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1992 Episode Discussion

Dan F

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According to data, Sophie appeared in the most episodes this year.

Not surprising. She seemed to be in literally every episode in 1992 with the way she was carrying on throughout the whole year :rolleyes:

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I don't think anyone is suggesting that teen pregnancy is an ideal situation, just that David was not a criminal and did not deserve to die for this unplanned pregnancy. He consummated his love for So

In this case it would have been so much more practical if David had stayed alive. Look at this this way. He died and you celebrated his death for like 15 minutes. You might have felt good about his de

lol spoiler alert!

Oooh, IMDb.Treat with caution.No matter how many people there are who try and make sure it's right, there's always just as many people who don't care adding stuff...

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Sorry. I'm still so far behind. Just watched 1134. Blake's taken longer to move on then Pippa did.

Ha! 1135. Pippa wants Sophie to stay with her Mum. They can both go out shop lifting together.

1136. Liked the scene with Sophie, Alf and Ailsa. And him mentioning Roo. Funny to think 8 years later we discover Ailsa had to give a baby away too.

1137. I had no idea Chris Hale was so involved with charging Shane. When you think of future stories.

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Other than the drunken kiss what did Mr Smithers actually do to Sophie ? Unless I am mistaken nothing else happened that we saw but Sophie was constantly saying how he would touch her daily or chat dirty to her, yet other than the drunken night I don't remember us seeing anything like that, and they showed her at work many times.

Was Sophie lying or was there another reason for the storyline ?

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