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I don't remember this Rick guy. But I quite like him as a character. Could see him hanging around to do a bit more. Don't agree that they wanted to do more with the Sophie story as it would have taken it to a totally different direction. And regards to the show wanting to do more but couldn't. Don't forget that Carly was raped in the first 6 months of the show.

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I don't think anyone is suggesting that teen pregnancy is an ideal situation, just that David was not a criminal and did not deserve to die for this unplanned pregnancy. He consummated his love for So

In this case it would have been so much more practical if David had stayed alive. Look at this this way. He died and you celebrated his death for like 15 minutes. You might have felt good about his de

lol spoiler alert!

Well, the pieces have finally moved around a bit by the end of the week but the pacing of the Nick/Lou storyline was pretty lethargic, mainly because of the way that characters kept appearing and disappearing for lengthy stretches.(Nick and Shane in particular seemed to spend three episodes constantly missing each other, the most ridiculous moment being when Lou and Ryan just let Shane walk away after he's shown them what he's done to Ryan's car.)Oddly, I did feel quite sorry for both Nick and Lou, and indeed Shane, by the end, so maybe things have come to the head at just the right moment.Or several moments too late.Shane seems to have softened a bit as a result of the experience, even if he does promptly do a runner.Again.

I didn't really see anything offensive in Sophie's storyline, apart from deliberately so.It is possible they were asked to raise awareness of the issue but then people like Smithers do exist, perhaps more so in the early 90s than they did now.(Hence need to raise awareness.)Of course, it could just as easily happen with the genders reversed, something that people were probably even more ignorant of in the early 90s and would have difficulty accepting even now.

It would be an exaggeration to blame Bobby for Greg's actions, his choices were his own, but she did make constant digs at him in a way that did frankly go beyond friendly banter and clearly upset him, so maybe she's right to feel bad.

Wow, I have absolutely no memory of Pippa working at the store whatsoever, which is weird because I remembered short-lived assistant Rick perfectly and makes me wonder just how long she lasts. (In fact, we haven't even seen her working there yet, so I'm intrigued to know what happens.)

If I remember correctly Pippa quits after Alf calls her a flamin mongrel because she was 20 minutes late to work. It has been 22 years since I last watched it so I'm not 100% sure thats exactely how it plays out.

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I thought she was just "attacked", or so they wanted us to believe?

I think it was more a case of they wanted us to believe she was raped but they weren't actually going to say it.

I agree. Rape seems to be the logical interpretation, but it was left ambiguous enough to conclude that it may have just been assault.

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I'm sure the 1st time the actual word was used on the show was Joey Collins was raped by .....some loser whose name i can't remenmber that worked with her on the fishing trawler ....... actually, here's part of my review of that ep on this site in 2009 .......

My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ 21 Years Old – And More Grown Up Than Ever “
[screened in Australia on Mon, 9 Mar 09 – Episode # 4806]

Moments after Belle pops another pill, Aden enters and tells her the Robbo raped [his word] Joey on the day that Joey asked Aden not to leave the boat without her. Belle insists tat joey have to go to the police, but Aden says she hasn’t and that he knows where Joey is coming form. Aden however decides to do something bout the situation. Belle “suggest” that he shouldn’t do anything stupid – she says this as Aden bails.

Robbo is playing pool with a mate when Aden enters and grabs Robbo and confronts him about raping Joey, Robbo insist tat it was consensual, but Aden doesn’t rally believe him. Aden insists that robbo is going to be in the trouble with the police are told, but Robbo insist since he’s done nothing illegal, he has nothing to fear.

Note – after various characters referred to the like of Carly, Chloe and Dani being attacked, it’s a GREAT, very grown up thing, to actually hear the R word.

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The handbag brigade sure does come out in today's episode. Sophie is getting pretty sneaky and cunning, pretending to be sick, then has a good old whinge to Bobby about what a sleazebag her boss is. She carries on about the time when he forced himself on her in the one-off incident the other night. But then, she makes a big fuss because he — wait for it — brushes against her??? And she never wants to go back to work because he "brushed past her".....oh for god sake, and everyone takes her so seriously. I mean I can understand what is wrong with the kissing incident that one night...... but to make a fuss because he brushes past her in the office? And you wonder why she is worried about not being taken seriously.....

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