesome bond, James caring for the boy like he was his own son.

“I know,” James said. “But I mean with me helping more in the house. I think I should.”

“Well offering to make dinner every once in a while and putting some washing on wouldn’t be a bad thing,” April said and James gave a little nod as he stopped walking in front of a picnic basket and a blanket that had been laid on the ground. “Seriously, what is this?” April questioned, taking a seat as James sat next to her.

“Like I said,” James opened the basket and took out a bottle of champagne. “We are having a nice relaxing afternoon.” James popped the cork before pouring two glasses. April put the rose down in front of her as she took the glass, biting her lip at the thought of drinking it.

“I don’t really deserve this.” April exhaled, hating how she was treating James. He was nothing but lovely to her and here she was snapping at him all the time.

“You deserve the world,” James wrapped an arm around her as he kissed her head. “I love you so much and want to spend the rest of my life with you and Finn and any future baby King’s,” James told her, his heart beating a little faster at what he was about to do. He reached his hand into the picnic basket and pulled out the little box. “Hun, will you make me the happiest man alive by agreeing to be my wife?” James opened the box and displayed the ring Olive had given him, over 2 years ago now.

“Wha....” April was gobsmacked. A proposal right now was the last thing she expected. “But I’ve been such a bitch to you, I....why would you want to marry me?” April felt herself welling up.

“Because I know that you aren’t normally like this,” James told her. “You are my little honeybee and I love you more than anything and I want to make you Mrs King.” James smiled.

“But I...” April couldn’t believe it. “You’re too nice for me.” April said as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“Nonsense,” James shook his head. “This last week aside you are the nicest, smartest, sexiest person I know and I’d be a fool not to get you off the market.” James gave a little wink and April managed a small laugh.

“I’m sorry,” April said and James’ heart sank as he thought she was going to say no. “I’ve been a right moody cow and I....I’ll be nice again I promise.” April said as James rubbed away her tears with his thumb.

“It’s alright.” James told her.

“I really promise to be the best wife ever.” April said and James grinned, feeling his heart beating faster in the moment.

“So that’s a yes?” James questioned hopefully.

“Of course it’s a yes,” April answered as she smacked her lips against James’, James smiling into the kiss, letting it deepen a little. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” James told her as he put the ring on her finger, the light blue of the aquamarine and the two diamonds either side glistening against the sun.

“James, I,” April pursed her lips. “There’s a reason I’ve been the way I have.” April told him.

“I know,” James said. “At least I’d hoped there was a reason for your recent moods,” James gave a little laugh as he tucked April’s hair behind her ear. “You going to tell me?” James wondered.

April gave a little nod as she took a deep breath. “I think I’m pregnant.”

“Oh,” James widened his eyes. “Well in that case,” James took the champagne from her. “We’ll get rid of this.”

“I didn’t say I was pregnant,” April told him. “I just....well I’m pretty sure I am.”

“Well it’s still best not to drink, just in case.” James said, his heart now beating even faster at the thought of a baby.

“What we going to do, Jay?” April wondered. “I can’t....I’m not ready for another baby, I....” April pursed her lips, not knowing the right words to say.

“We’ll take test then take it from there, yeah?” James questioned and April gave a little nod before leaning into James, James rubbing her arm as he kissed her head, liking the idea of not only celebrating their engagement but also the arrival of a new baby.


Charlie walked out onto the balcony where Brax was standing, leaning down on the top railing, nursing a beer as he looked out into the Balinese night. “You look deep in thought,” Charlie sai , walking over to stand next to him. She waited for a moment but got no reply before taking again. “Brax.” Charlie put her hand on his shoulder.

“What sorry,” Brax looked around to her. “What did you say?”

“I said you looked deep in thought which was clearly a correct observation,” Charlie said. “What you thinking about?”

Brax turned to face Charlie, putting his beer down on the table. He smiled into her gorgeous blue eyes as he took her hands into his, rubbing over them gently with his thumbs. “I’m thinking that I’d love you to marry me.” Brax said, a grin etching on his face.

“I’m pretty sure that this ring here means we are going to get married.” Charlie said, glancing down at her engagement ring.

“Well yeah,” Brax said. “But like.....what do you think? Should we put things in motion?” Brax wondered. “Imagine trouble in a cute little flower girl dress and how proud would Daniel be if he got to give you away?”

“Not sure he’d give me to you,” Charlie joked. “I don’t think he’s much of a fan.” Charlie gave a cheeky grin as she wrapped her arms around Brax’s neck, Brax’s arms going around her waist as they shared a kiss.

“Might come around yet,” Brax played along before laughing. “So what do you say? I think this engagement’s gone on long enough.”

Charlie gave a little shrug. “My parents were engaged for like 4 years, so we’re not that bad yet.”

“It’s been well over 2 years, nearer 3 since we got engaged,” Brax said. “I love you so much and I want to celebrate that fact in front of our family and friends,” Brax said, tucking her hair behind her ear. “And of course then there’d be the honeymoon. Two weeks in the Maldives. Just me and you.” Brax smiled seductively as he raised his eyebrows.

“The Maldives, huh?” Charlie said. “Well in that case we need to start planning this wedding right away.” Charlie murmured before kissing Brax softly on the lips, Brax smiling into the kiss, letting it deepen.

“Yeah?” Brax grinned. “So by the end of the year we’ll be Mr and Mrs Braxton?” Brax questioned and Charlie bit her lip as she gave a little nod.

“If we wait around 6 months to marry then maybe we could even.....” Charlie took a deep breath before she cleared her throat. “I might be up for trying for a honeymoon baby.” Charlie told him and Brax gave a grin, knowing a six month wait wouldn’t be too bad if it meant he got not only a wife but a new baby as well.

“Sounds perfect to me,” Brax grinned before placing a soft kiss on Charlie’s lips, the kiss quickly deepening. “Now, how about we have an early night.” Brax mumbled between little kisses as he lightly pushed Charlie back into the hotel room, the couple making their way over to the bed as they continued to kiss.

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Thanks for the comments.


April and James were sitting in the bathroom, waiting on the result to come through. April was shaking her legs, her breathing a little heavy, an indication to James she was nervous for the result. “Don’t stress hun.” James told her, lightly rubbing her back.

“Jay,” April pursed her lips. “I’m 20 years old, I’m half way though uni, I don’t make any money,” April said, her head shaking a little. “How are we going to afford a second baby?”

“I can take on extra jobs at the garage,” James said. “My apprenticeship is over next month so I’ll get a wage increase. I can take a second job at night.” James suggested.

“No,” April shook her head. “You can’t just work all the time. You need to be here to spend time with me and Finn and....” April put her hand on her stomach. “If I am pregnant, we’d need you around.”

“I’m not saying this second job will be forever. Just for a while to get a bit more money behind us,” James said. “Unless if....” James didn’t want to say it. It wasn’t what he wanted at all. “If you think it’s the right thing to do then, maybe we could talk about....abortion.” James spoke quietly.

April pursed her lips, before shaking her head. “I couldn’t,” James sounded a little relieved to hear it. “Of course we are going to have to find a way to cope because I could never abort my child. Our child,” April exhaled, James smiling as he rubbed her hand in his. “Maybe I could....I could serve Xav with child support papers,” April said. “That way at least we are getting some help with Finn.” April said. With James the only one working, all his money went to rent and food and what little was left of course was for things that Finn needed. Bianca, Olive and even Irene helped them out a fair bit but they didn’t want to rely on them forever.

“What if that leads to him wanting to see him?” James questioned, sounding a little worried.

“He doesn’t,” April shook her head. “And he’s all the way in Melbourne, so...”

“You think he’ll pay for a child he has nothing to do with?” James asked and April gave a little shrug.

“The courts can make him,” April exhaled. “I mean, I’d rather not involve Xav in any way but if it’s going to help us out,” April shrugged. “Maybe, I need to put Finn’s wellbeing before my pride.”

“You always put Finn first,” James rubbed her arm. “Look, I’ll get a second job if only for a few months till the baby arrives,” James said. “And hey this baby is going to have a lot of love and that’s all a kid needs.”

“And food and clothes and nappies,” April exhaled. “It’ll be really hard work bringing in another mouth to feed.”

“Well it’s a good job baby’s can feed from these lovely things for a while.” James laughed as he touch April’s breast.

“How am I supposed to breast feed if I am at uni?” April questioned. “Maybe I just need to not be selfish and quit. Get a job so we can actually afford this family.”

“You are not quitting uni,” James told her. “There’s no way I am letting you give up on your dream and besides you are doing this for the kids,” James said. “Five years down the line you will be a doctor, making enough money to give the kids the life that we know they deserve,” James gave her a smile as he cupped her cheek. “We’ll make this work with you still being at uni, okay. I promise.”

April gave him a weak smile before picking up his wrist and looking at his watch. “It’s time.” April took a deep breath before walking over to the sink and glancing down to the test that was leaning against the sink top. She took another deep breath as she read the words jumping back up at her. Pregnant 3+ weeks.


Charlie swam over to the boat, pushing herself up on the stairs. She took her flippers off before throwing the snorkel gear into the box. She picked up her towel from the side and wrapped it around herself before walking over to Ruby, taking a seat next to her. “You weren’t out there long.” Charlie said squeezing her ponytail as the excesses water dripped off.

“Don’t feel like snorkelling.” Ruby shrugged.

Charlie exhaled as she moved a little close to her daughter. “You know, he’d want you to have a good time,” Charlie told her. “And you don’t need to feel guilty for it.”

“Then how come I do?” Ruby felt her nostrils flare as her eyes stung with tears. “I hurt so much in here and I don’t see it ever going away.” Ruby’s voice broke as her hand rested over her heart. Charlie exhaled as she pulled her into a hug.

“I’m not sure it’s ever about making the hurt go away,” Charlie kissed her head. “It’s about learning to cope. About knowing that you can still smile, and laugh, and have a good time without him,” Charlie told her. “We all know how much you love him and that that will never change,” Charlie said. “But Dex would want you to have the best life you can,” Charlie rubbed her arm as she spoke. “Imagine if Dex was here now, he’d be out there trying to spot all the different types of fish.”

“He’d probably have one of those card things you can get with different types of fish in the area and tick it off when he saw one,” Ruby said and Charlie gave a little laugh, Ruby even managing to laugh at the though. “I miss that about him, his....strangeness,” Ruby shrugged, for lack of better word. “He was....” Ruby bowed her head, her hand touching her stomach. “I wish I gave him a baby when I had the chance,” Ruby mumbled. “That way I would have a part of him with me.”

“He’ll always be in here,” Charlie put her hand on Ruby’s chest, close to her heart. “And we both know that Dex was a great big child and how much he’d love this holiday with Daniel and Georgia,” Charlie said. “So right now if you can’t do things for yourself then do them because Dex hasn’t got that chance anymore.”

“Do things for Dex,” Ruby smiled weakly. “Yeah, I like that.”

“Well then I’m pretty sure Dex would be snorkelling so on you go.” Charlie lightly nudged her shoulder. “Go have a good time.” Charlie said and Ruby gave a little nod as she stood up and walked over to the snorkel equipment, Charlie smiling as she saw a smile on her daughters face for what felt like the first time in forever.


“Aww April it’s gorgeous,” Bianca was holding April’s hand, admiring the ring. “Congratulations.”

“Thanks,” April grinned. “It was his mum’s ring so I need to take extra special care of it.” April looked up to James, the pair of them smiling at each other before they shared a kiss.

“So, we have anymore special news?” Bianca questioned, her eyebrows raising. April pursed her lips, knowing exactly what she was getting it.

“Well actually,” James started to tell her about the baby, a huge grin on his face. April put her hand under the table and pinched his thigh. “Ouch,” James glared down at her. “What was that for?” James mouthed.

“It’s too early to tell.” April muttered.

“Oh guys,” Bianca laughed. “You should have probably talked about that before coming to meet me,” Bianca said, glancing over to the kids who were down talking with Irene at the counter. “I’m happy for you guys,” Bianca smiled. “You are such a great little family and this new baby will be very much loved.” Bianca of course has reservations about April having another child so young, but she’d still show she was supportive of her sister.

“If only they came with money.” April mumbled. There was no way they could afford both a wedding and a baby right now so April was already thinking that this would most likely be a long engagement or a very simple low key wedding.

“As long as you can give him water, food and a roof over his head he’ll be just fine.” Bianca said and April gave her sister a weak smile. She knew she was right and that right now the baby would just need those basic things, and of course once April finally became a doctor she could give her children a better life.

“Mummy,” Finn and Kaya came running back over to the table. “Can I have cake?” Finn questioned, looking up to April with big, angelic eyes.

“Maybe if you eat all your lunch.” April told him as he climbed up on the seat opposite his mother.

“Kay.” Finn pouted sadly before looking behind April, scowling at someone who was staring over at them.

Bianca caught sight of him and gave him a smile as she waved, the man waving back. “Who’s that mummy?” Kaya questioned as April looked behind her to the man.

“Oh that is Heath,” Bianca said. “Uncle Brax’s brother.”

“Why’s he in town?” April questioned.

“Came to surprise Brax.” Bianca said.

“Aw that must suck,” James gave a little laugh. “Coming to the other side of the country to pay your brother a visit and he’s not even here.”

“Yeah,” Bianca exhaled, watching as he paid Irene for his coffee. “I think he’s hanging around though.” Bianca said and April noticed a smile etching on her face as Heath threw her a wave goodbye as he walked out of the diner.

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Thanks for the comments. :)


Charlie, Brax and the kids were walking back to the hotel after their snorkelling trip. Georgia had fallen asleep after having spent most of the day in the water looking at the fish. She was in her buggy, Owlie being held tightly in her clutches. Ruby was pushing the buggy as Charlie and Brax walked hand in hand behind them, Daniel walking a little behind his parents, Daniel also being tired from all the snorkelling he did. He watched his parents as they stopped for a kiss, the kiss getting a little deeper. “Eugh,” Daniel scrunched his face up. “Don’t kiss like that for me to see.”

Brax laughed as he pulled back. “I thought you wanted me and mum to kiss again?” Brax questioned.

“Well yeah but not for me to see.” Daniel pulled a face of disgust as he went a little red.

Charlie laughed at her son’s embarrassment. “Let’s do it again.” Charlie mumbled before she kissed Brax’s lips.

“No,” Daniel ran forward and pulled his parents apart. “I’m so happy you are happy again though,” Daniel said as he put one of each of his arms around his parents’ waists, the three of them starting to walk again to catch up with Ruby and Georgia. “Does it mean that you will be having another baby?” Daniel questioned as he glanced up at his mother.

“Not right now,” Charlie shook her head and Daniel bowed his head, looking a little disappointed. “We decided to start planning the wedding when we get home though,” Charlie said, running her hand over Daniel’s hair. “You’ll be pleased about that, right?”

“Oh yes,” Daniel grinned. “Then when you marry dad I will get my new name,” Daniel said, Daniel still very much wanting to be a Braxton. They did look further into adoption, but of course it would be more likely for Brax to be able to adopt Daniel once he was married to Charlie so it was still something they were considering after getting married. “So when will you get married?”

“Sometime this year,” Charlie said and Daniel gave a little jump in excitement. “How does that sound?”

“Awesome,” Daniel grinned. “If you promise to really get married this year,” Daniel glanced at Charlie before looking back to Brax. “It has to be this year.”

“We promise bud,” Brax nudged his head. “Who’d say no to a two week holiday without you kids?”

“Without us?” Daniel gasped. “Are you really going to take a honeymoon without me and Georgia and Ruby?”

“Oh yeah,” Charlie nodded. “Honeymoons aren’t for kids. Only the husband and wife.”

Daniel gave a little frown. “Well that’s not fair. I want a holiday.” Daniel pouted.

“Look around you bud,” Brax laughed. “You are in Bali as we speak.”

“Well yeah but I want another one with you and mum on your honeymoon.” Daniel sighed.

“You don’t get to come on a honeymoon,” Charlie told him. “You can stay home and look after the house.” Charlie said, her hand once again running over his hair.

“The house doesn’t need looked after,” Daniel screwed his face up. “I will pay myself with my own money then you can’t say no.”

“And how are you going to get enough money for that?” Charlie wondered.

“Uhm,” Daniel shrugged. “You could give me money.”

Brax chuckled in amusement. “So you want me and mum to give you money so you can come on holiday with us?” Brax said and Daniel gave a little nod. “But then wouldn’t that just be me and mum paying?”

“Well,” Daniel scratched the side of this head. “You can give me money for jobs I do,” Daniel said. “Like 2 dollars for taking the bins out and 3 dollars for doing the dishes and vacuuming and stuff,” Daniel suggested. “Then it’ll really be my money that I earned.”

“Going to have to wash a lot of dishes to save up to pay for a holiday.” Brax glanced at Charlie who bit her lip in amusement at her son.

“I can do it.” Daniel said and Charlie and Brax laughed as they continued the walk back to the hotel, the family going back to relax by pool for the rest of the afternoon.


April and Finn were in the kitchen, Finn wanting to do some baking. April tied the back of his green apron, Finn jumping up onto the chair at the table, now ready to bake. April carried the scales across to the table before opening the box of raspberries. “I do it.” Finn said, taking the box from his mother.

“We don’t need to do anything with these yet,” April took the tub from her son and lay it down on the table. She picked up the bag of white chocolate chips and ripped it open before handing them to Finn. She lifted the 50gram weight and the 25gram weight and put them on one side of the scales before looking back down at her son who was eating the white chocolate chips from the bag. “Hey you need to leave them for the flapjacks you cheeky money,” April ticked his sides as Finn giggled hysterically. “Pour them into the bowl,” April told him, Finn taking special care to pour the chocolate chips into the bowl. “Keep pouring,” April said as Finn stopped for a moment and glanced at April. “Whoa buddy,” April took the bag from Finn and laid it to the side. “Chocolate overload huh.” April said as she poured the chocolate from the scales bowl into the other bowl that was on the table.

“Chocolate is yummy,” Finn put his hand in the bowl and took a handful of chocolate chips, stuffing them into his mouth.

“Finn Joseph,” April gasped. “Stop stealing the chocolate.” April tickled his sides and Finn giggled before taking even more from the bowl.

“Right we’ll get the sugar measured out then get it melted with the syrup huh?”April questioned and Finn grinned as he nodded.

“That’s burny,” Finn said as he pointed to the hob. “No touchy.”

“No but mummy will be there to help with that part,” April said and Finn gave a little nod as the door opened and James came back into the apartment.

“Daddy we is baking jackflaps.” Finn beamed as James walked over to the kitchen, a bunch of flowers in his hand.

“Flapjacks,” April laughed as James kissed her cheek. “Hey, nice flowers.”

“Only the best for my wonderful fiancée.” James grinned, loving saying that word before April gave him another kiss.

“Daddy,” Finn pulled on him arm. “We is baking jackflaps.”

“So I can see.” James ruffled Finn’s hair before grabbing a handful of chocolate chips.

“Stop eating the chocolate we need,” April slapped James’ chest before handing him the packet of chocolate chips they weren’t using. “There you go. Eat them,” April said and James grinned before taking more chocolate chips into his mouth. April took the weights off the scales before putting the 100gram weight on.“Right bud, pour this into here,” April said, handing Finn the sugar. Finn tipped the sugar into the scales bowl. She poured the sugar into the pan where she’d already measured out the syrup before waking over to the hob and placing it down, turning the hob on. Finn jumped down from the seat and pushed it across the kitchen floor, April scrunching her face up at the screeching sound. “Careful.” April rubbed his back as he took the spoon from her hand and tried to stir the sugar and syrup mixture.

“It’s not....moving....it to....hard...” Finn struggled. “Mummy,” Finn moaned. “Make it softerer.”

“It’ll get easier when it melts,” April told him, taking the spoon for a moment and giving it a stir until it was easier for Finn to do. “So, can I trust you won’t go back into work again for two weeks? You’ll actually take your holiday?”

“I’m taking my holiday now,” James laughed. “I was....I was just doing something this morning.”

“Care to share what?” April said, her eyes staying on Finn and the pan of sugar and syrup mixture.

“Not right now.” James shook his head a cheeky grin forming on his face.

“Jay,” April moaned. “Tell me.”

“It’s a surprise for you and little dude. I can’t say yet.” James said and April cocked her head to the side and gave a pout as she batted her eyelashes.

“Uh uh,” James shook his head. “Don’t give me that face.” James walked closer to her and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in for a kiss.

“Go make yourself useful then,” April pushed on his chest, pushing him back from her. “Measure out the oats we need.” April told him and James walked back over to the table, doing as he was told as April kept her eye on Finn who was stirring the mixture easier now.

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Thanks for the comments. :)


Georgia woke up, her little eyes squinting as she looked around. “Mummy?” Georgia questioned.

“Hey babycakes,” Charlie smiled at her daughter as she unclipped the buggy. “Hey, what is it?” Charlie lifted Georgia out of the buggy as she started to cry. “Sweetie.” Charlie cuddled her daughter into her, confused at why she was crying.

“I see...the....fisheses,” Georgia spoke between crying. “Where...they....go?” Georgia cried.

“Aww you saw lots of fish today sweetie,” Charlie kissed her temple. “The boat trip is finished.” Georgia had fallen asleep before they got off the boat, so she had no idea they’d left.

“I wanna see more.” Georgia cried.

“Aww darling,” Charlie wiped her hand over Georgia’s face, wiping away the tears. “We’ll go snorkelling again another time, yeah.” Charlie rubbed Georgia’s back as she gave a sad nod.

“Now.” Georgia said as she moved her hair from in front of her face.

“No we can’t go now,” Charlie spoke softly. “How about we go join daddy, Daniel and Rubes in the pool?” Charlie questioned.

“There fish there?” Georgia wondered as she sniffed away more tears.

“No,” Charlie stifled a laugh. “But daddy is there and maybe we could splash him,” Charlie grinned. “That would be funny huh?” Charlie said and Georgia nodded as she gave a cheeky grin.

“Owlie no go,” Georgia shook her head. “No ‘im mummy.”

“No we don’t want to get Owlie wet do we?” Charlie questioned and Georgia shook her head as she jumped down from Charlie’s knee picked her up from the buggy. She gave her a kiss before stroking the side of her head then placed her back in the buggy.

“She’ll watch here,” Georgia said. “Let’s go.” Georgia went to run over to the poolside but Charlie pulled her back.

“Hang on babycakes,” Charlie said, lifting Georgia’s dress from her body. “Can’t go swimming with your dress on.”

“No,” Georgia giggled. “There Peppa.” Georgia patted her hand against her stomach, showing Charlie her Peppa Pig swimming costume.

“Yeah I see her,” Charlie folded Georgia’s dress up before laying it on the sun lounger. “It’s a very pretty costume.” Charlie said and Georgia grinned before looking out to the water.

“We go now?” Georgia questioned.

“In a sec,” Charlie said, grabbing the brush and a hair tie. “We’ll get your hair up out of the way huh?”

“Okay,” Georgia sighed before moaning a little at the tugs. “Ouch mummy.” Georgia hit her hands against Charlie’s thighs as Charlie tied her hair back.

“All ready and cute as a button,” Charlie said, tickling her daughter’s side as she kissed her neck. Georgia giggled as she turned around and wrapped her arms around Charlie’s neck, standing up on her tippy toes and kissing Charlie’s on the lips. “I love you baby.” Charlie wrapped her arms around her daughter, squeezing her tight. Georgia brought great comfort to her since she’d lost the babies.

“Love you too mummy.” Georgia grinned and Charlie smiled as she stood up, scooping her daughter into her arms as she walked over to the pool to join Brax, Ruby and Daniel.


After their baking, April, James and Finn decided to go for a walk around the park, Finn wanting to go on his new bike. He took one look at the training wheels and requested they were taken off right away. Although April was hesitant at first, James convinced her to let Finn try without the training wheels and they both watched, proud and amazed as the just turned 3 year old rode off like he’d been riding a bike for years. “Aww he’s so clever.” April gushed as they were walking around the park, Finn a little further on than them on his bike.

“Of course he is,” James said. “He’s your son.”

“He’s our son.” April looked up to James with a smile. James smiled down at her before placing a soft kiss on her lips.

“When can we tell him about the baby?” James questioned, April noticing already how excited James was that they were having a child together.

“Not for a while longer yet,” April answered. “He’s so young and I’m going to have like 8 months to go,” April exhaled. “That’ll feel like forever to him,” April said. “And you want to wait a while as miscarriage is a risk in the first 12 weeks.”

“Okay,” James exhaled, sounding a little saddened. “Do we need to make an appointment at the hospital?” James said, thinking they’d need to know how far along April actually was and make sure things were as they should be.

“Yeah I’ll call tomorrow and get an appointment.” April told him, before taking a deep breath as he hand went over her stomach.

“Cool,” James grinned, squeezing her hand tighter. “I had a word with one of the guys at Angelo’s earlier about getting some evening work,” James told him. “Angelo wasn’t around though so I’m going to head back in tomorrow.”

“You don’t need to take a second job,” April exhaled, feeling bad that James felt he needed to work more hours. “I...Irene will let me work in the diner till the baby arrives.”

“You are not working,” James told her. “You’re already creating life in there,” James said, his hand brushing over her stomach. “And have uni and little dude to care for. Those are your priorities right now,” James spoke softly. “I’ll make the money.”

April looked up to James, her eyebrows raising. “You going all caveman on me?” April questioned. “Woman looks after the kids, man makes money?”

“Pretty sure cavemen didn’t go out and make money.” James laughed.

“You know what I mean.” April slapped his chest.

“Nah,” James laughed again. “You can work and make money once you graduate,” James told her. “You’ll make heaps more than me so I can even stay home with the kiddies while you go make the money.” James grinned cheekily and April once again slapped his chest.

“Stop abusing me,” James joked, pushing April to the side. “You won’t get your present if you do that again.” James told her, April cocking her head to the side as they continued their walk through the park.

“What is it?” April questioned.

“I can’t tell you yet,” James gave a cheeky grin. “I hope you like it though.”

“It better not be a puppy,” April said. “Despite the fact we’re not supposed to have them in the apartment we don’t need a puppy right now with the fact I’m expecting.”

“I was honestly thinking about getting us a puppy,” James said. “But I called the estate agent and she was very clear that we couldn’t have any pets in the place,” James sighed. “Apart from fish. We can get a fish tank if we want.”

“Uh-uh,” April shook her head. “Finn will lose interest in a fish after about a week,” April exhaled. “Besides he is getting a new brother or sister to play with and they are way better than fish.” April said, James noticing a little smile etching onto her face. He smiled to himself, hoping it wouldn’t be long till she was where he was in terms of being excited for the baby.

“Well I’ll just need to take your word for that,” James exhaled. “But anyways, you’ll find out in a couple more days.” James grinned cheeky, his eyebrows raising.

April gave him a sad pout. “You know it’s wrong to keep things from your fiancée,” April said, a cheeky grin etching on her face. “You want to start this off in bad terms?” April questioned.

“Nah,” James laughed. “But it doesn’t mean I am telling you. Just wait for the surprise hun.” James said as he placed a kiss on April’s head before they continued their walk through the park, Finn still happy cycling out in front of them.

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